FULL MOON IN CANCER: New Year Nurturance

FULL MOON IN CANCER: New Year Nurturance

By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


The full Wolf Moon rises on Friday, January 6, 2023. The first full moon of 2023 reaches its peak illumination at 3:09pm PST at 16 degrees of the sign Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon so it is at home here and will be showering you with its affectionate caress to gently usher us into the new year with a dose of mothering love.

Native American’s dubbed the first full moon of the year the wolf moon because this is the time the wolf packs would howl hungrily outside Indian villages after the cold winter months. This is a time where we can unleash the wild one within us and follow our dreams that we planned out during the New Moon in Capricorn.

This is a sensitive sign, Cancer. Our feelings and deepest cares are represented by this mutable sign. Cancer is also represented by the archetype of the mother. She is the great healer of the zodiac who honors our emotional nature as humans. This aspect of ourselves which is not typically praised in public life is revered at home with the mother. In fact, she praises this facet of our emotions as the powerful force in which they are.

We all can remember a time in which we felt unconditionally loved and accepted by someone. Whether that be our biological mother or a nurturing person in our life, or maybe an animal who looked at you with eyes of absolute love and devotion. This is the energy of Cancer.

All animals are born of the mother and rely on her for nourishment and protection in their early lives. Although we are likely old enough to take care of our physical needs, there may be room for improvement when it comes to the way we nurture ourselves and our emotional bodies. This moment of release with the full moon in Cancer will teach us how to be that nurturing presence for ourselves now that we have the tools and the awareness to do so.

In order to be the wild one’s we are, in order to chase our dreams, we need to feel safe within our bodies and within ourselves in our environment. Home is within us. We can create a container of love, respect, and compassion right within our very selves. This is how we will be able to go out into the world and take risks!

Astrologer Sarah Vrba who always encapsulates the subtleties of the moon’s movement so perfectly says we must “feel everything fully so we can let go of it”. She goes on further to speak of what feels like a strong emotional current that is bringing up a lot from our past.

This first full moon of 2023 is a time of deep and cleansing release. We are longing to feel the release of letting ourselves let go of these old chapters. This is a time when we are being granted the strength to feel it all and allow a deep healing to take place. With the gentle nurturance of the mother we are safe to surrender and allow the process to unfold naturally within us. Some honest and deep reflection within ourselves will activate this energy even more.

Allow yourself to bask in the nourishment and nostalgia of the Full Wolf Moon. We are being so supported by the celestial energies at play right now. Maybe in this Full Moon we are granted the opportunity to love. Love it all. Every last little thing. Love it all so you can let it go!

No matter how painful or cringey- just as a mother would love her child. Love every story, role, person, place all of that that gave you a false sense of security. Anything that felt safe in the past but is no longer helpful for your journey going forward feel the strength to let it go.

With Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and a sextile with Uranus in Taurus Sarah Vrba says we are assisted with energies that, “will soothe the part of us that is skeptical about change” and with the catalyst of the change-maker Uranus “sometimes the biggest changes that don’t feel safe are the ones that are the most transforming. There is a lot of love and support in change”.

Ultimately, the universe is asking us to take a leap of faith. In 2023 we are being asked to trust. This first full moon is our foundation for this new year. We are laying the groundwork for our plans, dreams, and goals. Think of this as getting back to basics. Allow this to be a gentle jumping off point for the rest of 2023 by doing some loving re-parenting of yourself.

Questions to ask yourself:

What are you holding on to?
How do you define what you are holding on to as “safety”?
What are you scared of changing?
How can this change signify a sense of deep safety and deep love/ curiosity for your journey through this life?

A loving and honest reflection may bring about insights that are difficult to digest. Safety and vulnerability is our primal need as humans and this topic could bring up some fear and heaviness in your being. Please be gentle as you traverse these waters.

Allow the grief, the sadness, the joy, the fear, the love all to bubble up to the surface. You will feel lighter afterwards. There is wisdom and emotional intelligence within you waiting to be heard. A deeper connection with oneself and sense of wisdom will fill your being. What a powerful start to the year!

Fill this moon, as full as it can be
Trust in change, as you trust in the rivers that flow to the sea
Trust in the soul, that you call “me”
Honor your me
Allow all restrictions to wash free
For you are the one
The “I”
The love, We need

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Gratitude Letter to the 2022 You

We are all ready to close the door on this past year. There is not a human on the planet that has not encountered excess suffering, grief, and uncertainty this past year. We're all connected on a deep level, even if for some of us that level is not consciously known. The heavy and the sad of this past year have been moments of ebbing away what no longer serves us. However you feel from this transition into 2023, know that you are cosmically held and loved. Know that you have everything you need to move forward, and that you deserve to celebrate the accomplishment of making it through a very trying year.

Use this ritual under the light of the full moon, as a way to honor and reverence yourself. Acknowledge the simple power in continuing on when it can feel so hard to do so. Here is your ritual to empower yourself with gratitude and loving.

1. Find a quiet space in your home or out in nature. Bring a journal and a pen, and anything else you might want to make your space sacred. 

2. Take a moment to settle in. Close your eyes. Feel your seat grounded. Take 5 deep breaths. Feel yourself landing in the moment.

3. Open to a blank page and write at the top "Thank you, 2022." Already, you are entering the vibration of gratitude. 

4. Write a letter to you about everything you are acknowledging yourself for from this year. Start with, "Dear [Name]," and allow yourself to write freely and curiously. Here are some helpful prompts to get you started, plus add your own:

How have I shown up for myself and others this year?

What have I had to face this year?

In what ways did I 'rise to the occasion'?

What surprised me?

What fears did I face this year?

Who came into my life in a strong or meaningful way this year?

Where have I brought love to a situation?

In what ways did my heart, mind, and/or spirit expand this year?

What am I grateful for from this year? 

This letter is about honoring YOU for moving through such a challenging time. It doesn't mean it was perfect or pretty. In fact for many of us it was down right messy. But, no matter what, there is beauty and power in your existence, and this ritual is about honoring that. 

5. Once you feel complete, read your letter out loud. Allow yourself to steep in the  reflection of your power, your perseverance, your grace.

As we continue in this new year, let us land in the gratitude for all we have moved through, all that we are, and all that is on its way. 



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