GEMINI FULL MOON :: Rewriting Storylines & Redefining our Truths

GEMINI FULL MOON :: Rewriting Storylines & Redefining our Truths

This Gemini Full Moon and the corresponding transits serve as a catalyst, dissolving outdated belief systems and working closely with Mercury to readjust our mental realms. Let go of played out perspectives and storylines that are no longer serving you.
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By Alisha Palmer of @cosmic.ali

Inquire internally: which beliefs no longer ring true for you?

A Full Moon in Gemini illuminates the skies on November 27, 2023 at 1:16 am PT. Our Lunar Light sits at 4 degrees of this mutable air sign, across the wheel from the Sun in Sagittarius. This lunation highlights the axis of wisdom, information, and knowledge, inspiring us to open our minds and broaden our horizons. 

We have reached a stage in the lunar cycle that is marked by the luminaries aligning in opposition, representing a period of clarity, culminations, and completions. Give yourself permission to slow down during this time of release and reflection, creating space for any insights, emotions, or intuitive messages that may arise. 

Our Mystical Messenger 

To find which cosmic body is crowned the ruler of this lunation, we look to the planet that rules over the sign where the moon currently dwells. In this case, since the Moon is in Gemini, all eyes are on Mercury — the planet of communication, expression, exchanges, and activity of the mind. Looking into the condition of the ruling planet adds another layer of interpretation, more deeply informing us how the Moon may be experiencing its transit through this zodiacal territory. 

In the chart of the Full Moon, we see Mercury at 24 degrees of Sagittarius, co-present with both freshly ingressed Sun and Mars. While traveling through this Jupiter-ruled area of the sky, our cosmic communicator is considered to be in a space of its detriment, meaning it can struggle with difficulty expressing itself as it sits opposite from the sign it thrives in. The reason for this being, Mercury is all about focusing in on the fine lines, the micro, and noticing every detail while Jupiter expands, zooms out, and asks us to see the bigger picture. This polarity might have us sorting through lots of incoming information or perspective shifting, asking that in the processing period we harmonize any contrast occurring and remain open to the ebbs and flows of this mental activation. Despite any potential challenges, this fiery essence encourages us to keep a free mind and can majorly ignite our creativity.

Mercury is also positioned in an exact square to Neptune retrograde in Pisces, which is known to cause a disorienting influence, confusion, and misunderstandings. There is a fogginess that accompanies this aspect, leaving Mercury searching for the truth. This may have us traversing through uncertainty — in which case, remind yourself that it’s okay to not have all of the answers right now. Let this be a lesson in trusting the process, allowing things to unfold in the timing that best serves and supports you, even if it means releasing control. Alternatively, this aspect may inspire us to step outside of our day to day patterns and routines, or to solve any problems at hand with a unique, unconventional, and outside of the box approach. 

The last retrograde of the year is approaching for Mercury, and we have officially entered the range of its pre-rx shadow. Meaning, our messenger is now crossing over degrees that it will eventually pass through twice more in the weeks to come, emphasizing a certain area of our charts for our attention. We will begin receiving clues and insights into what this cycle has in store for us as the retrograde station approaches at 8 degrees of Capricorn on December 12, 2023. This retro period lasts into the new year, when Mercury stations direct at 22 degrees of Sagittarius on January 1, 2024 and finally ends when the post shadow phase is cleared as 8 degrees of Capricorn is surpassed on January 21, 2024. 

See You Later, Limiting Beliefs 

This Gemini Full Moon and the corresponding transits serve as a catalyst, dissolving outdated belief systems and working closely with Mercury to readjust our mental realms. Let go of played out perspectives and storylines that are no longer serving you. A lot has been stirred up after trudging through the shadows of Scorpio as we dove into our emotional depths, and now the Universe presents us with an opportunity to get mentally organized. The Sun across the axis now in Sagittarius inspires us to reinvent and redefine our personal truths as we reflect upon what feels in resonance with us through this season of transformation. Utilize this time to get clear with yourself on which trails of thought have run their course within you and what elevated beliefs you are integrating and installing as their replacement. 

Cultivate Curiosity 

As we navigate the energies of this lunar event, do your best to remain mentally agile and adaptable. In true mutable fashion this Full Moon in Gemini is multifaceted with many moving parts, asking us to swap any rigidity for flexibility as we embrace a flow mindset. Think of this as a journey of self exploration, getting curious and internally inquisitive as to how we are growing, changing, evolving. 

An important reminder that is coming through shares with us that it is okay to change our minds, it is okay to turn in a different direction. The symbolism of mutability teaches us that it is natural to experience trial and error in discerning what is for us versus what is not. Sometimes life requires us to get a little messy, to bump into our edges in a way that gives clarity through our experimentation. Embrace it all! 

Turn Off The Mental Chatter & Tune In 

Mental activity is heightened as we rely on our reasoning and critical thinking skills to work with the energies being presented in our experiences at this time. While we process through all that is arising, it is vitally imperative that we stay connected to our bodies so as not to get lost in our thoughts. If feeling overstimulated or overwhelmed in the mind, try putting words to your thoughts, writing them down, talking them out and running them through conversation to help ground them, giving tangible meaning and structure. If feeling too buzzy in the nervous system, take a few deep breaths, go for a walk, or lean into another practice such as yoga or meditation, etc to assist in bringing a sense of calm back into your physical form. 

While there is a heavy focus on our thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs no doubt, we must be careful to not fall into a habit of intellectualizing our feelings rather than really feeling our feelings under this lunar influence. Instead of letting the voice in your mind run off, seek clarity through a centered connection with your intuition. Become quiet and still enough within that messages meant for you are able to come through. 

Venus & Chiron With The Lunar Nodes 

Our cosmic goddess has been a hot topic of conversation lately as she had quite the revolutionary year. Venus is once again a star of the show in the chart of this Full Moon, as she is transiting through Libra approaching a conjunction to the south node on November 29. We are all feeling into this frequency of releasing related to relationships — topics such as what we desire in our partnerships, the quality of our connections, and how we love/want to be loved are all called into question. Venus rules the cardinal air sign of Libra, so the entirety of Ketu’s (south node) transit is very much felt by her. However, this conjunction is a culmination point that marks a new era for each of us, so if we choose. We must be willing to let go of what we have outgrown in order to step into the next chapter. We are faced with a choice; do we continue looping through cycles that feel comfortable yet expired, or do we choose to pave a new path that better aligns with what we want, need, and feel called to now? 

To further intensify this dynamic, Pluto in Capricorn is squaring the Venus/Ketu combo. The planet of death and rebirth is not-so-subtly pressing us to profoundly transform the Venusian ruled matters in our lives such as our sense of worth, what we value, financial situations, our relationships to others and the world around us. 

Chiron, known as “The Wounded Healer” is in opposition to Venus and Ketu as it makes its way through the cardinal fire sign of Aries. This asteroid is beginning to contact the north node (Rahu) in an upcoming conjunction, helping us to identify which of our core pain points and triggers along this axis are being activated.

While this deep soul work may feel sensitive, we are being pointed to where we are ready for healing. The Full Moon influencing us to rewrite our internal narratives is directly woven into this process, for what we believe we deserve is where we draw our boundaries in terms of what we allow to enter our experiences. 

Celestial Conditions Of The Full Moon Chart 

We have chatted about the state of Mercury, we have covered the connections between Venus, Chiron, Pluto, and the lunar nodes, and we have discussed the influence of Neptune at play. Beyond these major aspects, we have a couple of other heavy hitters forming in the heavens. Before wrapping up, we must take a look at our two malefics: Mars and Saturn. 

Mars is sitting in the rays of the Sun in Sagittarius opposing the Moon in Gemini. The planet of instincts, taking initiative, and temperament is the motivation behind our internal investigation. Our beliefs inform our actions, our actions inform our habits. It’s all connected. Utilize this energizing force to redirect wherever necessary and ensure your words and movements are in alignment. 

Next up, we have Saturn hanging out in a square to both luminaries from its placement in Pisces. Squares are aspects of tension, and this one in particular packs an extra potent punch. While this signature may spin out frustrations and dish us reality checks, keep in mind that every challenge serves as an opportunity for growth, understanding, and expansion. While it might come across as harsh, the planet of boundaries and consequences teaches through tough love sometimes. Be on alert for any hard stops or rerouting stemming from this line of sight. Remember, whatever doesn’t work out ends up pointing us more into the direction of what is meant for us. 

Overall, we have quite the dynamic lunation at hand. We have many different streams of energy working with us in a variety of ways, all at the same time. Give yourself plenty of time and space to integrate and instill the insights received during this process of internal illumination. 

Looking Back & Looking Forward 

In the closing out of this lunar cycle, take a moment to reflect back to the New Moon in Gemini that occurred in mid-June 2023. How have your intentions since come to fruition? What information have you gathered? What can you release or rearrange regarding your personal perspectives, habits, routines, and schools of thought to make space for new ideologies? From now until next Gemini season’s New Moon, keep clearing out and creating room for what you are calling in.

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FULL MOON RITUAL : Dream Visualization

The more we are able to turn our awareness inwards, the more attuned we become to our internal compasses and intuitive guidance systems. As our minds and spirits are united in activation by the elements of air and fire, our visions, dreams, and passions are lit up. This is a powerful axis to work with weaving together manifestation/magnetization practices through meditation, visualization, and intentional language. 

1. Before leaping into this ritual, check in with your environment. Create a calm and cozy space for yourself to drop in, where you are able to focus on you and only you. Filter out any distractions to the best of your ability. Allow yourself to arrive, taking time to tune into breath, brain, and body. 

2. Now that we’re here, find a meditative position — call into your mind’s eye the visions and dreams you feel in your soul that you are working to cultivate in this lifetime. Feel into the sensations, both physical and energetic, that arise in accompaniment. Try to see these visions flash in your third eye space as vividly as possible. Spend some time here, observing how these dreams coming to life makes you feel. If you notice this expression as a ball of excitement in your solar plexus, amplify it. If it makes you feel joyful, allow that emotion to radiate throughout your auric field. If you hold any doubts or hesitations, lovingly confront them. 

3. Next, take pen to paper and journal as many descriptive words as you possibly can to capture the essence of that which your soul is sensing into. Imagine you had the power to write out exactly how your dreams would unfold, what would you say? When seeing through the lens of your mind, what stands out to you? Who are the people you’re involved with? Where is this scene playing out? What are the colors, textures, sounds, smells around you? List as much detail as you’re able to pick out, grounding these ethereal ideas into the earthly realms. 

4. If you’re looking to take this ritual one step further, feel free to put together a vision board to bring more life to the energies you are imagining, creating, and calling forward. Cut out photos from a magazine, draw the images from your mind, or pull together a Pinterest mood board that inspires you to continue crafting the life you desire. Infuse life into your dreams, baby! 

Mini Moon Horoscopes 

What themes and areas of life are being most activated in your personal natal chart by this Gemini Full Moon? Read on below for your mini horoscope, written by rising sign. 

Aries Rising: 3rd House – environment, intelligence, expression, habits, siblings, neighbors
Taurus Rising: 2nd House – finances, income, material possessions, values, self esteem
Gemini Rising: 1st House – identity, the physical body, sense of self, appearance, beginnings
Cancer Rising: 12th House – mental health, spirituality, subconscious, self undoing, solitude
Leo Rising: 11th House – friendships, community, audience, awareness, innovation
Virgo Rising: 10th House – career, public image, aspirations, achievements, reputation, legacy
Libra Rising: 9th House – belief systems, higher education, travel, knowledge, foreign affairs
Scorpio Rising: 8th House – boundaries, intimacy, shared resources, shadow work, investments 
Sagittarius Rising: 7th House – relationships, partnerships, one on one connections, collaborations 
Capricorn Rising: 6th House – physical health, daily devotions, wellness practices, rituals, pets
Aquarius Rising: 5th House – creativity, children/inner child, romance, pleasure, addictions
Pisces Rising: 4th House – family, ancestry, inner foundations, home life, roots, traditions 

Thank you for reading! Sending you love and blessings during this Full Moon! xo


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