Self-Lover Rituals

We're in a world where self-love is lacking. We all know how to have ideas, do stuff, make stuff, share stuff, and keep ourselves busy. But what about honest and real SELF-LOVE?

We're in a world where self-love is lacking. We all know how to have ideas, do stuff, make stuff, share stuff, and keep ourselves busy. But what about honest and real SELF-LOVE?

True self-love starts from the inside. It's not selfish or self-serving, although thankfully we do benefit from it. We love ourselves so we can serve with more heart and soul. We all need more of it in our lives - in our thoughts, in our words, in our cells, in our bones, and in our blood. Not only will we thrive personally from drinking in more self-love, the planet and all of those we encounter will benefit. Enjoy these sweet self-love Rituals, you deserve it! 

1. Rose Blessings-  Roses evoke the spirit of love and uplift mood

Find fresh or dried roses (non-toxic/pesticide-free). With prayer and love, infuse them in very hot distilled water (1 part petals, 2 parts water). Steep for several hours or overnight. 

Rose Bath: Add the steeped roses + rose water to a hot bath (or basin). Soak & scrub your face/ body/ feet/ hands to nourish your skin and spirit. Welcome love & intimacy; visualize your heart blooming like a rose.

Optional: Make a second batch of rose water to use throughout the week. Strain all plant-matter out + store in a mason jar in the fridge. Drink as a hot tea, cooling rose water, or create a misting spray for your skin and home. (For a spray, you may add a touch of witch hazel or alcohol as a preservative).


2. Ovarian Breathing- Create a warm space for this ritual: light candles, incense, adorn with elegant flowers. This practice helps to heal old wounds + awakens sensual creative energy.

Place your palms on your belly, in the shape of an inverted triangle. Take several slow deep breaths into the fullness of your hands, feeling your breath rise, fall, contract, expand. Now, move your breath deeper beneath your hands and into your ovaries. Feel your breath spread throughout - nourishing, activating, awakening. Keep breathing as you begin to feel your awareness move into your pelvis, yoni, kidneys, & breasts. Continue circling this energy within you for several minutes. Welcome gentle acceptance as feelings arise.



3. Altar for Love- Creating an altar is a beautiful way to mark life transitions, acknowledge the seasons, name intentions, or make a prayerful offering

To begin: Clear the space of your current altar, or find a space to create one if this is your first time. Trust your intuition as you pick your spot. Build your altar: Clean the surface + smudge your space. Then, intuitively arrange your altar with objects that resonate with love. For example, if focusing on self-love add your favorite flowers, a heart shaped stone, and a photo of yourself. If you're calling in partnership or healing a current one, add things in pairs such as 2 rose quartz +  a love poem. We also love rose petals, non-toxic candles, & love notes. Once complete: Sit at your altar, light a candle, and meditate for several minutes. Visualize yourself basking in pure love. Hold your hands on your heart and allow love to permeate your body.

4. Body Love Rub - This ritual will infuse your entire body with the nourishing + beautifying energy of love

After a bath or shower, gently pat yourself dry. Use a natural moisturizer (such as coconut oil or shea butter) and lovingly massage your body from your feet to your head. Include every inch and curve in between. Begin with your feet and say "I love you feet, I love you toes..." Continue to move up your body towards your heart, "I love you calves...I love you thighs... I love you hips...etc." Be generous and intentional with every body part. Spend extra time on the parts you don't normally appreciate. When complete, place one hand on your heart & one hand on your belly. Pause here, feel what is present, & repeat the mantra "I love myself completely & unconditionally" three times. Breathe into your entire being.


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