Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse :: Patience, Mysticism, and Creativity

This Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse has a magnified energy that will ask us to be patient, commune with the mystical, and create from the heart.
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Welcome to the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which graces the sky on May 26th 2021. This moon is a Supermoon, meaning it is closer to the earth than usual, and it brings with it a total Lunar Eclipse. Total lunar eclipses are quite rare, and Full Moons in general bring with them strong energy. So, the energy around us and moving through us is potent, powerful, and has a mystical quality to it.

During this Full Moon, some of the key players are Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune. All of the planets and stars play a role in the layered energy that is happening at all times, but these are the ones we will focus on as they bring with them messages meant directly for our growth and well-being. And what they have to say could not be coming at a better time. 

The cliff-note themes of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse are: practice patience, get creative, let your vision expand, ride the waves of change, tap into the mystical, and remember that you are a vital part of the creation of the new reality we are all moving rapidly towards.

Let’s dive in a little deeper...

Astrologists note that Saturn is moving into retrograde and into Aquarius, and any time a planet backtracks, there is a magnification of its energy. Saturn’s retrograde is going to ask us to practice patience in real time. We may experience frustrations at work, our relationships might surprise us, and overall, our expectations may not be met in big and small ways. Instead of reacting and adding more intensity to a situation, Saturn is inviting us to see it as a chance to work with the emotions that come up and grow our level of patience. We are emotional beings, and we cannot control the emotions that arise inside of us.

However, we do get to choose how we respond to the emotions that come up. Being reactive to emotions, even though it often happens before we have a chance to pause and think, is a form of making the choice to be ruled by our emotions.

The fact that Saturn is in Aquarius is important because Aquarius has a lot to do with freedom, and so this is a time to reflect on our personal relationship to structure, as Saturn provides, couple with Aquarian freedom. We are free to make whatever choice serves our highest good in any moment. Free will is a human birth right. Becoming more conscious of our emotions as they are happening gives us more of a chance to exercise our will in a way that serves ourselves and those we are in relationship with.

Consider creating a structure for yourself - such as ritual - that you can turn to when you start to feel emotionally activated. It can simply be pausing, placing a hand on your heart, closing your eyes, and taking three deep breaths. Giving yourself a chance to feel without reacting is an advanced and powerful practice.  Plus, when we are patient and do not react immediately, often times a new way forward from a situation emerges that we would not have seen if we were too busy consumed by our emotional reactions.

This is a time to recommit to the release of what no longer serves you. As we move through life we may collect beliefs, habits, and perspectives that are limiting and too small. Now is the time to courageously address them and offer them up to the stars to transmute into something that serves you. At this Lunar Eclipse, astrologists say we will see big things fall away. Beliefs that we thought to be the truth will be exposed as false. This may happen collectively and personally. We can aid in this spring-cleaning by taking time to reflect on what in our lives is now too small? What beliefs, actions, or perspectives are no longer bringing us into ease, joy, connection, and love? Under the light of the lunar eclipse, let them release. Trust that you have everything you need to lay the old down and not pick it up again.

This is an eclipse that is about culmination. It is a time for closure and refreshed starts. Think of a computer shutting down and restarting. If there is something in your life that is longing to come to completion, whether it be a relationship, a job, a way of being, a project or an unfinished to-do, know that you have the energy of the cosmos behind you in bringing it to completion and then moving on.

Experts name this time we are in as a time of epiphany. It is a time when belief systems might be shattered, as deeper truths are being revealed. This happens on every level from the very personal and individual to the global collective. We can support ourselves right now by actively letting go of the need to be right. There will be revelations and insights coming through that may upend much of what we thought to be true. We can service this momentous time on the planet as well as ourselves and each other by allowing ourselves to continue to learn, grow, and release the pressure of knowing it all. Let’s let ourselves be surprised by the great unfolding. 

This moon cycle also brings with it the energy of mutability. Think chameleon, shapeshifting, and creative energy. There is less of a tied down structural stability and more fluidity. This can bring up feelings of uncertainty or going into the dark, and perhaps even a sense of feeling a little lost. Everything and anything is possible, shift is constant, and there may be the feeling of instability and malleability coming through strongly. One way to support ourselves during this time is to eat lots of warm cooked healthy food as a way to ground ourselves and bring a rooted stability into our bodies. Rest is also essential during this volatile time.

This malleability also has its benefits. One of them being that the power to create and manifest is at an all time high. We get to turn to our inner artist and ask our muse to create what they want, including the vision for the future of the planet. We are being asked to use this time well. Astrologists note that the mutability combined with the energy of breaking down and breaking through can accelerate manifestation and bring us into what our heart’s truly long for.

This is a powerful time for leaders, and those of us wanting to step into our leadership capacity. Great leaders do not accept the status quo just because it is how it has been done. Leaders that help up-level the human experience had to challenge what was happening and hold the vision for a different way. Great leaders are not confined by what they already know, but rather are fueled by the possibility of expanding into what is possible. And guess what? There are infinite possibilities because we are creators. That is what life does, it creates and experiences more life.

We can see this eclipse as a pivot point that can jump us further in our collective and individual vision. This is a time to step into our leadership by holding the vision high. Not what we see on the nightly news, but the vision that is birthed from our hearts.

Astrologists note that this whole year, 2021, is about the relationship between the old way and the new way. We are in a transformative time, and whether we like it or not, layers are shedding, truth is emerging and the systems and structures in our world are breaking down to be reformed in a more progressive, egalitarian, and spiritual way. Now is the time to add our personal vision into the mix. Let us not be afraid to contemplate radical change and infinite possibility, because that is what is available to us. We are stepping into something greater, and we need not fear it, but rather embrace the journey and all its unexpected twists, turns, and revelations. 

Astrologists point to Salacia, a dwarf planet discovered by humans in 2004 and its trine with the Supermoon lunar eclipse. In mythology, Salacia was a mermaid and the god Neptune’s wife. As an energy she is linked to iridescence, like lunar and solar light shining on the surface of water. This energy invites us to create with light, meaning lightness of spirit, bright colors - creating from the glittering and shimmering pool of possibilities. Salacia invites us to paint, to gaze at the water and the way light hits it, to dance in the full moon light and be as free as she is. There is a mermaid type energy that is present during this full moon lunar eclipse, and we are invited to play and create with its beauty. 

Another reason this Lunar Eclipse is so big is because Jupiter is squaring both the sun and the moon. Jupiter magnifies whatever energy is present, and it is the ruler of Sagittarius. Themes that might arise in a big way are freedom, truth, belief systems and law. This is a time to contemplate these themes and how they are playing out in our reality, as well as how we would like to experience them moving forward.  

Mercury is in Gemini and conjunct with Venus, which is also in Gemini. They are squared by Neptune in Pisces. Gemini and Mercury energy can be very busy, especially mentally. The mind wants something to feed on, to think about and to entertain itself with. It is very easy to get lost in the mind and follow it down the rabbit holes it so willingly goes down. The square with Neptune offers a counter to this mental energy as it is asking us to get out of our heads and into a higher state of consciousness that will serve us far more than letting our minds be so busy with thinking.

This means that now is a time to develop a practice of prayer, daydreaming, connecting with The Moon Deck in a deeper way, connecting with guides and the spirit world, listening to sacred music, and spending more time in nature. Neptune in Pisces is a mystical and spiritual pairing, and we are invited to bring ourselves into elevated experiences through practice and ritual. In this way, we will be more connected to our highest self and our thoughts, words, and actions will be in alignment with our highest experience.  

We are creating the new earth moment by moment. It is not a place, but rather a frequency. Astrologists have long since been able to see the signs of major shifts taking place around the globe due to the celestial happenings. One way we can help create the new reality is to actively bring ourselves into states of joy, gratitude, love, play, and any other higher vibration states. This does not mean we deny pain nor try to avoid or numb it. This means that in the face of such drastic suffering and radical transition, we are making the courageous choice to keep our hearts open, our eyes to the earth and the sky, and make choices from a place of love for all, and gratitude for this gift called life.


Commune and Create with the Mystical

The veil between the earthly realm and the spirit realm is thinner than we realize. At any moment we can decide to turn our awareness towards the invisible spiritual realm. For many humans, spirituality seems irrational or intangible, and so it is chalked up as “woo-woo” or for a certain type of person. However, having a spiritual practice has been shown to be one of the healthiest things we can do for our minds, bodies, and general outlook. So whether you fully believe in something bigger than yourself or you just want to improve your health, try on this ritual to support you in communing with what you cannot see for the coming weeks.

  1. Find a comfortable spot to settle into. Have your journal and a pen, as well as The Moon Deck and any crystals that you may have. Bonus, if you do this outside, charge your crystals under the potent light of the full moon lunar eclipse.

    Light a candle, burn the sacred plants of incense or ethically sourced sage, and create a set up that feels sacred to you. Optionally, wear something that you would wear to meet the divine.

  2. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths. Say a prayer of gratitude to the Earth for holding you dear. Follow it with a prayer to your spirit guides, your ancestors, and/or your benevolent supporters. Ask them to be with you and offer you clear insight. Our guides are simply waiting for an invitation to be of service to us.

  3. Shuffle The Moon Deck cards and lay them out in front you. Ask any question that might be on your heart in that moment. Choose a card, read the offering, and reflect on the medicine this card brings to you.

  4. Using the inspiration from the card and the offering it has for you, turn your attention to creating. This can be a picture, a poem, a free-writing piece, a dance, a song, a prayer, or any other form of creative expression. Let this divinely guided message from your oracle card form into a creative expression. Perhaps it is something that is only alive in the present, like a dance or movement experience. Perhaps it is something you can place on your altar to remind you of both your inner creator as well as your place as a divinely supported creation. Trust your intuition.
Once you are finished, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Offer gratitude to the invisible support that has your highest interest at heart. Offer gratitude to the great mystery of the cosmos that is so beyond our human understanding. Offer gratitude to the loving force of the unseen. Know that you are held, you are powerful, and you are creating the way forward moment by moment.

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