The Moon Deck 101 Course

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 Learn the Ways of ‘The Moon Deck’ Oracle Cards & Ritualize Self-Love


Are you ready to awaken the oracle within and refine your ability to work intuitively with The Moon Deck oracle set - both for yourself and others? Join author of ‘The Moon Deck’, Aarona Lea, for an inspiring hands-on interactive workshop exploring the many layers and possibilities held within this healing oracle set.


We will begin with a group Moon Deck oracle reading to set the tone for our time together. Then, learn how to give yourself intuitive Moon Deck readings, how to more accurately offer others insightful readings, and how to combine your own wisdom with the words and rituals of The Moon Deck guidebook.

Who is this for: For anyone who is curious about The Moon Deck or the power of healing oracle work. For healers, card readers, empaths, life coaches, creators, or teachers. The Moon Deck is an amazing tool that will add substance and ritual to your daily practice of self-love and intuitive development, for both you and your community.

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This oracle set is very compatible with other decks and practices, adding a feminine intuitive touch to all of your existing tools. It’s filled with insights and practices that will guide you to ritualize and actualize the path of self-love, which will ripple into all that you create. When we show up for ourselves with more acceptance, a healthier inner dialogue, and a daily practice, our magic expands into the world in amazing ways. You will walk away with new knowledge and more confidence around your daily rituals, your approach to oracle cards, and how to feel more connected to your work as a reader, healer, creatress or teacher.

 Please be sure to bring: 
- Bring your journals and something to write with
- Your ‘Moon Deck’ if you have one (which will be very helpful!) 
- Optionally, bring any sacred objects to add to the altar for a charge, that you will take back home with you (such as your favorite jewelry, stones or crystals, photos, written words, etc) 

Investment: $33 

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