We're hiring!

The Moon Deck is hiring an eCommerce Operations Manager to lead day-to-day operations from overseeing the overall infrastructure of the business, interacting with manufacturers, to providing support to all team members. We are looking for someone who is focused, organized, multi-skilled and wants to help The Moon Deck scale as a brand and eCommerce store which includes our physical and digital products + online trainings. We’re a small, but very close team, that believes in the mission of The Moon Deck and the lives it touches. As a team, we have a nurturing and growth-minded environment, providing the space for everyone to grow with The Moon Deck. Previous experience and expertise, with a strong desire to learn is ideal. If this sounds like you, please continue to apply below.



Your day-to-day will fluctuate depending on The Moon Deck’s needs. From checking emails (throughout the day), managing and supporting customer service team members, managing inventory levels (across multiple platforms/fronts), project management (related to internal projects), coordinating with our fulfillment center to rectify any shipment issues/delays, back-end adjustments/maintenance, and attend weekly meetings. Being available to implement/activate discount codes for promotional periods, creating email flows, and placing conditions as needed. 

  • Checking emails throughout the day
  • Coordinating and supporting with customer service representative when necessary
  • Coordinate with our fulfillment center to ensure shipments get shipped accurately and speedily
  • Manage Inventory Levels across all products and platforms
  • Project/Product Management 
  • Monitoring metrics, flows, and Klaviyo as a whole
  • Check Shopify for business notifications, chargebacks, and any additional issues 
  • Coordinate shipments with manufacturers, logistics company, and our fulfillment center
  • Review + reconcile invoices and billing 
  • Maintain monthly matrices 
  • Attending weekly team meetings

Reoccurring Tasks:

  • Running monthly reports and logging them in google docs spreadsheet
  • Reconciling rep and fulfillment center invoices
  • Managing inventory to ensure we are fully stocked at all times
  • Accessing and monitoring fulfillment center inventory system to ensure we have enough inventory monthly/seasonally/annually
  • Coordinating with TMD manufacturers and shipping logistics team to order and ship new products (domestic and international)
  • Shopify webpage editing and updates
  • Klaviyo edits, creating email flows, reviewing data to ensure KPI’s are met 
  • Maintain the running agenda so the team can efficiently use our time in our weekly meetings
  • Maintaining various spreadsheets and databases
  • Additional Tasks as needed

We are looking for somebody who is:

- Super organized and meticulous

- A patient problem solver and team player

- Proficient writing skills

- A fast and engaged learner

- Sales experience is a huge plus

- Able to work efficiently with little guidance

- Proficient in Excel, and Google docs

- Experienced in Amazon retail/coordination is a big plus

- Owns or is familiar with The Moon Deck and/or our brand is a plus

- Proficient in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop (not necessary, but a plus)

- Understanding our niche + products while thinking outside of the box

- Is passionate about the world of personal development and creativity

- Has access to fast Internet 

- Upbeat, enthusiastic, likes to stop and smell the roses :)


We offer:

  • A supportive, fun, and creative team 
  • Room for growth and creative expansion for the right fit
  • Opportunity to be a part of a healing deck that's touching people globally
  • Flexible vacation - take time off when you need it (so long as work is complete)
  • Ability to create your own schedule + work remotely whenever and wherever (so long as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of work)


If you made it this far, and are still interested, feel free to apply here