Full Moon in Leo :: The Heart is our Future

Full Moon in Leo :: The Heart is our Future

The Leo Full Moon brings us into the vibration of love, asks us to step forward as leaders in our lives, and reminds us that the heart must lead the way forward.
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The Full Moon in Leo supports us all here on planet earth in our continued evolution and growth. We are in a fast moving and eventful period that will continue for the foreseeable future. Luckily, as of February 3rd all of the planets went direct after many were in retrograde, and so this Full Moon brings with it the sense of a new cycle, a clean start, and an energetic thrust into this year. 

The Full Moon happens on the 16th of February at 8:57am pst. We have seven Full Moons in a row that are all at the twenty-seventh degree, which astrologists say is an auspicious occurrence that might be linked to the ending of those things that are no longer serving us, so as to make space for the new.

This is on both the personal and collective level, and so this Full Moon offers us a potent opportunity to courageously reflect on what needs to end in our own personal reality. Is there something or someone that we are clinging on to? The Full Moon's radiant light will make it hard to not see and feel our truth, no matter how painful it may be to confront. 

The Leo energy of this Full Moon brings us into the themes of leadership, heart, passion, creativity, and strength. 


It's All About the Heart

Leo energy is all about the heart. As a global community we are shifting from the age of the mind to the age of the heart, which this moon is here to remind us to keep checking in with our hearts. A lot of what we are experiencing in our world is confounding to the mind. Our logical and cognitive brains try to make sense of the world and predict the future, yet astrologists note that the mind is not going to get us into the next iteration of our expanded consciousness. The heart is meant to lead the way, and it generates much more power than the brain. 

It can be very hard for us modern go-getters to stop believing all of our thoughts, which is why the mind has such a command over our everyday reality. The mind is meant to be a servant to the holistic wisdom of the body, and yet we have come to revere the mind and have made it the master. When we pause to notice our thoughts, we create space from them. By doing so, we place ourselves in the choice of listening to them or not. 


Get Still to Listen

This is why meditating can be such a supportive practice during this time. Giving ourselves a chance to get quiet and still and notice the conversation looping in the mind that often is running the show. The Leo Full Moon wants us to move from the head to the heart more often. We are invited to make time to quiet the thinking mind, whether through seated or walking meditation, yoga, time in nature, rest, creating art, etc. 


Love is the Way

Love is a big theme of this Full Moon, coming to us just two days after Valentine's Day in the US. However you feel about this holiday, it is a potent moment to turn our awareness to the power of love. Love for ourselves, for each other, and for the planet. Not only is Leo all about love, but also the North Node has moved into Taurus which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. The cosmos are asking us to remember the power of love, for it is the highest frequency available to us. It carries immense healing potential. 

When talking about love, astrologists are not speaking about romantic love, for that is just one expression of the energy of love. Love can be thought of as a space entered whenever we want to open the door. It can become a state of being, which is when it is at its most potent expression. One way we can tap into love is through the practice of gratitude. Spend time during the next few weeks in reflection of the blessings surrounding you. Allow yourself to feel into just how much there is to celebrate, and you will find love waiting for you there. 


Romance and Deep Connections

Astrologists do note that due to the conjunction between Venus and Mars, there can be swift and passionate romance on the horizon. If you are open to a romantic relationship, it can flow in quick. Along with romantic relationships, this can also be a moment for deepening friendships and establishing long term connections. This is a powerful time to link with people that you feel compatible with and spend time and energy strengthening those bonds. We will continue to need each other as we navigate our shifting global realities. 


Bless the Waters

Full Moons pull on the waters, affecting both the tides of the ocean as well as the emotional waters in our bodies. During the full moon cycle, our emotions might be heightened, we may very well experience pulls on our heart strings in more dramatic and intense ways. A reminder to give yourself generous space to feel everything you are feeling. Find ways to safely process your emotions so that they do not build up and cause you to combust.

Our primal body is going to feel everything it needs to feel. Moving the body, talking to a friend and/or a professional, singing, or any other practice that helps you to process your emotions will be an ally to you at this time. When we learn how to digest emotions safely, we get to receive the wisdom and insight that they carry for us. We are invited to spend time in reflection around our emotional experience during this full moon, as there are personal insights to be harvested under its bright light. 


Consciousness Expanding

Astrologists note that our consciousness is primed to open and expand during this full moon. Jupiter and Uranus bring us into the widened perspectives, elevated understanding, and clearer connection with the cosmos. In order to receive the insights, downloads, and wisdom, we have to make space to listen. Stillness, silence, and relaxation are ingredients that lend to a receptive and available body, heart and mind. Give yourself permission for pockets of solo time in order to receive the wisdom here for you. 


Pluto Pulls us Deep

During this full moon, Pluto is in Capricorn which can lead to feelings that are intense, deep, and can spiral us into obsession. If we start to feel overwhelmed or consumed by a certain situation in our lives, that is the cue to take space. Pause to find your ground, reconnect with your heart, rest, and when you are ready re-engage with that which is present. There is no rush, and the more space we create for balance and ease, the more resolution will be available. 

The Full Moon happens just a few days before Pluto returns for the United States. What astrologists say is that this is a chance for rebirth for the US. There is a big opportunity for spiritual expansion for America if each person so chooses. 


The Fixed Cross of Tenacity

The Sun and Moon are in a fixed grand cross, which means they are squaring the North and South Node. What this is in layman's terms is that there is a surge of tenacity and courage coursing through the planet. We will be supported in sticking to our truth. We can do this with kindness and grace, and absolute conviction. The power of the people coming together in a way that is peaceful and loving. 

Leaders are going to continue to be in the spotlight, and we might see some big shifts in leadership around the globe in the coming months. Though we may not have direct control over the changes in authority and leadership, we have the capacity to decide what type of leadership we want to bring forward to our own lives. We are each being called to raise our standards of integrity. To walk our talk as a way of shining our light and leading with the heart. 

The biggest take away? We must remember that Love is not just a feeling, it is a state of being, a path, a commitment to showing up in the heart moment to moment. Love is a space we get to enter together. Everything in the world is vibrating energy, and so when we focus on love and send it out to the world, in some way we are affecting the energy around us. Under the light of the Full Moon, Leo beckons us into courageous love for ourselves, each other, and the planet. 


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Altar for the Heart 

The Leo Full Moon energy has a lot to do with the heart. It is a passionate, courageous, loving energy that can inspire us to reconnect with the powerful portal inside of our own chests. The heart is the sacred drum that beats on, that has kept time for all life. It is reliable, consistent, and shows up fully even in the hardest of moments. When we need it to speed up, it does. When we ask it to slow down through our breath, it willingly obliges. Your heart has never and will never abandon you.

Try this ritual as a way to honor your heart, bring another element of sacred into your space, and create a space that you can go to to turn towards pure love anytime you need. 

1. Choose a part of your home to create an Altar of the Heart. This Altar can be an addition to an existing altar, or an entirely new creation. Make it a spot in your home that you can go to and comfortably be with. 

2. Gather the materials you would like to decorate your altar with. When you tune into your heart, what do you see? Perhaps you cut out images from magazines or books. Maybe there are flowers or other natural materials (reminder: always ask for permission from the land before taking something from her). You might have pictures of people you love, spiritual figures, crystals, quotes, and anything else that speaks to you.  

3. Place a candle in the center of the altar as representative of the flame in the heart that never goes out. Your heart is as wild and alive as fire, and it will stay lit as long as you are in this body. 

4. Spend some time adorning your altar with the rest of your materials. Remember, you are preparing this altar to convene with the sacred that is your heart, that is you.

5. Go to this altar each day and spend time tuning into your heart. Ask it for any wisdom or guidance. Listen carefully and trust that you will hear what is needed at exactly the right time. Your heart knows the way, and this is your sacred space for it to reveal. 

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