New Moon + Solar Eclipse: It's Happening For You

This powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini takes us on an intense ride that we can trust is happening for our highest good. We can navigate the waves through intention, practice, and play.

The celestial landscape offers us so much energy, insight, and possibility. It has also been, and will continue to be very intense. We are in a global moment of radical transition from an old paradigm to a new way of being. The Gemini New Moon and Solar eclipse happening on June 10th is here to support us with tools and opportunities as we continue to ride the waves of all that is taking place.

So what can we expect from this New Moon and Solar Eclipse? How does an expansion of our human capacity for joy, gratitude, and an overall raising of the planetary vibration sound? That, and we can expect some challenges in the terrain of the mind, including mental overwhelm, confusion, and symptoms of mental disturbances. We are invited into our creativity as well as upping the devotion to rituals and spiritual practices. We can explore the continued tension between control and freedom, between structure and independence. 

Overall, let's remember to breathe and step into the space of witness so we can watch the mind and the inevitable tumult of emotions that swim through over the next two weeks. 

Now let's get specific. What's happening in the sky and how does it affect us here on beautiful planet Earth?

First, it's important to highlight the power of the eclipse season that we are in. Astrologists comment that it feels like we are between worlds. Light is cut off to the Earth, and what presents is an interrupting and restarting effect. Once this restart happens, we move forward at a higher level. We can look at this Solar Eclipse as a chance to claim a refresh and new beginning. Let the feeling of a blank page combined with infinite possibility come into your being, knowing you are supported in elevating every aspect of your life. 

Eclipses do not operate predictably, and they can bring forward unexpected surprises. Think of a ship on stormy waters, it is impossible to control the storm, but we can do our best to ride the waves, keep ourselves safe, and as best we can enjoy the the knowing that when things get intense is when we are the most alive. When we are going through a hard time, we are being asked to practice presence in a way that expedites our capacity to be present and engaged in our lives in a way that brings us joy. Ride the waves of the storm, because after the storm is when the sky is the most beautiful.

Astrologists also point to a major phenomenon happening at this time which has not happened for 12,000 years. Photonic light pouring on the earth because we are moving through the photon belt. Experts say this is widening humanity’s bandwidth, expanding with the light that is coming in, bringing ourselves into the frequency of love, joy, and gratitude as a way to move forward in the evolution of humanity.

Along with the capacity for a higher frequency life, we must also look at the very humbling effects of this solar eclipse and new moon time period. One being that Mars is in Cancer which can give us a feeling of vulnerability and a desire to react from an emotional place. We see the outpouring of emotional reaction everywhere we look. May we remember that often when someone is expressing hostility, whether it be on social media, in inter-personal relationships or in the leadership at large, it is connected to pain. Let us increase our self-compassion and the compassion for humanity at large, as we are all going through an unprecedented time.

This is what is known as a North Node eclipse. The North Node points to individual and collective destiny and where we are all headed. Solar eclipses are new beginnings, which is emphasized by the New Moons they accompany. This is the perfect time to set a clear intention for what you want to manifest in the coming months for yourself and for the collective. Remember, the clearer and more specific you can be, the more direction you give the intelligence of the universe to support you .

There is a lot of mutable energy swirling around at this time. Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces and the sun, moon and Mercury are in Gemini. Mutable translates as movement, as change. It is the opposite of stuck and stagnant. It is fluid and allows for multiple perspectives to be experienced at once. This is an incredible time for creativity and expression, and to be surprised by where your creativity leads you. Give yourself permission to be in play with the coursing energy around you and in you. This is a time to try on a form of creative expression that might feel a little foreign to you. 

Play and creativity are essential parts of human development and evolution. When we are in a space of joy and ease, the natural pillars of play, we free ourselves from the grasp of the analytical mind, which is all too easy to live inside of and not entertain our other wisdom centers. Permission to escape the the thinking mind when we can and use the malleability that is available to us to mold the future through intention, creativity, and the experience of higher frequencies such as joy, gratitude, and love. 

Getting caught in the mind is a real possibility during this Mercurial Gemini solar eclipse. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury happens to be retrograde. Gemini deals with mental processes, especially the way we talk to ourselves. We are invited to observe our self-talk instead of letting it run the show without us really noticing it. This is a time to try and observe your thoughts, especially in the moments we normally are on autopilot and check in with whether your habitual self-talk is supportive.

Creating the habit of witnessing our thoughts is an important part in creating a new reality. Our thoughts are energy, and when we think something over and over again, it becomes our reality. Let's do the best we can to guide our thoughts in the direction that is in alignment with the lives we want to live. 

Astrologists note that Gemini loves to pick up new information. In our current modern world, technological advances have made information readily accessible to an overwhelming degree. We can support our relationships by understanding that those around us might be dealing with a lot of mental and emotional stress, and we can work to amplify our compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness.

To find balance amidst the mental intensity, we turn to the energy of Pisces which is offering to us openly during this New Moon. Pisces can serve as a compliment to Gemini, for Pisces asks us to move out of the mind and into the body, into emotions, and moving towards the experience of the soul. As a way to wade through the constant bombardment of often conflicting information, we can turn towards our own intuition as a way to find truth.  

Dropping into the body and into intuition as well altered states of consciousness via spiritual practices and rituals is the medicine we need for this time. Make time and space for this to happen and treat it as priority. Let all the noise around you cease, and for a designated amount of time, go inward to listen for what is true with you.

Lastly, we must remember that our lives are a compilation of our choices. Moment by moment we are constructing our reality. Now is the time to commit to making choices based on frequency. Meaning, before we act we ask ourselves “Does this choice come from my heart? Does this choice bring me joy or raise my vibration? Is this choice in alignment with how I want to live my life?" We are co-creating with the universe, and so let us rise to the occasion to claim the type of reality we all want to live in for ourselves, for each other, and for those yet to come. 


NEW MOON + SOLAR ECLIPSE RITUAL :: Play as a Practice 

For so many of us, as we age we forget how to play. We become busier and busier with life's many demands and take on more responsibilities that are prioritized. This isn't wrong, but we cannot forget the power of play.

Play is often placed on the adult's shelf of childish things next to imagination and nostalgia. Yet, play is one of the most important spaces a modern human can enter into in order to grow and expand in unprecedented ways. Play is a way we process our lived experience, access other wisdom centers, tap into our creative genius, and glean insight much more efficiently than trying to force it through mental obsession. 

Since play is such a foreign thing for so many adults, it is important to set aside personal play time. This can happen by yourself or in a group of people you love. Use this ritual, during the next two weeks when the energy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon are strongest, as a way to amplify the power of your play and let your joy imbue every part of your life.

1. The most important piece of this ritual is the commitment to it: Look at your calendar and decide on a day and time. Schedule it in, block it off, and commit to it (of course, if an emergency takes place then reschedule it). It is all too easy to say we will play and then fill the time with something that feels "more productive." Know that playing is one of the most productive things you can do. 

2. Make a list of everything that brings you joy: For some us, this is difficult because we are so removed from our own joy, and so it can be helpful to remember what brought you joy as a child and let that inspire you.

3. Once you make your list: Review and go back over it and circle what brings you the MOST joy. Choose one of these as your date with you. 

4. When the time arrives for your play, let go of technology as much as you can: Try not to hook into social media or performative play, instead, focus on you and who you are with if you are in group play. Allow yourself to get silly. Let go of any need to be "perfect at playing" as that does not exist. Release the need to document it. There is no pressure in play, and you can let it flow where it does. 

5. After your play time: Spend some time free-writing about what it was like. How did it feel? Did any insights come through? Did it lend to any inspiration or ideas of how you might like to play in the future. Let yourself free write until you feel complete. 

6. At the end of your play: Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for leaning (or jumping!) into your playtime. Offer gratitude to the wise you that knows that playtime is an important part of health. Celebrate yourself for gifting this precious time to support you in your highest vitality and vibration. 


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