New Moon + Solar Eclipse :: Choose Curiosity and Creativity

Eclipse season and the holidays are in full swing. Lots of lessons to be learned and a vast inner world to explore. Find your ground, soften as much as you can, and remember that it is all happening for you.
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Eclipse season is in full swing, moonbeams. We are in the thick of holiday season in the 3-D realm, and added to that is the high intensity energetic field that accompanies eclipse season. The total Solar Eclipse and New Moon graces the sky on December 4th, catalyzing big shifts in the next coming months.

Neptune's Rule

One of the first things we will be feeling this month is the effect of Neptune moving stationary direct in Pisces, which means that its energy is magnified. Neptune has to do with water, oil, pollution, leaks of all kinds including information, creativity, imagination, and connection to source. There is a lot of possibility when Neptune's energy is playing a part, and we can choose how we direct the energy that is present.It can be a beautiful spiritual energy if we choose to focus the energy in that way. We can choose to express the energy we feel at the highest level. 

Emotions as Fuel for Creativity

When we utilize our emotional experience to create, for example by writing, dancing, painting, or singing, we are helping to move that energy and use it as fuel for expression rather than getting pulled under. Know that your emotions are energy. They can feel heavy and concrete, but they are in reality transient and always changing. Set your intention to check in with yourself each day and feel what you feel. Once you have the awareness of how you are feeling, you get to decide what you do with it. Perhaps something beautiful will be birthed from all of those intense feelings swirling around inside of you. 

Find Your Ground 

All of the planets will be moving direct, which can create a lot of momentum behind the unfolding of events personally and collectively. Time is going to feel like it continues to speed up, and we will leaping and bounding through lessons as we evolve. What is imperative for us during the moments of accelerated growth is making sure we take time to ground. In order to navigate transition, we need to be able to access steadiness, support, and the knowing that we are held.

There are many ways to do this. Going into nature, eating cooked nourishing foods, taking a long bath, putting bare feet in the soil, laying your body down on the ground and breathing are just some of many ways that we can help the body, mind, and energy to stabilize. When we take time to find ground, we strengthen our inner resources so that we can show up to life without getting overwhelmed, shutting down, or burnt out. 

Identity Shifts

The Solar Eclipse falls in Sagittarius and can bring forth a lot of contemplation around identity. Who are we, what are we here to do, where are we holding on to ideas of ourselves that are no longer serving us? Especially in moment of stress and heightened uncertainty, it is accessible to grasp onto what we feel we can control. It is tempting to dig our heels into identities around our work, relationships, and how we're viewed by others.

Yet, clinging creates suffering. We are invited into the advanced practice of balancing our passion, desires, gifts, and goals with detachment from the outcome. This is particularly important for those of us on the journey of connecting to our innate and unshakeable sense of self-worth. Detaching identity from the external world can be challenging in our modern world of social media, where one can slip-slide into comparison as quick as a finger can scroll. 

You are Worthy 

We are invited to notice when we get caught in the trance of unworthiness; the small mind tells us that we are not enough. The truth is that what we do with our time, how much money we have, the job we are in, the places we travel and the things we own have nothing to do with our innate worth. We are whole and complete just as we are. This knowing can create a radical shift in the way we feel, move, speak, and experience our reality. 

Change is in the Air

During this New Moon and total Solar Eclipse, Saturn and Uranus are squaring which can bring about setbacks, unexpected surprises, turbulence and change. When this happens, it is easy for our nervous systems to go into fight or flight and to speak and move from a place of reactivity rather than responding from a grounded and clear place.

This means that we get the opportunity to practice patience, and to turn towards practices and spaces that help us to relax and soften so that we can show up to any challenge that arises. When we choose to soften, slow down, and breathe in the face of hardship, we expand our capacity to tolerate our reality. When we can tolerate reality without getting overwhelmed by the transitions and the emotions, we have the opportunity to experience the joy and the blessings amidst it all. 

Communicate and Get Curious

This New Moon also brings with it Mercury's influence, which means that there will be an emphasis on clear communication. Expressing ourselves honestly and clearly is a skill. Especially going into holiday season, it is easy to get lost in all of the noise around us as well the emotionality that accompanies this time. With intention and practice, we can cultivate the capacity to communicate our needs, feelings, and intentions to the people around us in a way that is both assertive and gracious. 

We are invited to get curious about our inner and outer reality. It is a good time to be social, to make connections, to go to the places and spaces that inspire you. Fear has been called "excitement without breath" which means that when we choose to get curious about what makes us nervous or afraid, it can open the door to an exciting new experience or connection. 

So much growth is in store for you, moonbeam. It is impossible to avoid it. We get to show up each moment as open and steady as we can, trusting that it is all happening for us. 

New Moon Ritual :: Ground and Clear Your Space

This is a time of accelerated growth, big lessons, and lots of change. Having a space to come to that feels grounded and clear can be one of the biggest supports during this time. Navigating intensity demands a lot of energy, and when we have a space that feels nourishing, we can relax and recalibrate every time we come back to it. 

Use this ritual as a way to clear out stagnant energy and refresh the space around you with positivity and potential. As we wind down this year, this ritual can be used as a way to prepare your space for the magic of 2022, and clear out what does not need to come with you. 

1. Take a moment to examine your doorway. This can be to your own bedroom or the front of your house. It is a portal to your home, your space - both your place of safety as well as infinite creativity. Notice every part of the frame, the texture of the door, the feel of the handle.

2. Light some sage or other smudge and allow the smoke to waft throughout the doorway, moving clockwise from the bottom left corner up and around until you've drawn a full circle cleansing each edge and corner of your doorway. This will clear any negative vibrations and make space for a new beginning. 

3. Notice if your entrance is well lit. If possible, add a source of light to illuminate the doorway from inside your space. For this ritual, you might use a candle on each side of the door. 

4. Clean the door and the frame and be sure to get each bit of it. Remove or organize any clutter (both on the inner and outer doorway) so the path is clear and welcoming on both sides. This will refresh the entrance for this new moon cycle. 

5. If there are any non-obtrusive decorations you'd like to add (flowers, a bell, an inspirational or protective symbol) adorn your door as feels resonate. Adding a plant to near the door can support a sense of grounding and connection. 

6. Once this is complete, stand in mountain pose in the doorway. Close your eyes. Acknowledge that you are letting go of what does not serve you. Your space is cleared of what you do not want to take with you into this next year. Ask for guidance and support during this time of massive expansion. Breathe deep, and get ready to receive all that is on its way. All that will soon be knocking your door. 







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