To The Moon: Integration

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Join Aarona, author + co-creator of The Moon Deck, for an inspiring, interactive and motivating series of workshops incorporating Moon Deck oracle readings, alignment-based vinyasa, meditation, journaling, and a series of ritual practices to guide each theme. We encourage you to take all three workshops (Intention, Transition, Integration - see below!) to experience the series in its entirety, however you can also take what fits your schedule.

“It takes discipline to be a free spirit.” ~Gabrielle Roth

Whether we’re integrating bone and muscle, mind and spirit, or a myriad of life experience, integration is just as important as learning. From this plugged in and anchored place, we can use all that we’ve learned to become more inspired and available. This workshop will begin with a group oracle reading from ‘The Moon Deck’ to align our collective awareness, followed by a deeply integrative and earthy yoga and meditation practice. With new clarity, we’ll use the power of words and art to give form to our journey – from intention, transition, and integration – and each create our own oracle mantra card. With a little bit of focus and a softer embrace towards ourselves, we will awaken our ability to be more spacious, magnetic and integrated. 


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This is an all-levels yoga, meditation, journaling, and discussion workshop. Please bring your Moon Deck if you have one, yoga mat, journal and pen, and something you would like charged up on the altar if you wish. 

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