Full Moon in Gemini :: Step by Step

The Gemini Full Moon kicks off Eclipse Season and asks us to continue traveling on the road of transformation, taking one step at a time.


Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini, and a Lunar Eclipse which kicks off Eclipse Season, a time that astrologists say will take us layers deeper into personal and collective transformation. 2020 has been a year of shift and change that has challenged us to ride so many variations of waves. From this full moon on November 30th until the Cancer Full Moon at the end of the year, we will be in a powerful transformation pressure cooker. All the work we've done this year greeting the intensity of the moment will be paying off in the form of new beginnings and expansions. 

This is a time for reflecting on how we have already shifted, changed, and transformed. Acknowledging how far we have come as we continue to journey onward. It is important to take a pause and look back over all you have experienced, how you have expanded, and give yourself a lot of credit for being a human on the planet right now.

One interesting aspect of this Full Moon is the North Node in Gemini, which brings us into conversation with the day to day aspects of our lives. As 2020 has shown the world, there is so much that we cannot control. And so instead of trying to figure out the details of what could happen we can turn our attention to the details that are right here, right now. Now is the time to ask: Are we making small choices that lend to our overall well-being?

This brings us into the reflection around how we take care of ourselves. Reflect on the simple and immediate such as: Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating whole foods? Are you sleeping enough? Are you making time to pause and breathe? Are you feeding into habits that replenish or diminish you? This full moon energy is about what is immediate and foundational to your well-being. The day to day ways we choose to take care of ourselves, or not. These small choices accumulate and lead to the reality we experience. 

North Node energy in Gemini is what is bringing us into conversation with the day to day details. This moon cycle offers us the wisdom that change, transformation, and revolution happen in the little details and the moment to moment choices. Transformation can certainly happen in the form of a big lightening strike moment, but more often than not transformation occurs as a process that takes place over time. We can call upon patience and trust as we recognize that both personal and collective expansion do not occur at singular points in time but rather over a duration of time, the way we walk a path step by step.

This means that we can hone in on the small ways we are leaning into intuition, truth, inner knowing, and what brings us joy. This full moon is asking us to listen within, pay attention to the minutiae and allow the path to unfold.

Experts also point to a powerful opposition occurring. Uranus sits in Taurus and Venus is in Scorpio. This opposition deepens the transformational energy as it pertains to self-love, self-trust, and our capacity to take care of ourselves. Venus is asking us to go deep into our relationship with ourself. You with you, and the choices you are making. Powerful Uranus is always interested in disrupting the status quo when it is not serving our highest good. You may encounter some discomfort over the next few weeks, but know that is only to support you on your path.

The energy of this Full Moon is far from superficial. We're being asked to get to the heart of what personal nourishment looks like for mind, body, and spirit. The shifts will come, as the Gemini moon remind us,  in tiny transitional moments. Over the next month, find rituals and anchors that you can turn to each day to keep you grounded and steady. Do one thing each day that brings you joy. 

This moon is also inviting us to experience the present moment fully and let it be enough. Sometimes the moment is exciting and sometimes mundane, but no matter the content of the moment, we are asked to show up to it in the same way - present, awake, witnessing, and accepting what life is offering us moment to moment. The shadow side of the Gemini energy is the capacity to get lost in thought and analysis, especially about the future. If we notice ourselves spiraling into thoughts about what is coming, take a pause and presence yourself.

Taking the pause will also help us each to notice when we are not living authentically and steer us back home to ourselves. Allow spontaneous insight and solution to arise without getting lost in your mind. As Shakespeare said, "nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

When we get lost in thought or action that does not serve our highest self, can we take the pause and adjust accordingly? It is a practice to let go of over analyzing, distracting with technology, and doing our best to stay busy. This is a time to walk away from the small ways we are not living in alignment. This can be as simple as adjusting the pace of our meals, trading screen time for a few breaths with eyes closed, or scheduling time in your calendar to call a friend or family member. 

This is a Full Moon that has your highest good as top priority. The cosmos is supporting you in living your most joy-filled, connected. and expansive life possible.

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Joy Medicine 

The Full Moon in Gemini is taking us into the day to day details and asking us to reflect on the small choices we are making that add up to our lived experience. For this moon cycle, and as we come towards the end of the year, let us focus on sprinkling joy, play, and self-nurturing each day. The path of transformation is long, winding, and can last a lifetime. Let's not forget that this present moment, right now, possesses everything we need to live a life we love. 

Joy does not have to be in the form of anything big, expensive, or time consuming. In fact, many times it's the simplest and most accessible experiences that bring us the most joy. 

Give yourself the gift of a joy-drenched present moment through this daily ritual.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit with a journal and a pen. Set a timer for 10 minutes. 

2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Say out loud three times "I invite in joy and play into my life." Take three more deep breaths, letting those words sink in. 

3. Until the timer goes off, make a list of everything that brings you joy. These can be activities, experiences, foods, sports, hobbies, people, flowers, or anything else. Allow yourself to free write this joy-list, knowing you can always add to it any time you want.

4. Once you have your list, place it somewhere you can see it each morning. For the next two weeks, choose one thing on your list each day to gift yourself with. For a bit more structure, schedule your joy-moment in your calendar at a specific time that you will devote to it. 

Allow for spontaneity to arise, and if you feel inspired to find joy in new ways, follow that. 

Know that your joy is medicine. For you, for the world, and the planet. 


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