The archetype of the Virgin Goddess seeks purification, restoration, rejuvenation, sanctification. Virgo energy may also be expressed as the Earth Witch, encouraging us to return to our natural cycles and rhythms, dropping into the potent wisdom stored within our body consciousness. 

by Alisha Palmer aka @Cosmic.Ali 

Your entire existence is a living prayer.

Our Lunar Light is shining bright in the mutable earth sign of Virgo, with the Full Moon reaching fullness on February 24 at 4:30 am PT at 5 degrees. As the luminaries oppose each other, there is an illumination taking place — exposing energies that are expired and ready to be released. The archetype of the Virgin Goddess seeks purification, restoration, rejuvenation, sanctification. Virgo energy may also be expressed as the Earth Witch, encouraging us to return to our natural cycles and rhythms, dropping into the potent wisdom stored within our body consciousness. 

Daily Devotions 

As we move through our daily lives, Virgo reminds us to remember and celebrate the magic in the mundane, to see beauty in the basics. Being of the Earth element, this sign may sometimes feel as though it gets lost in the monotonous, tied up in tedious tasks. Really, it’s all about our perspectives. Truly, the foundations for whatever we are building for ourselves are formed bit by bit, day after day. The energy and frequency we maintain as we move through will be embedded within the outcomes of our creations. We can view our obligations and responsibilities as chores, or we can mentally reframe to look at them as chances to show up for ourselves, pouring into our bodies, our environments, our connections, our commitments with intentionality. 

Infuse your routines and rituals with a touch of romanticism. How beautiful is it that we have the opportunity to be embodied, living this earthly life, anyways? We can feel the warmth of the sunshine on our skin, hear the songs of the birds, and taste delicious foods. We can choose each day how we would like to love on ourselves, to care for ourselves and those around us. What a gift it is, to be here. 

Body Wisdom & Cosmic Consciousness

The Sun and Moon are opposing each other across the wheel in Virgo and Pisces, the axis of the physical and the spiritual, the earthly and the etheric. Two ends of the spectrum bridging worlds and dimensions. The intersection of mundane and divine. Teachings of this potent polarity remind us that serving our bodies = serving our spirits, serving our spirits = serving our bodies. Both our earthly beings and our eternal energies hold profound, ancient knowledge within their existence. Deep remembering, coded within. Ground in, to reach higher. 

Connecting to our spirituality through our humanity, this Full Moon asks us to honor and have reverence for the temples that host our spirits in this lifetime on Mama Gaia. Giving great gratitude for each and every sacred cell of our fleshly forms, conspiring in our favor to keep us alive and healthy as we experience the Earth. 

Refine & Re-Define 

This Full Moon is taking place in a mutable sign that is constantly adapting and evolving, looking for the most efficient, effective, methodical route. Virgo is quite an intuitive sign, relying on its felt, visceral responses and keen sense of discernment to assist us in navigating what feels best for each of us from the micro to the macro. 

Through this continuous process of refinement, we are able to make incremental changes that elevate and expand our experiences. In doing so, we are also able to redefine what we want, need, desire to more accurately reflect what is best for us. 

When keeping that critical eye, part ways with any perfectionism. While it is helpful to have such an analytic lens, ensure your inner narrative isn’t running rampant with destructive or demeaning language. Affirm that you are doing your best in each and every moment, and that that is enough. 

Harness this lunar energy to discern any disruptions to your peace. Where can you make adjustments or tweaks, reassessing and fine-tuning to better serve yourself? 

The Lunation Rulers 

In ancient astrology, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, mental activity, cognitive consciousness, expression, and exchanges. In modern astrology, Virgo is ruled by Chiron, the asteroid nicknamed “The Wounded Healer”, representing a sore spot or wounding on a soul level and the journey of transmuting that pain into wisdom and power. 

When we look at the chart of this Full Moon to identify the placement and conditions of each ruler, we see each cosmic body moving through challenging circumstances.

Mercury has recently entered Pisces, the sign opposite its home of Virgo. While this water sign may be inspired, creative, and have us floating through the dream realms, it’s actually quite difficult for Mercury to function properly in this Jupiterian energy. Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, having a broad view and looking at the big picture. Mercury, on the other hand, zooms in on the details and fine lines, investigating and interpreting the minutiae. Wading through these Piscean waves, Mercury is considered to be both in detriment and in fall. These astrological terms reference the difficulties we are discussing, pointing to the obstacles a planet must overcome to express itself. While potentially frustrating, this positioning opens space for unconventional experimentation, for thinking outside of the box, for taking a new approach. 

Additionally, our Mystical Messenger is approaching a conjunction to both the Sun and Saturn, reaching a cazimi point on February 28. The term “cazimi” is of Arabic origin, translating to “passing through the heart of the sun”. When a planet reaches this exact conjunction, it is said to be reborn and revitalized as it begins a fresh cycle. However, until that perfect passage, there is a different phase underway known as “combustion”, when the planet is scorched in the rays, under the beams of our Solar Star. In this process of alchemization, melting away, reshaping, braving the flames. 

We will chat a bit more about Mercury in the next portion of this post, but for now, onto the secondary ruler, Chiron. With a symbol shaped like a key, this centaur stands for the “key to our healing”, meaning if we can face and work with the roots of our deepest wounds, we will gain the wisdom to transcend these limiting storylines. 

Chiron is currently moving through the cardinal fire sign of Aries, meeting up with the lunar nodes at the time of this Full Moon. Sitting directly across from one another on the zodiacal axis, Rahu (the north node) and Ketu (the south node) symbolize our spiritual path, the unfolding of our fate and destiny. In conjunction with Rahu and a simultaneous opposition to Ketu, Chiron has reached a pivotal place. Any time an astral body interacts with this nodal axis, we feel it at a karmic and evolutionary level. We have reached a turning point, profound breakthroughs are in the works. Chiron has not aligned with the nodes in this way since 2008, and not in Aries since 1969. Even if feeling sensitive, keep your heart open and allow this transformation to take place. Growing pains are worth the growth that accompanies our healing. 

As you can see, a lot is going on with our lunation rulers here. In multiple ways, we are being stretched beyond our comfort zones. Have compassion for yourself. 

Celestial Conditions Of The Full Moon Chart 

Continuing our conversation about Mercury, we will look deeper into the upcoming conjunction with the Sun and Saturn. The Full Moon is spotlighting this feature, drawing our attention to the extended cycles of destruction and renewal we are seeing take place with this rather rare cazimi alignment. Not often do we see Mercury and Saturn initiating a new synodic cycle together. Our

structures and perceptions are up for review, with any outdated narratives and sold-out stories sizzling and burning away in the flames of the solar fire. Although we love a good rebirth, we may be feeling a bit raw undergoing this process. Speak to yourself kindly and protect your energy however you feel necessary as we navigate this astral weather. 

For both Mercury and Saturn, this aspectual phenomenon is happening in territory that requires both cosmic bodies to flex a bit beyond their comfort zones, beyond “business as usual”. We discussed Mercury’s condition above, but even for Saturn, the planet of responsibility, authority, and boundaries which is currently in Pisces, the sign of the boundless. How can one compartmentalize the infinite? This once yearly conjunction for the Keeper of Time must release excess rigidity and embody flexibility, adjusting to the ebbs and flows. Embrace expansion, release restriction. 

Another prominent signature of this Full Moon chart is a breaking conjunction between Mars and Venus in Aquarius which went exact on February 21, just days before this lunar completion. After both passing through an initial meeting with Pluto upon entering this fixed air sign, the planets of passion/anger/instincts/temperament and love/harmony/relations/abundance have trudged through the darkness and plunged to their depths. Upon coming together post-Pluto, it is clear that we are undergoing a sort of inner construction — in what we will tolerate and accept, in how we relate and share our hearts, in how we respond, show up, and take action. 

The Venus/Mars combo is sitting in a square to Jupiter in Taurus, which is amplifying and magnifying its dynamics. Our Great Benefic wants to take these new ways of thinking and being and turn them tangible. Let’s stop settling for less than we deserve, okay? The Universe is saying that there is more for us. May we receive it! 

After reaching its full culmination, the Moon traverses into the later degrees of Virgo, forming an opposition to Saturn in Pisces and then a trine to Jupiter in Taurus. These aspects suggest a solidification of what we are choosing and changing, with supportive resources coming through to assist us in allowing any alterations to ground in. Within the next couple of days, the Moon will also oppose Neptune in Pisces and trine Uranus in Taurus, inspiring us to invent something new. 

Think back to the Virgo New Moon on September 14, 2023. In reflection, what has come full circle for you over the past 6 months? Have your intentions come to fruition? Now is the time to let go of anything residual still blocking you, or holding you back so that you may reap the full benefits of our harvest.

FULL MOON RITUAL :   Energetic Grounding Exercise

Virgo is a sign that grounds, transmutes, and creates with the element of Earth, containing the power to make the invisible, physical. Big on working with and expressing through our daily devotions, this ritual is written with the intention of being utilized any time, using this meditation and breathwork whenever you feel called to root more deeply into yourself, anchoring into the all-encompassing present moment. 

1) To begin, we will cultivate a cozy space to drop in. Pick a place to set up — perhaps playing soft music, burning a candle or lighting incense, laying out flowers or leaves, gridding crystals, preparing a hot cup of tea. Make this part your own! 

Tip: If you’re able to go outside for this ritual to be with the Earth, even better! 

2) When you’re ready, stand up tall, taking a moment to shake off any energies or sensations caught in your field that you may be carrying from your day. Take a few deep breaths and long sighs as you move any wiggles through your body. 

3) We will meet in Tadasana, “Mountain Pose” standing tall with feet firmly placed on the ground beneath you. Close your eyes, straighten your spine, rest your arms by your sides for now, with your palms facing forward. Breathe into your chest, feeling it rise and fall as you hold your balance. Take some time here to arrive. 

4) Before introducing movement to this ritual, focus your attention on your intention. What are you grounding, releasing, creating, transmuting? 

5) Holding that intention close to your heart, send your focus down to your feet. Feel the ground below, how the Earth is supporting you. So steady, so balanced, so firm. Allow yourself to be truly held by the Mother in this moment. Thank you, Mama. 

6) Keeping your awareness attuned to the connection between your feet and the Earth, drop into a rhythm of breath. Inhale deeply through the nose, exhale slowly out the mouth as the prana (life force) travels down down down your body through the soles of your feet and into the ground. Establish this cycle at your own pace, filling your being with breath and emptying it all into the earthly depths. Take as many rounds of breathing cycles as you desire intuitively. Deeeeeep releaaaaase. 

7) After the process of letting go of anything arising for clearing by giving it to the ground below, reverse the energetic transference. Now, allow the Earth to energize you, noticing her refreshing, grounding, stabilizing and comforting essence rising into your body through the soles (souls) of your feet. On the inhales, intake this frequency and let it rise through your body, purifying and renewing you from the inside out. 

8) Now, like how the roots of the trees grow deeply into the terra firma, envision yourself rooting into the Earth through the bottoms of your feet, bonding, uniting with Her. With every round of breath, strengthening this auric connection. You are One. 

9) Sense into this sacred space you’ve created for as much time as you feel called. Before closing out this ritual, offer gratitude for our Earth, by verbally repeating Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma (glory to the Mother in Sanskrit). Bask in the bliss of this moment.

Know that you can tap into her loving presence any time with this meditative practice! 

Mini Moon Horoscopes 

What themes and areas of life are being most activated in your personal natal chart by this Virgo Full Moon? Read on below for your mini horoscope, written by rising sign. 

Aries Rising: 6th House – physical health, daily devotions, wellness practices, rituals, pets

Taurus Rising: 5th House – creativity, children/inner child, romance, pleasure, addictions

Gemini Rising: 4th House – family, ancestry, inner foundations, home life, roots, traditions

Cancer Rising: 3rd House – environment, intelligence, expression, habits, siblings, neighbors

Leo Rising: 2nd House – finances, income, material possessions, values, self esteem

Virgo Rising: 1st House – identity, the physical body, sense of self, appearance, beginnings

Libra Rising: 12th House – mental health, spirituality, subconscious, self undoing, solitude

Scorpio Rising: 11th House – friendships, community, audience, awareness, innovation

Sagittarius Rising: 10th House – career, public image, aspirations, achievements, reputation, legacy 

Capricorn Rising: 9th House – belief systems, higher education, travel, knowledge, foreign affairs 

Aquarius Rising: 8th House – boundaries, intimacy, shared resources, shadow work, investments 

Pisces Rising: 7th House – relationships, partnerships, one on one connections, collaborations

Thank you for reading! Sending you love and blessings during this Full Moon! xo



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