New Moon in Scorpio :: Invites us into Depth

This Scorpio New Moon is asking us to dive in deep and ride whatever the experiences we are having with ease, knowing everything changes.

The Super New Moon in Scorpio is gracing the sky on Sunday November 15th. It is called a Super New Moon because the moon will be very close to earth during the new moon phase. It is in the sign of Scorpio which among many aspects signals a call to go deep. Whether that be in yourself, in relationship or in a particular direction of your life, we are being asked to slow down and add attention and depth to the areas in our lives that are beckoning us in. Whether it be through discomfort, synchronicity, cards you keep pulling from The Moon Deck, or any other signs from the Universe, the energy of this new moon is inviting us to go below the surface and into the dark uncertainty where all potential rests. 

There is a sensitivity and perceptiveness of this new moon that will heighten our intuition and the way it registers for each of us. If you are a visual person, often expressed by being a visual learner, you may pick up on visual signs for you to interpret where it would best serve you to place your energy and attention. Is it work, self-love, relationship, family, abundance, etc, that is asking you to turn towards it? Likewise, you might hear or feel within your body intuitive messages much more clearly in the next two weeks. 

It will be important to spend more solo time with yourself, time in nature, and time not-doing, so that you can recognize intuitive pings. So be sure to have space for quiet stillness, so that you are more in tune with your own inner authority. Intuition speaks in a subtle way, it is rarely loud and in your face (unless it's a message that needs to get through to you because you've been in ignoring it) and so carving out restorative and spacious moments for yourself will be supportive. Writing, painting, drawing, music, pottery, gardening, and any other artistic expression can also be portals to insight. This is is a time to listen deeply, get out of your head, and ask for the courage to follow what your intuition is offering you. 

This sensitive time has a fluid quality like that of water. Allow whatever you're experiencing emotionally to flow through like a river, never getting caught on or attached to anything that presents itself. Keep your self nourished and in gentle movement each day as to align with the flowing and ever shifting waters that make up your emotional reality. Floating on through the best you can and taking great care of the body as you do so.  

Whatever needs to be made aware so that we can heal may very well rise to the surface over the next few weeks. Know that this is always in highest service of you, for what we are made aware of we can then soften around and work within a loving and compassionate way. The pieces of ourselves that are still caught in habitual patterns of thought or action will be given an opportunity to reveal themselves. If you experience confrontation either inside of you or in the world, do the best you can to treat yourself and all involved with non-judgment and compassion, for that is the most sustainable way to truly grow.

The sign of Scorpio is represented by both the Scorpion as well as the Phoenix. These archetypes represent a capacity to dive below the surface as well as to transform and rise out of any alchemical darkness we may be experiencing into a vibrant and powerful form. We as human beings as well as our thoughts and emotions have that same power to transmute, to grow, and to evolve into our highest selves. Getting there, is by the help of the Scorpion, digging deep, turning inward, and focusing on what is calling us into present self-exploration.

This Scorpio New Moon is in relationship with Jupiter, which adds a level of beauty and positivity to celestial affectation. There is always a silver-lining to the hardships and struggles we go through. When we put the effort in to turn towards the discomfort and meet ourselves with kindness inside of it, we are open to receiving the grace that flows from that effort. The new moon reminds us that even in the darkest of life's moments, there is always light present. We can trust that the parts of our experience that feel challenging are carrying insights within them. 

There is so much in store for all of us, and it is beyond what the mind can cognitively understand. Instead of being in analysis and outward navigation, spend more of that energy going inward for this new moon cycle. This is not the time to overly grip to thinking your way through, but instead be with your experience; allow it to flow and shift. Let it take you wherever you need to go on this wild, wonderful, sacred, and unpredictable life journey.


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Be Like Water 

There is a fluidity and adaptability being asked of us at this time. Instead of being attached and rigid, this is a new moon to be soft, and flow with whatever is present. When we get too caught up in analysis, making plans, and the what-ifs of the future, we separate ourselves from the experience we are having and the insights that are being offered to us. There is so much wisdom waiting for us every moment of our lives, all we have to do is turn towards the present moment and open our senses to what is here. 

Try this ritual as a way to embody flowing with what is, and allow your intuition to pour through you. 

1.Open this curated New Moon playlist, or chose any songs that are inspiring to you. 

2. Find a place either in your home or in nature to move alone, with yourself. If you tend to be shy you can do this in the privacy of your room. 

3. Light a candle, wear comfortable clothing you feel good in, and put on any essential oils that you like. Make this a sacred and intentional moment for your ritual. 

4. Press play on the music, and allow your body to begin to move. Let it follow the music in any way that feels good. If you find yourself caught in your mind about how you're supposed to move, you can start with your feet, or an arm, or your head, allowing any part of your body to begin moving as the rest of your body follows along.

One can call this Spirit Dance, intuitive movement, or many other names. The experience is meant to give you full agency to drop out of the mind and experience your body moving as it desires. Let your intuition and the movement guide you into the element of water as you dance. 

5. Once you feel complete, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe while standing still. Feel whatever is most present in your body. Acknowledge yourself for showing up to this moment and what it has for you. 

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