New Moon Ceremony with Aarona and Roxy

Sunday, June 30, 7-9pm
Ceremony Meditation
Venice, Los Angeles 

Join TMD author Aarona and Ceremony Meditation owner Roxy, for a powerful New Moon experience that will crystalize your intentions and empower your intuition. The evening begins with a smudge and clear ceremony, and a group Intuitive Oracle Reading with The Moon Deck. We will then move into a soulful Sound Meditation that will activate and align your vibration with your highest self and best intentions for this lunar cycle. 

New Moons are used to manifest and create. As a collective we will hold space for one another as we get to the raw core of what is currently most alive for us so that we can maximize this new moon cycle. Every moon cycle is an opportunity to create great positive change in our lives. Ceremony and ritual are a sacred way of honoring and working with the natural flow of energy. Join our circle as we amplify our intentions and activate our collective magic. 

Using Crystal Alchemy Bowls, Roxy will create space and bathe you in cosmic vibrations of healing frequencies. These ancient healing techniques work on a subconscious and cellular level to to tap you into the quantum plane to create profound shifts in your life. Aarona will bring the Power of Ritual and Clear Intention into action using The Moon Deck, journaling, and various embodied ritual practices that will inspire you to work with your intentions until the next new moon. Wear light colors and bring your crystals to charge on our altar. This will be an evening of ceremony, ritual, self love, and intention setting.

We welcome you to join the Ceremony community as we open our hearts to our highest selves and elevate our vibration to higher levels of love and consciousness this New Moon:

What to expect:
- Learn about The Moon Deck and how to utilize them in your practice and rituals
- Charge your crystals and sacred objects
- Deeply relax and amplify your intentions for manifestation with a healing Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath
- Connect with Ceremony Community
- Learn how to do rituals with a group or alone for an entire new moon cycle 
- Learn about what is going on astrologically and how you could use this energy to expand

This event will sell out. Reserve in advance.
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or call (424) 346-6515

Option to add a $10 New Moon Candle - Setting your intention in a candle is a way of sending it to your guides to manifest. Our new moon candles are anointed with herbs and essential oils specifically for the new moon as well as reiki charged and blessed. We use this tool during ritual and ceremony to manifest our intentions, and carry the intention over the course of the moon cycle.