Full Moon :: Lessons and Innovation

The Capricorn Full Moon graces the sky on Sunday, July 5th in the Northern Hemisphere. This moon was given the name The Full Buck Moon in the Farmer's Almanac because during this time, the antlers of a buck are at their peak growth. This is the time of the fertile summer in North America, when life is buzzing at it's fullest and the days are long.

This full moon is accompanied by a penumbral eclipse, which is when the moon passes through the earth's shadow, making it appear slightly darker. The visual of this full moon is sure to be stunning, and the energy it brings is equally as illuminating to our shared human reality at this moment on the planet.

The time we are in has been repeatedly called "unprecedented," and what we are experiencing is a continual transition of what the "normal" day to day means. This Full Moon brings with it its hopeful light, asking us all to trust in the unfolding. We are not meant to know what will happen and what is coming because our minds cannot imagine it or see what is up ahead for planet Earth. We can see and feel this truth of uncertainty as either terrifying or exciting. The unknown can either be a dark and scary place or it can be a field of infinite possibility. We have the ability to choose how we want to see our reality. And we have the capacity to change our lens of perception if we notice that the lenses we are looking through are not serving our highest good. This Full Moon gives us its light and is asking us not to wait to use it to illuminate our way forward.

One of the first things astrological experts note about this full moon cycle is that we are going to be revisiting situations, information, and lessons that we have already experienced. We may have feelings of deja vu or agitation from being back in a place that we thought we'd outgrown. The reason this is happening is not to experience the same thing again, but rather to add another layer of witnessing ourselves and how we have grown and expanded. It is akin to visiting a place you use to frequent as a kid and then going back as an adult. Your experience will be different, because you are different.

You may also experience a re-visiting of a lesson if it has not been fully embodied. It's the universe's way of giving you the chance to fully learn whatever it is you need to learn in order to live as the most empowered version of you. Pay attention to the feelings that arise for you over the next two weeks. If there is a moment where you experience suffering inside your being, look for the information it is trying to offer you. Feeling is important, but we can sometimes get lost in the feeling without catching what it has to offer us. Spend time with your journal, exploring what presents itself on your emotional landscape, and what the hidden gem inside of it may be for you. 

Astrologists also note that this moon asks us to consider how we self-father ourselves. Being able to show up in the balanced masculine is needed at this point in our culture. The Full Moon reminds us that violent and aggressive masculine energy has been out of balance on the planet for a long time now. We are each being asked to examine how our own masculine energy shows up. 

One common imbalance we humans experience is that of control. For many of us, our nervous systems equate control of a situation with security and safety. In a time of a global pandemic, there are more and more things we cannot control. This can be very unsettling on a deep level. If we are not aware of it, it can lead to increased attempts to control what is in our reach. Those with addictions of any kind are being asked to heighten awareness and notice (with kindness) the moment when we are reaching for something out of a lack of feeling in control.

Luckily for us even if we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed during this time, we have a powerful mothering energy that is also being offered by the stars and planets. This energy is one of integration and innovation. It is a time for both restoration (sleep, baths, walks in nature, sky-gazing etc) and dreaming of what's possible. We are processing information constantly, and we need to give ourselves supported time to integrate so that we can give energy towards envisioning what our future could look like.

During this moon cycle, the mother energy is a strong and bold mother. She nurtures with the same hands with which she shapes the world. She offers us unconditional support and the support we need to dream big. The moon mother is asking you to take extra good care of yourself as you conjure up a future that any of us have yet to see. 

Although Mercury Retrograde is a trending topic, and there is truth to the power that this astrological occurrence offers. In this moment, we are asked to pause to check in with how we are doing what we are doing, and the way our bodies, minds, and hearts are feeling because of our choices.

Questions such as : To what do we give the majority of our attention to? What are we spending our time doing? Is our work-ethic balanced? Are we able to see the bigger picture of how we want to live our lives, or are we getting lost in the minutiae of the day to day?

These are not easily answered because they often bring about a sense of discomfort, vulnerability, and ask us to be deeply honest with ourselves. Be kind as you present this larger questions. Use The Moon Deck and your journal as allies during your inner excavation. We are the only ones who can control where we spend our personal resources and in order to be empowered in choice, we must first see what is there. 

The planet Uranus is in the sign Taurus, and according to experts this is important for assisting in revolution and mass awakening. The energy presented by Uranus brings us specifically into inquiry around technology and resources. It asks us each to examine how we are engaging with technology and how we are taking care of the precious resources of our planet. As we work with the balanced masculine energy, which offers us will-power, laser focus, problem-solving, and other qualities, we are being asked to enter into the dream space of what is possible for our world and then to take a step in that direction. There is a part of us that already knows what we need to do in order to bring us closer to the future we want for ourselves and the planet. To contact this piece, we turn to stillness practices such as meditation, contemplation, journaling, and day dreaming. 

Not only are we probed into self-inquiry for this next two weeks, the sky is also reminding us of an important truth that we must fully embrace and embody in order to move forward. Celestial experts note that the combination of the Full Moon with the Penumbral eclipse is acknowledging how powerful we humans are both as individuals and as a collective humanity. It is reminding us that we can make anything we want happen when our attention and our intention align with our actions. The Capricorn moon holds up its light to us, enjoining that we not enter into the lies of unworthiness, not enoughness, and smallness but rather that we actively assert to and for ourselves that we are powerful beyond comprehension.

And, we must remember that we are unconditionally supported by the sky.


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Forgive to Empower

The light of the Full Moon has the power to bring up into the light the darkest of places inside of our being. The places where we hold shame and hurt, and the beliefs surrounding a lack of worth and the deserving of love.

In order for any of us to step forward into our highest, most radiant self, we must first forgive ourselves for these beliefs. It is possible to change our inner dialogue and the way we relate to ourself. Releasing ourselves of shame and forgiving ourselves fully takes practice and trust in our own goodness. 

This ritual will serve you in releasing negative beliefs, shame, and self-resentment that may be holding you back from your joy. Forgiving ourselves is a way of cleaning the lens of our perception, so that we may be able to clearly see the actions and next steps we want to take.  

Try this ritual at the end of every day until the New Moon:

1. After you have prepared yourself for bed, pause to do this ritual. You will meet yourself in the potent moment right before bed while you are still in your waking state. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.

2. Think of anything negative you've thought or said about yourself over the course of the day: self-judgement, a belief of lack or failure, any self-loathing, etc. These perceptions are yours and yours alone, and they need not burden you anymore.

3. Speaking to yourself quietly or out loud, repeat the phrase "I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that..." and you will fill in the rest with a judgement or belief you currently have about yourself that is causing you suffering. It is important to hear yourself say the words out loud. Examples below:

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I need to be in control.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I must figure everything out. 

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I am not enough.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I do not have what I need to be successful.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that my body is not beautiful.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I am not loved.

I forgive myself for any misunderstanding that led to me to harshly judge myself.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that because I have not done things perfectly or in a timely way, that I am lazy or it will not happen.

I forgive myself for any misunderstanding that I am too much or too intense.

4. Continue to offer this to yourself until you feel complete. At first, you may not know what to say, give it a try and you will soon be led to your truth. Your statements may vary each day, so let it be a stream of consciousness. You may also find yourself repeating some of the same things and that's okay. It takes time for beliefs to shift. Remember, every one of us benefits when we practice self-forgiveness, and there is never too much of it. We can be so hard on ourselves and take ourselves so seriously. This will help us soften and empower simultaneously.

5. When you feel complete, stay with your eyes closed and take 5 deep breaths. Acknowledge yourself for doing something that might feel rather uncomfortable at first. You are in the process of healing. Drink it in.

6. If inspired, journal or reflect on what comes up for you during this process. You can write words, draw symbols, etc. Most important is that you get into the practice of continually forgiving yourself with presence.