SOUL LOVE REHAB ​​​​​​​with Aarona Lea
+ The Moon Deck


Join Aarona, author and co-creator of The Moon Deck, for an uplifting and motivating workshop experience that will take a deep dive into the path of Soul Love. This workshop will explore practices and rituals to help usher in our happiest and healthiest alignment, discover our flow-state, and inspire a deeper path of radical self-love.

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Starting with a group oracle reading from ‘The Moon Deck’, we will move our body and breath, explore unfiltered writing and interactive real talk, craft our own ‘Power Sigil’ (magical symbol), and play with practices to enhance our intuition.   

The path of personal discovery leads us to freedom in our humaneness when we give back and serve the greater good with our inherent brilliance. This workshop will give you the tools to do both – receive and give.

- your journal/paper and a pen
- an open heart and mind
- comfy clothes to move and lounge in
- any burning questions around these topics


Contact to our host WeMoon with questions:

WeMoon Lodge 
3822 Mound View Ave
Studio City, Los Angeles

Investment: $44
3-hour workshop, tea + fruit, a home sanctuary experience, + other goodies

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