the third new moon of 2023,
and the start of the astrological calendar

Monday | March 20 | 5-6:30pm PST

Have you been feeling the call to take action + more courageously shape the direction of your life as you attentively water your dream seeds? Let's do it together. 
Investment: $35 

"I welcome sight within as a new cycle begins" 

Join Aarona Leá, author of The Moon Deck, as we Dream Weave through a ritual writing practice, anchor into our core intentions with visual meditation, receive a group forecast oracle reading with The Moon Deck, and activate the deep knowing of our Future Self in the sacred container of community. There will be lots of activating medicine here!

This new moon in Aries is especially ripe – as it marks the beginning of a new cycle + the start of the astrological new year. Plus, it follows the Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere (Vernal Equinox in the southern hemisphere)! It’s a perfect time to delve into fresh starts + core intentions. Especially since the energy of Aries supports us in taking action, innovating new explorations, and fueling our confidence. This new moon invites us to look honestly within and tend to important changes that may be looming, internally or externally in life.

What is currently lighting you? How has your relationship with yourself been feeling? Is there an intuitive hunch or impulse that you’re ready to say yes to? Are you expressing yourself authentically? This is the time.

* Save $8 when you sign up for both Aries New Moon Circles, 3/20 + 4/20. Invoke the full magic, from New Moon Equinox to New Moon Eclipse! You'll benefit greatly from either circle on its own. Coming to both will bring your practice into completion + your visions into clearer manifestation. Aarona will blend the two circles together: 3/20 will lays the foundation with 'Dream Weaver', 4/20 expands its spirit with 'Loving The Shadow' You'll receive the replays. Purchase both Aries New Moon Circles HERE + SAVE!

What you'll need + extra notes:
• Live event on Zoom with Aarona Leá, of The Moon Deck
• Replay of the class will be saved and sent to your inbox!
• Bring:  journal, candle to light, your Moon Deck if you have one (you don’t need it to join, or order here)
• Please have your camera + WiFi working for Zoom (download here)
• Join us from anywhere in the world!