Build Your New Year Altar

Build Your New Year Altar

Creating an altar is a beautiful way to mark life transitions, acknowledge the seasons, name intentions, or make a prayerful offering. As we welcome the new year, now is a perfect time to update, refresh, or build yours.

Call in the power of intention while creating a sacred space at home

Is it time to build or refresh your altar for the new year? We have some inspiring prompts + suggestions below to help you create a sacred space in your home full of love + intention. Tend to your altar this week to nurture this momentum of new beginnings.

An altar adds beauty to your home and can bring immense benefit to your emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. Your altar is an expression of your spirit, a place to go when you need clarity, inspiration, healing, or connection. This sacred space can help you cultivate deep presence + daily ritual. 

There are no set rules for how your altar should look or feel. It can be very simple or more elaborate, as long as it feels beautiful and aligned for you personally.

Whatever you choose, having your own sacred nook will inspire a regular practice of soul-care for emotional wellbeing in your daily life. Consider your altar as a symbol — how you show up and take care of it can be a compass for how you're showing up and caring for yourself. The more you sit with and tend to your altar, the more its healing and clarifying energy swells.

As our founder Aarona Leá shares, "The more I connect to my altar, the more comforting and magnetic it becomes. I’ve had some of my heaviest cries and deepest prayers at my altar, I’ve been met by some of my greatest ideas or moments of clarity here, and I’ve experienced incredible stillness where my nervous system could soften. When I regularly infuse my altar with meditations, prayers, and rituals - it swells into a calming yet energized space, which helps me feel more emotionally fit."

Your altar is a place where you can journal, meditate, contemplate, create, grieve, pray, envision, practice, and craft your rituals. The more you sit with it, the more this focused + healing energy swells. And when you consistently tend to this sacred space, you're in turn 'feeding' your spirit, your relationship with Great Spirit, and the guiding forces in your life. So, regularly clean and clear this space as an act of love and care.

Creating an altar is a beautiful way to mark life transitions, acknowledge the seasons, name intentions, or make a prayerful offering. As we welcome the new year, it's a perfect time to update, refresh, or build your home altar.

Read on for key things that will uplift + beautify your altar's vibes...  


Inspire Your Altar with These Questions

Because an altar holds your intentions + prayers, it's important to make it personal and current. Allow your intuition to guide you, use these Qs for inspiration:
What 1-3 core intentions are most alive inside of you right now?

What specifically are you calling into your life or expanding into as a person?

What do you want to FEEL in your being on a daily basis?

What support does your heart and spirit long for? 

Build Your Altar

Your altar is your special place to set intentions, reconnect, meditate, manifest, grieve, journal, forgive, dream, and pray. Whichever enchantments you choose to dress your altar with, it’s important to periodically freshen up the design to match your current intention. This can change monthly or seasonally, with a new or full moon, or anytime you simply feel the nudge to do so. 

Creating, recreating, cleaning, and clearing are all a part of respecting your altar + spiritual practices, while keeping the good vibes of this space alive.

There are many ways to approach building your own altar. Be intuitive with it, while using whatever inspirations align with your intention. With simple touches that are thoughtful and intentional, you can make any space feel sacred, no matter how big or small your altar is.

Here are some tips:

  • Intuitively decide where in your home feels like the best spot for your altar so that it feels comfortable + inviting for you to sit quietly. You can also use a compass to discover which direction to place your altar and decide what best represents your intention. Look into Feng Shui for more details. 

  • If you already have an altar, remove everything for a deep clean so that you can reorganize + freshen it up. If you're building an altar, clean the surface before adding adornments. Then, purify and clear the space using the sacred smoke of  your favorite plant, resin, or incense. 

  • Gather all of the altar pieces to add an array of enchantments. For example: place a fresh candle in the center, add fresh flowers, crystals, stones, photos, letters, a vessel of water or other elemental attributes, and any sacred objects that feel aligned with your intention. Keep your favorite journals, books, and oracle decks close by as well. We have some more ideas to explore below...keep scrolling ;)
  • Align your new or refreshed altar with your most current alive intentions. Once you’re done creating it, step back and take it in. If anything wants to shift, go for it. When everything feels just right, sit down, light a candle, connect with your breath, and write freely in your journal for a few minutes.


Elevate Your Altar with The Moon Deck

See below for how to Moon Deck your altar for 2023


Crystals are a potent way to send energy to your intentions and ground your body. We love our Sacred Intention Crystal Set for its array of well balanced crystals.

Here's what's inside:

1 Crystal Quartz: harmony, clarity, amplify
• 1 Rose Quartz: love, emotional healing
• 1 Amethyst Cluster: spirituality, higher guidance
• 1 Selenite Crystal: insight, calming, purify

NOTE: For love in this new year, place two rose quartz crystals on your altar. For prosperity and abundance, we love magnetic lodestones, citrine, or pyrite.

Candle Magic rituals activate your intentions. Place a candle on your altar and sit with the flame every morning for a minimum of 3 minutes as you envision your most alive intentions. 

We love our non-toxic bright burning candles. Check them out here!

. Our handcrafted wood stands are a lovely way to display your daily oracle pulls from The Moon Deck, I Am The Ritual deck, or your own notes + photos.These stands are perfect for keeping your cards secure and visible for daily inspiration.

Write down a mantra or words that are to align with your new year intentions, and place them in the stands. Sit and visualize your dreams coming to life as you gaze at your personal messages. 

Add Anointing Rituals to your daily practice. Keep our anointing oils on your altar + use daily to elevate your mood, intentions, or ritual work at any time of day. Feel clear, tap into your regal divinity, welcome abundance, release what is complete, and enhance loving energy. Repeat your mantra as you anoint yourself. 

Writing is one of our favorite companions in activating our dreams + goals. Choose from one of our Notebook Sets to bring your intentions to life. 

For empowerment in the new year: Use our Empowered Being Notebook Set to write out your visions and gratitudes every morning. We also invite you to add a photo of yourself as a child to honor where you've come from + a current photo to embrace who you are now.

For deeper trust in the new year: Use our Trust Your Intuition Notebook Set to write out all of the signs and symbols that show up daily to remind you that you are guided. Explore your intuitive discoveries. 

For deeper self inquiry in the new year:  Go deeper within yourself to release old patterns, befriend your shadow, release what no longer serves, and uncover your dreams with our Deep Soul Notebook Set.


Oracle Guidance is one of our favorite ways to tap deep into our internal GPS for clarity and direction. Keep your Moon Deck on your altar to inspire your daily card pulls.

Our handmade wood box set or the solo Moon Box is a beautiful addition, as it brings in elegance and the element of wood. Plus, you can store all of your sacred enchantments inside to bring your altar on the road! 


Lastly, we love keeping our new 'I Am The Ritual' deck on our altar to inspire a daily ritual. For this new year, with your intention in mind, shuffle your cards and pull a ritual. Commit to the ritual as a daily practice to experience its medicine.

 May this blog post inspire + infuse your being with clarity. May it provoke an abundance mindset so you can graciously give and receive. Happy New Year beautiful beings!

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