New Moon :: Solar Eclipse, Boundaries, and Growth

The New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse has a lot for us in the way of support, reflection, new beginnings and self trust.
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The New Moon in Cancer falls on an auspicious day in the Northern Hemisphere. Sunday, June 21st is the Summer Solstice, the celebration of Father's Day, and a Solar Eclipse. With the world in the state that it is, is it surprising that the sky is also whirling with intense energy? We are being asked, here on planet Earth, to rise to the occasion of growth, expansion, global connection and deep compassion.

This current moment may feel heavy and hard. Know that you are not alone, and that there is nothing at all wrong with you. You are a human being that is part of a collective that is experiencing a radical shift, and that can bring up a lot of emotion for each of us. Especially for those who are more sensitive or empathic, you may be experiencing this moment deeply. Have trust that every time we go down, we come up. Darker emotions can feel interminable when we are inside of them, but this New Moon is here to remind us of the ageless truth that everything has its season.

The New Moon is connected to beginnings, fresh starts, seed plantings and page turns. Beginnings are by necessity an ending at the same time. One moment is ending and the other is beginning. Beginnings often accompany grief because we are saying goodbye to another moment and what it contained. There is a collective transition happening. We are moving as a planet into another level of consciousness. We are having hard, honest conversations. We are connecting from different parts of the globe about shared experiences, injustices, and the desire for all beings to be free. We are getting very uncomfortable in order to move forward.

This transition means that we are stepping out of the comfort of what we were familiar with and into necessary change. Grieving is natural during all transitions and does not mean that you are not in support of change. Give yourself full permission to feel however it is you are feeling during this time. There is no "right" or "wrong" emotional experience. Give yourself plenty of space, self-compassion, and restoration so that you can ride the transition into the light on the other side of this moment.

This is true for every transition we experience personally in our lives. This New Moon is opening up its vast sky to you, like great arms opened wide reminding you of your own capacity to bring unconditional love to yourself in any moment. She's up there holding you with it too. We can decide to turn towards what feels sticky, hard or tough in ourselves and offer it space, self-compassion, and restoration. We step into our power when we nurture ourselves in the way that we need.

The New Moon is also asking us to look at our personal boundaries. Where are you letting other people's opinions, feelings, and experiences become your own? Where are you absorbing energy that is not yours? Taking on someone else's energy is not compassion because little can be done when we become inert and weighed down by someone else's energy. By energy, we are talking about emotional, mental, and physical energy that is always being transmitted between living things.

Instead, we can deeply listen, offer compassion and stay centered inside of our being. 

Oftentimes compassion and taking on energy are put in the same box, but it is important that we work inside of ourselves to separate them. Take a moment, while reading this, to notice how that lands in your body. Be present and available for that truth. Maybe even close your eyes and repeat this to yourself: "Compassion is different than taking on someone's energy."

Experts say that our boundary setting practice will be a theme that arises from the Solar Eclipse as well. The June Solar Eclipse will ask us to reflect on the difference between our needs and our wants when it comes to our responsibilities and obligations vs. what we might prefer to do. 

We are being asked to take an honest look at how much time, energy, and attention we give to what brings us joy in the moment rather than what needs to get done to support ourselves. Our jobs, our relationships, and our personal growth ebb in and out of our priorities. This is a time to take stock of what you want to prioritize as a way of connecting with the most radiant version of you. What will stoke your inner fire, allow you to show up, or create stability for you? 

Only you will know what is best for you to prioritize right now. It is often places that feel out of balance and by giving them your attention, you can bring yourself into a more harmonious and joyous experience of life. Another way you can check in with this inquiry is to think of it as lightly brushing your teeth. It may not be the things you want to spend your time doing, but you know that by showing up to it and giving your resources to it, it will support you. So we ask, what are the areas in my life that need a teeth brushing right now?

Also, we are asked to trust that there is part of our being that already knows the answers to what serves our highest good. We must get quiet to listen, and then heed what we hear. 

The sky is supporting you, and you are held. Trust that you have everything you need to begin this next moment continue forward.



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NEW MOON RITUAL :: A Personal Check In

New Moons bring with them a fertile ground of possibility. They remind us that magic is not only possible, it is all around. In order to bring ourselves into the highest version of ourselves, we must see with willing eyes the areas that we need to tend to. 

For each of us this ritual will yield different insights, reflections, and action steps. Trust that you have the answers you need to move forward. Notice if you experience any discomfort during the reading of this ritual, or as you start to undergo this practice. Set the intention to turn towards those feelings and ask yourself what is making you uncomfortable. 

This ritual is not always the most enjoyable, but it is supportive and when done from a place of loving, can yield powerful insights. 

You will need a comfortable place to to sit a journal, and a pen. When you perform this ritual, make your space feel sacred to you. You can burn a candle or incense, put on your favorite oils, play music that soothes you, and have any nourishment that you'd like. You are welcome to pull a card from The Moon Deck before this ritual as a way to receive wisdom and begin stirring self-reflection. 

Perform this ritual at the beginning of the New Moon cycle and throughout the next 2 weeks until the end of this cycle (around June 21st until about July 5th). 

1. Go to your sacred space with your journal and a pen. Have something to keep time with.

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Remind yourself that you are here for your highest self and that you contain radical and unconditional loving inside of yourself. This love radiates to all beings, especially you, sitting there. 

3. In your journal, write these questions:

What am I currently devoting my personal resources to (time/energy/money/attention)?
Where do I feel like I am depleting my resources without filling them back up? 
Which areas of my life (body, work, relationships, soul, service etc) have I neglected recently?
What do I want to commit to focusing on right now?
What is one action step I can take to support me in this focus?
4. For each of these questions, you can either write until you feel complete on each one or set a timer for 5-7 minutes per question.
Free write your responses to each question. No editing nor right answers. This is a time to be open and honest out of love and for expansion. Remember to breathe well as you write. If emotion comes up, pause to feel it and allow it to belong. 
5. Read  over your answers once you complete, and see if there is anything that you want to add in or expound upon.
6. You can re-visit these answers and re-read them or make notes anytime you would like. Let this be a commitment to yourself to show up for yourself with the choices you  make for the next two weeks.
7. On or around July 5th, you will do this one more time. Same questions. You may have very similar answers and that is great if that is what is true for you. You may find now there is something different that is asking for your attention.
Once complete, reflect on two weeks ago and the way you were feeling compared to what is present for you now. Sense the similarities and the differences. We are always growing and changing, sometimes in big spurts and sometimes in small ways over a longer time.
Know that just by pausing to do this ritual (which is hard inner work for many of us) you are expanding from the inside. Acknowledge yourself for this brave work. Know that you can revisit this at anytime, always possessing the capacity to listen and respond with love and compassion.

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