The Last New Moon of 2017: Heightened Awareness with The Moon Deck at INSCAPE

  • Inscape Meditation Center45 West 21st StreetNew York, NY, 10010United States (map)

Join Inscape with author and teacher of The Moon Deck, Aarona Lea for the last New Moon of the year. This will be an inspiring evening of meditation, oracle insights, and new moon intention setting to launch you into the new year with a more grounded center and a clearer mind. The Moon Deck is an oracle set that ritualizes the path of self-love while enlivening practice in your daily life. Receive directive messages, build trust with your intuition, awaken heightened awareness, and learn first hand how to work with The Moon Deck as healing tool for both yourself and others.  

This event begins with an informative talk, a new moon journaling ritual, and a 25 minute Heightened Awareness meditation. Then, we dive deeper into The Moon Deck and learn how to put it into action for your personal and spiritual development.  The practice of this oracle set will help clean up negative thought patterns and inspire you to show up more present and awake for both yourself and others. 

The Moon Deck oracle set will be available for purchase the evening of the event at INSCAPE

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