Full Moon in Aquarius : Out with the Old

The Aquarius Full Moon is asking us to bravely trade in old habits, beliefs, and systems and bring in what is empowering, rooted in the heart, and committed to collective well-being.

The July Full Moon illuminates the sky on July 23rd and 24th. Named the Full Buck Moon by the Farmer’s Almanac, this is the time of year when male deer shed their antlers and begin to grow new ones. The moon is in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign who is also the water bearer and is connected to the energy of freedom, authenticity, self-expression, non-conformity, and progressive vision.  

This full moon is highlighting this long running theme of intensity moving through every realm of our lives. Until about 2024, astrologists say this volatile internal and external experience will continue. The roller coaster without a clear end in view can be terrifying, and it also has the potential for ecstatic experience. Uncertainty is by definition unknown, which for many of us creates fear. And yet the other side of it is that there is incredible potential available.

We get to choose: do we ride the life ride always looking ahead at what is coming, or do we throw our arms up in the air and take in all the feelings that come through?


A Change in Leadership

 Eros, the asteroid is in Aries during this time. Eros is known as the female awakener, and more energetically speaking, awakens the powerful feminine qualities within each of us us. She represents truth, integrity, the standing up for what we believe in, not in the traditional masculine warring way, but through aligned action combined with deep listening, patience, clear speech and commitment to the way of the heart. This is a time for a different kind of leadership. If you are in a position of power, the leader of a team, in charge of a project at work, or even considering the influence of your social media, this is a time to pause and check in with whether or not you are communicating from the heart, from truth, and for the highest good. 

The world needs leadership that is committed to reducing inequality, creating spaces for the voices and perspectives that are often overlooked, and leading not from greed or personal agenda but rather with the collective good in mind. Whether we consider ourselves “leaders” or not, we affect people every day with our words, our actions, and even our thoughts. We are invited into elevated leadership, holding ourselves accountable to be in integrity and to move and speak from a place of inclusion and kindness.


Into the Fire

Experts point out that Mars is in a hard aspect with Pluto, so we can expect very dynamic, yang days. Think fire, like the alchemical fire that transmutes something into something else. Change may come very quickly over the next few weeks and emotions might be very high in and around you. It is so important that we each take ownership over our self-care. Taking time to rest and restore is not a luxury, it is necessary to work with the intensity of life, especially as that intensity heats up. It does not have to be costly or take a lot of time. A few moments for you each day in stillness and ease can go a long way. 

The Full Moon is the peak of the moon cycle. As things shift and change we can reflect on what is coming to completion, what is culminating, and allow the moon to shine a light on what we need to see and know. Time of revelation and insight if we create the environment for it within. Getting quiet, calming the nervous system and the mind in order to hear the whispers. 

The last New Moon in Cancer brought us into the theme of power. This Full Moon continues this theme and asks us to step into the sovereignty of our power. No one else can choose how we live, where we spend our time and energy, or what is true for each us. Even though many of the external systems and structures may try to pull us in different directions, it is essential that each of us develop a relationship with our personal power, so that we are the ones making choices in our lives. This is less about rebelling against authority, and more about aligning with inner truth and having the courage to make choices from there.

Connecting to Your Power

Connecting to personal power requires that there be a level of unshakable self-esteem, which for many of us has not been nurtured. Unless we had caregivers, teachers, and friends that helped us to cultivate self-esteem, many of us walk through life with the deep questioning of if we are “enough.” Many of us have had the opposite of a supportive environment and upbringing, and so we might be working with deep-seeded limiting beliefs around our lack of worth, our innate flaws, and a constant worry that we are failing in our lives.

Now is the time to become aware of those inner conversations and beliefs.

Acknowledge them, and do the brave work of creating new beliefs that align with the power, the mystery, and the gift that you are. We each come into this world as a unique being, and your gifts are unique to you because only you can offer them the way that you do. Spend some time noticing any bit of internal dialogue that is not serving you. Start to re-write a story that gives you the confidence and the knowing needed to step fully into your power.

The moon is in between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius. Astrologists say that this could bring about hard times, abuse of power, intensity, more rules and regulations. We can prepare to ride these waves and do the best we can to stay cool and calm as we navigate the external world. Know that emotional intensity always shifts, and our work is not to react but to manage our energy, learn what we can from our emotions, and give ourselves a lot of space to process and restore.

Collaboration and Support

The Aquarian energy is grassroots energy This is about the power of the people and collective intent. This is a great time for collaboration. Reaching out to those that align with your principles and are interested in co-creating. We have so much power, and together we have even more. Choosing who you want to work with and create with is an important decision. Surround yourself professionally and personally with those who share your values and watch the magic that is birthed. 

The moon is conjunct with the asteroid Chariklo, who is the wife of Chiron in Greek mythology. She is known as the “soul midwife,” and she is a beautiful support in the elevation of consciousness. We can take solace in the knowing that we are being looked after, guided and supported through this journey, through the dark night. The grandmother energy of unconditional love, the healing power of ancient wisdom and radical compassion is flowing all around us.

Letting Go 

This Full Moon is looking to the future and the quick evolution that is happening. This a pivotal shift between the past and the future. Where we have been collectively and where we are going. There is an unavoidable crumble of thew old way to make way for the new. This is both macro and micro, the collective and the individual.

For each of us, it is a time of letting what needs to die do so. The habits, the beliefs, the relationship, perhaps the job, the way we are spending our time and money, all if it is going through an over-hall. If it is not working, expect it to be made obvious. If we resist the changes that are needed for our soul’s growth and expansion, we will continue to experience circumstances in our lives that are trying to show us what’s not working. Simply put, we can surrender what needs to release and find ease, or we can grip on to how things are and continue to suffer.

Taking Things Personally 

 Another important lesson during this Full Moon is around taking things personally versus not. When something happens and we take it personally, we use a lot of energy getting upset, ruminating on what is wrong with us, why something happened, what it says about us, etc. When we choose not to take things personally, we can more easily flow with life’s experiences and changes. When we take things personally, we grip on and create more pain. When we do not personalize things, we make space that allows for the gifts of even the most painful situations to come through.


Rewrite a Belief + Change Your Life

During this intense and fiery time, we can use the transmutative energy to help rewrite limiting beliefs. One way to do this is by working with the subconscious mind, the storehouse of all of our beliefs. When we work with the subconscious mind, we are working with the part of our minds that shapes our reality, even if we are not conscious to it happening. The subconscious mind listens to everything we say and think, and forms beliefs out of it. 

So, out with the old and in with the nourishing, the empowering and the true. Take some time to be with this ritual. You can begin it under the light of the full moon and continue it as you ride the waves that present themselves, stepping into your power breath by breath. 

1. Find a comfortable place to be with you. Have The Moon Deck, a journal, and a pen. You might also choose to set your space with a candle, put on essential oil, play music you love, or anything else that helps you step into a sacred moment. 

2. Shuffle the deck and spread out the cards. Take a moment and ask "What do I need to remember right now?" Choose three cards and place them in front you. 

3. Read through each one, and choose the one that resonates the most at this time. If it is between two, choose them both. 

4. The affirmation that is written on the card is now yours to repeat until the next Full Moon. Write it down in your journal and then say it out loud 3-5 times. Say it with conviction, with knowing, and with a willingness to accept it as truth. 

5. If it feels fraudulent or uncomfortable, that's okay. It is a sign that your subconscious belief has an opposing view, and most likely a disempowering belief. Say it anyway and allow that to change. 

6. Every day when you wake up, in the middle of the day, and before you go to sleep, repeat your affirmation 3-5 times. Speak it out loud. You can share it with a loved one for more support, or make this yours alone. 

7. Know that you are not adding anything new, you are simply remembering. 



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