“I welcome sight within as a new cycle begins”

Sunday | January 2 | 3-5pm PST
The First New Moon of 2022, marking the beginning of a potent new cycle


Investment: $35
Intentionally ring in 2022 with the first New Moon of the year with author of The Moon Deck, Aarona Leá. With 13 new moons in the 2022 calendar, we begin with the first one on 1/2 to usher in a new year + new moon cycle that is sure to awaken magic for us all. No matter how big or small, this is a time to set your intentions + plant seeds in the presence of a supportive community. Together we will practice Intuitive Rituals, Intention Setting + Symbols, Word Weaving, a Self-Love Meditation, spoken word, and flame gazing (please bring a candle). Aarona will also offer a group oracle reading with The Moon Deck.
With this first new moon in Capricorn, it’s a potent time to connect clearly with your goals and aspirations to propel your success forward in the areas of your life needing focus the most. This New Year New Moon asks us to nurture our dreams with tangible steps + accessible structure as we access our resourcefulness, get organized, and prepare ourselves to reap the rewards of our efforts as we move towards the first Full Moon of the year two weeks later. This workshop will grant you many tools that you will continue to use in your daily life.
What you will need + extra notes:
-       Bring a journal, a candle to light, and your Moon Deck if you have one (you don’t need it to join, or you can order one here)
-       Note this virtual new moon circle pairs perfectly with the virtual full moon circle on 1/16. Sign up HERE
-       Recording of the class will be saved and sent to your inbox
-       Please have your camera and WiFi working for Zoom 
-       Live on Zoom with Aarona Leá, of The Moon Deck
-       Join us from anywhere in the world