Full Moon in Capricorn :: Completions and Upleveling


The Full Moon in Capricorn will illuminate the sky on June 24th and 25th, depending on where we are in the world.

For this full moon, also known as the Strawberry Full Moon, the themes that are circulating are: control versus freedom and truth, big feelings and intensity of experiences, amplified creative and manifesting energy, and a call to remember that love is what can and will change the world. 

Astrologists say that the next few months are going to be fast moving growth spurts where truth is continually being revealed in every direction. We are leaping and bounding through our growth because we are ready to.

We are ready to have open and honest conversations with ourselves and each other about our lives and how we want to live. There is more conscious action being taken and voices being amplified.

We can take pride in how fast we are being asked to evolve, and remember that we each possess everything we need to navigate this path.

What does this Full Moon mean for You?

One on-going theme this year is control vs. freedom due to the Saturn Uranus square. We can think of this also as truth vs. the obscuring of truth or the attempt to manipulate truth for one's personal benefit. We can see how this is happening in global society right now and all of the uncertainty of who and what to trust. What we know for sure is that we can trust our inner knowing. We can do our due diligence to find sources of information that we trust, as well as check in with the wisdom we hold when faced with life's difficult situations.

The Sun entered cancer on the 21st of June. This is a moment of a lot of energy coming in during this shift. The light that is currently pouring onto Earth is upgrading every cell in our body. Celestial experts speak about the amount of and frequency of light that is creating a massive up-leveling of consciousness. The world is changing rapidly.

We are invited to use this time well. Meditate, take time for visioning the life you want. Direct the energy you have in the directions that are in highest alignment with your joy. Seek states of peace, time in nature, and spaciousness where you do not have obligations, but rather can fully relax and feel free. When we can enter into these relaxed states, we allow for insight and wisdom to emerge naturally.

When a planet goes retrograde its energy amplifies. Jupiter moves stationary retrograde during this moon cycle and is in two degrees Pisces. Astrologists say that whatever we are feeling, there is going to be a lot of it. This time is about having a bigger vision for your future. We all have to dare to dream as big as we can while working with the limited beliefs that are coming through. When we allow our dreams to be big and bring us into an elevated envisioning state, we are co-creating our reality.

This is a time of unraveling belief systems. The beliefs that are too small, especially our core beliefs that no longer fit, are going to emerge to be adjusted. Sometimes this can be hard work and we experience all sorts of emotions as we process and grow. What can help is to think about this time as a change of direction for our lives, for when we release limited beliefs, we open up to infinite potential.

This full moon in Capricorn brings with it the energy of culmination, and there may be things in your life that come to a close. This is a time where light is shined to reveal things to us that we need to look at in order to grow.  A lot of feeling and emotion might be coming up over these next few days. This is a time that we are encouraged to use our emotions as fuel for us to dream big for the future. Do not give any attention to what is falling away because focusing on the drama of what is unfolding will delay the arrival of the kind of reality we want to live in.

Issues around relationship. There is a greater need for the security. Observe what's happening for you and be with what's there for you. Behavior patterns in relationships that aren't serving you may rise up to be seen and transmuted. 

During this moon cycle Neptune is moving stationary retrograde on the 25th, and so Neptune's energy will be magnetized. This is a wonderful time for art, being in nature, keeping a dream diary, or any activity that brings you inspiration and flow. Any activity where you can lose time and space and enter into connection to the divine. This connection to something bigger than the individual self can bring about bliss and bliss feeds the soul. We are being called to surrender to the divine, whatever that means to each of us. This could be in nature, through a spiritual tradition, when you are making art, or any other experience. Bliss is one of the most beautiful energies to cultivate regularly in our lives. 

This is a time to ask: Where am I putting my focus? Capricorn is about resiliency and astrologists say we might need to be resilient for quite some time. There will continue to be trying experiences over the next few months. Yet, we get to decide how we work with the external world, how we choose to show up, and what we decide to listen to. Capricorn represents our inner authority. We each have a teacher, a wisdom keeper, and a conscience inside of us. The more we can take agency in our lives and make choices that are counseled from our inner authority, the more we will live a life connected to truth. By claiming sovereignty we get to make choices based on highest alignment and personal integrity which brings in a higher quality of lives we will have. 

The next few weeks are a beautiful time for collaboration. Make it a point to get  together with like-minded people to share in each other's visions and dreams, and to have a support system that you trust. We are all facing the intensity of this earthly transition into higher consciousness and a more loving earth for all. Finding community that can work together and lift each other up will be a big help. Together, we can create a shared reality that aligns with truth and connection. 

At the end of the month, we will have a very strong t-square which is combative, militaristic, disciplined energy. We might feel this for about a week or so. It is a yang energy that may come forward in the collective. Take extra time for self-care and bringing yourself into peaceful places. Remember that love can and does change the world. We are being called to step into mastering our capacity to love ourselves, each other, and our planet. As we go through whatever unfolds, we can celebrate the knowing that we are up-leveling our reality every time we bring light to the darkness and every time we choose love over all else. 


FULL MOON RITUAL : Reflect, Celebrate, and Envision

During this time of quick-moving growth and expansion, we are being asked to trust ourselves and our inner teacher more than ever. As you navigate all of what life is bringing forward in order for you to grow, it is very important to reflect on how far you've come.

As you continue to move forward with and from your heart, having an awareness of all the reasons you are celebrating yourself, all you have been through, and what you are grateful to yourself for will support you in accessing joy, ease, and trust. 

In turn, joy is the place where our visions can soar. We can imagine the reality we want to live in, thereby bringing it into form.

Here is a simple practice that celebrates you, all that you are, and all you are dreaming of.

1. Carve out time, either early morning or sunset, to be outside in nature. This can be as simple as sitting outside of your home, or traveling to a park, beach, mountain, etc. Nature gives us  instant grounding and will hold us as we reflect.

2. Bring a journal, a pen, and something to keep time with. If using your phone turn it on airplane mode so that you're not disturbed during your process. 

3. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. After 5 breaths, ask the question: "What can I celebrate myself for?" Another way of saying this is "What do I acknowledge myself for? What has shaped me so far? What am I grateful to myself for?" Sit with this inquiry for another few breaths.

4. When you're ready, open your eyes and begin to write in your journal a free flow list of all you have accomplished. It can be a bullet points, pictures, sentences, words, poetry, whatever feels natural to you in the moment. 

Reminder: It doesn't have to be well thought out or neat. They can be small or large accomplishments. Continue writing until the timer goes off. If you run out of things to write about, choose a few of your accomplishments to describe in more detail.

5. Once done, read over your list, pause, and close your eyes. Give yourself 3 deep breaths and sink into the feeling and the understanding that you have come so far. Give yourself a big hug and a thank you for all that you are.

6. Now, re-set the timer for 15 more minutes. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. After the breaths, ask yourself the question: "What adventures do I want to have?" or "What can I ask the universe to bring to me?"  or "How can it get any better than this?" Sit with these questions for another few breaths.

7.  Open your eyes. On a blank page in your journal, write the words "VISION" at the top. Until the timer goes off, write down your honest heart's desires. Let the word 'Vision' bring forward all of the possibilities that could float into your life - relationships, work, travel, experiences, feelings, creations, health - anything that excites you. Do not edit or worry about how these things will take place. Simply let your adventurous heart write.

8. When the timer goes off, read over your writing. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths. Acknowledge that you trust in the unknown and all of the adventures unfolding. Then repeat 3 times: "I trust the wisdom of my path."


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