Full Moon in Gemini :: Find Your Center

This Full Moon finds itself aligned with the galactic center, meaning themes of elevated consciousness, insight, and infinite potential come into play.


This powerful Full Moon in Gemini is directly opposing the Galactic center, which according to astrologists creates an extremely potent energy swirling around the skies and down here on planet earth. We are use to intensity, surprises, and shocks, so it is important to remember that we know how to navigate challenge and we have everything we need to bring us through to the expansion, growth, and blessings that come on the other side of those challenges. 

Access to Elevated Consciousness

At this time, we can more easily access galactic information, higher consciousness information. The galactic center brings energy from other galaxies and we can access it. This is a massively expansive time if we choose to engage with it. It is the time that we can step beyond the 3-D contraction into the all the possibilities at hand. 

Astrologists say we are right on the precipice of big changes. We are experiencing a massive upgrade happening whether we want it to or not, and whether we believe it is happening or not. Evidence of this can be seen on the personal and collective levels through the disintegration of what is no longer working. Big change is the bi-product of expansion, and so we can trust that all the turbulence is lending to a much brighter and more expansive reality. 

Money and Relationships 

One of the big themes in December is Venus becoming exact, which can bring themes of top-down structures such as the financial markets, governments, authority, we might experience turbulence in these areas. Along with this is the continual shift in values, and we are each being asked to reflect on where we are putting our attention 

This can also be an important time for relationships. It is a courageous question to ask: am I growing with the people that I am in relationship with? Are we growing together? If I am not, am I willing to make space for relationships that support me in my expansion. This can be a time of letting relationships transition, either through separations or reinventions of current relationships. 

Venus is connected to comfort, pleasure, good food, and getting cozy. When Venus moves retrograde, it might be more difficult to find pleasure, and so it is important that we make time for experiences that bring us into pleasure. It may not come as easy in the next month, and so we are invited to make pleasure a priority. 

Connect with Your Knowing

A big theme of this full moon is to find our inner authority, our center. Instead of relying on the external authorities to tell us how we need to think and feel, it is important that each of us turn inward to listen to what is true. We each have such powerful wisdom centers that can easily get covered up by anxiety, fear, limited beliefs, and experiences that led us to believe that we are not enough or that someone else knows more about our well-being.

This does not mean we need to defy outer authority, but it does mean we have to develop a connection to our inner guidance. The way we do this is by relaxing the body and getting quiet. We can do this through practices such as yoga, meditation, gentle breathing, walking in nature, singing, or any other embodied technique that helps us to drop out of our thinking mind and tune into the well-spring of wisdom waiting beneath the noise. 

Commit to Steadiness

Mars comes conjunct the South Node, which is connected to our collective past and what we as a collective need to work through. You might experience strong energy over the next week. Try to keep your energy even and steady. Notice if you begin to feel agitated and overwhelmed. If so, take yourself into nature to help diffuse some of the energy. Mother earth can handle so much more than our bodies can. You can take a walk and ask her to take what is too big for you to carry. More on this on the ritual below. 

At this Full Moon we have Gemini, which among other things is about facts and information around health, healing, sickness, and healing protocols. This is also the sign of choices, and so a lot of information may be revealed around our collective choices. Our blind spots may be revealed. We are invited to keep our eyes and ears open to receive the truths that surface, as they are ultimately for our collective and individual benefits. 

Neptune's Eagle Eye View 

Neptune is in a T-Square with the sun and moon, which supports us in seeing things from a higher point of view. The animal totem connected to this energy is the eagle, seeing with its clear and pristine vision what is happening from high on its perch. This is also about the revealing of secrets that need to come to the surface in order for growth to happen. 

If there is anything you have been longing to disclose but have felt too scared to speak it, this is a powerful time to claim your capacity to speak your truth. Remember, you are always safe in your truth. When you are willing to speak what is true for you, especially when it hurts someone you love, you are stepping more fully into your power and supporting your liberation. 

Ride the Waves to Freedom

Another theme of this Full Moon is expansion. Freedom, higher horizons, and expansive perspective. Jupiter's presence is encouraging us to trust in the process we're in and continue to show up with honesty, integrity, and compassion because where we are headed is beyond what we can perceive at this moment. We are guided and held by the cosmos and the universe is continually expanding. We can lean into the knowing that we are here to grow, and even the toughest moments are blessings that lead us to the next moment of our evolution.

Astrologists note that from December 15th to January 11th we will be experiencing surges of energy pouring in. We are surfing the waves of evolutionary energy. This means quick growth. It is very important that we tend to our physical bodies because they are having to adapt to what has been called "ascension energy." Tend to your body. Rest it, move it, clean it, nourish it, for whether we like it our not it is dealing with a lot of energy in and around us. If we tend to it well, the ride will be much smoother and more enjoyable. 

Let Your Creativity Flow

We can expect a surge of creative and futuristic energy. Spend time daydreaming, creating, opening up to the flowing energy that is happening around us and through us. See if you can relax any pressure around creating. Whether it be for work or for play, now is the time to open up to be a conduit or channel of the benevolent and powerful creative energy circulating at this time. 

We are on quite a ride, and we're doing great. Let's keep our feet on the ground, our hearts open, and our eyes to the sky. 

Full Moon Ritual :: Offer to Mother Earth

There is a lot of BIG energy swirling around us and through us. It is important that we find ways to support ourselves when we get overwhelmed by all that is happening. Astrologists say that not only is there turbulence on our 3D level that can cause dis-ease in the body, but also that the body is the vessel for housing our internal world which is experiencing a massive upgrade that will continue well into 2022. 

The good news is, nature takes care of nature, and we are nature. We can ritualize time spent outside and intentionally connect with the healing power of the Earth. There is a reason why so many cultures around the world refer to the Earth as "mother." She is the reason we are all here. She gives us life, and she supports us all in thriving through her unconditional love. Gravity hugs us to her, reminding us that no matter what, we belong here. 

Utilize this intentional ritual as a way to regulate your nervous system and pull in the healing energy of the earth as we give back to her with our presence, gratitude, and intentions. 

1. Set aside time to be in nature. If possible, give yourself plenty of time without having to rush anywhere afterwards. 

2. Find a spot to stand or sit and either close your eyes or gaze softly. Take 5 long slow breaths. 

3. Greet the Earth. Whether it be speaking or singing a prayer, talking, kneeling to touch the ground, a gesture, or any other way that feels resonate to you, now is the time to acknowledge and step into your connection with the Earth. Thank her in your own way for being your home. Express your gratitude and affection in a way that allows that gratitude to move through your body. 

4. Call forward into your awareness any recent experience or situation that has caused you suffering. Bring forward anything that feels like too much for you to continue holding. What is heavy? What are you ready to put down after carrying longer than is sustainable for you? Spend some time bringing forth the feelings and the details. Continue to breathe. If emotion wells up, let it flow. 

5. Ask that the Earth take what is too much for you. Say out loud, "I give to you...thank you for taking it and dispersing it." As you inhale, feel your body expand in every direction, as you exhale, imagine what you are holding flowing down and out of your body. The exhale moves through whatever is touching the Earth (your feet, hands, seat, back) carrying with it whatever you are willing to give over to the earth. 

6. You can take this ritual on a walk by visualizing yourself emptying more and more with each step. Offering to the Great Mother what you no longer need to carry.

7. When you are complete, thank her again for supporting you, loving you, and holding you through it all. 



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