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The Moon Deck



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  • PLEASE NOTE: This interactive journal Ebook includes a downloadable PDF with 2 audio meditations ONLY. It does NOT include any other Moon Deck products.

  • This is an inspiring and interactive workbook journal. Use for your own growth and learning. It's also a great companion with your Moon Deck oracle set, which you can purchase here 


 Are you ready to completely remove self-doubt and unapologetically trust your intuition?

This Intuition Roadmap interactive and insightful Ebook Journal / Workbook is ALIVE with so much heart, wisdom, and intention. With forty pages of depth + real talk around healing and strengthening our relationship with our Inner GPS, now you can dive in for yourself and bring each prompt + practice to life based on your own experiences. You will grow, learn, and expand as you move through each page. Plus we have 2 audio meditations with The Moon Deck author Aarona Leá to support your journey.

Our intuition speaks to us internally and externally. In our bones, we know the truth. We simply need to listen a little deeper and trust what is revealed. This is your space to meet and connect with your intuition. You will learn the tone, texture, and quality of your inner voice. When we listen to our intuition, we will see signs and feel lighter as we learn to follow its lead.  Enjoy these practices + teachings as you develop and strengthen your intuition. It's a lifestyle full of healing and magic. Join us?

In this Ebook Journal you will receive:

● 40 pages of in depth writing, teachings, interactive prompts, and more

● One 21-minuteguided audiomeditation to set you up for your Intuition Roadmap journey by The Moon Deck’s Author, Aarona Leá

● One 15-minute guided audio meditation + lesson about Embodied and Expanded Intuition by The Moon Deck’s Author, Aarona Leá

● A variety of empowering practices to connect you with your Inner GPS

● Clear step-by-step instructions to guide you throughout

● After purchase, you will receive an email with your downloadable PDF to work on virtually or to print out.

In this Interactive Journal you will:

● Learn to create an altar and why it matters

● Explore and apply Expanded and Embodied Intuition

● Fine tune your ability to discern Truth from Trigger 

● Develop your sacred self-care practices + rituals in daily life

● Strengthen your connection and relationship with your Inner GPS

● Unblock fear and transform it into a power that will create inner-wealth

● Build unapologetic trust in yourself, your gifts, and your inner voice

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lexi M

The truth vs trigger section was so helpful for me! So grateful for the prompts that helped me go deeper within myself and uncover some serious milestones. Thank you!

Jess Hudgins

So happy I got this! So much info in it and I did the workbook all the way through.

Caroline Thommas

I hope you make more of these! This one was so powerful for me. I really loved the meditations

Melissa Cervantes

Hi. I never received the journal. Was this an online thing or it was going to get mailed?


Truly grateful for all of the insight in this Ebook. I printed it out and have loved incorporating it in my self-care journey.