We ask for your patience as all shipping services are experiencing delays in delivery due to COVID-19. Their systems are overloaded with the amount of parcels moving within the networks, many cities are understaffed due to the pandemic, and there is an overall delay or lack of updated tracking information. Also note, sometimes a package may say 'delivered' in your tracking, yet still take additional days before it arrives. Processing times will vary due to these issues.

Customers should still receive their packages. However it may take a little more time than usual, and it may not! Please be patient as we all work together through these unprecedented times.

Our top priority is the health and safety of the fulfillment facility employees, our team, and our customers. We at The Moon Deck and the shipping couriers we work with are all doing our best to assist you and manage everything that is coming up.

We really appreciate your patience, understanding, and support!


Thank you,

The Moon Deck 

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