Develop Your Intuition
Harness The Power Of Ritual
And Become A Fluent Reader
Of The Moon Deck Oracle

January 26 (new moon) – March 8 (full moon), 2020
Every Sunday For 7 Weeks



INTUITIVE ORACLE is a 7-week deep dive training program with Aarona Lea. For those who are ready to dissolve self-doubt and embrace an intuitive lifestyle, practice sacred self-care and intentional rituals, and learn to be a fluent and confident reader of The Moon Deck oracle for yourself and others.

For 7 weeks straight you will experience what it means to witness and to be witnessed with empowered vulnerability, authentic leadership, daily ritual, and embodied presence. Together we will walk upon a dynamic roadmap created specifically to enhance your intuitive abilities so that you move through life validating yourself and your intuition, rather than dismissing your powerful and loving inner voice. You will also begin to more clearly recognize and interpret the way in which Spirit and the world around you reveal signs and symbols as directive winks to guide your path forward. All while training to be an intuitive oracle in life and of The Moon Deck as we launch into 2020 with clear vision and inspired action.

Show up human, and love yourself through it all – this is a space where we value honest growth together so that our intuition and sense of self thrives in our inner and outer worlds. Whether you’re ready to expand and nurture your personal life or your professional work, this program is for the curious, the sensitive empaths, the healers, the card readers, the teachers, the artists, the therapists, the coaches, and anyone ready to transform old self-doubt into clear soul-trust with a new and improved toolkit.

Your intuition is here to lovingly steer you forward rather than to be dissected and picked apart. Once you become attentive enough to hear your intuition, you will feel the courage to listen and act on it which is a claim to true self-love. Intuition is a muscle you can tone by tuning in, listening, and validating what you feel. Our inner-dialogue and outer-experience begins to drastically shift as we tend to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing with supportive tools, rituals, and community.  

The world needs us, the sensitive ones, the deep breed, the feelers. Now is the time to better understand and more deeply love this very part of who you are. There is immense power in the knowing, and the tools we will learn together will activate your boundaries and your gifts so that you feel grounded, present, and trusting of your intuition and your voice. Once this is in place and integrated, it can never be taken away.




I have been envisioning and working on this program for quite some time, and it’s finally ready to be shared with all of you! I understand the heaviness of living with debilitating self-doubt and acute sensitivity, which has led to some sticky lessons over the years. However, I’ve also discovered that these shadows are actually a powerful gateway of empowered healing if we allow them to be. Our shadows have so much to teach us and carry some of our greatest gifts, messages, and skills within them. Showing up to do this work will lead you to embody their exact opposite – Self-Trust/Love and Embodied Intuition. I also know the power that our intuition carries when we add clear vision and intention to it. It’s how I created The Moon Deck, which has touched thousands of lives all over the world and continues to grow. So now it’s time, to help create more Moon Deck Oracle Readers + Intuitive Ritualists worldwide so that each of you can embody and share this message in your own way with all who cross your path while having a supportive community no matter where you live. It's time to get out of the spiritual closet and stand confident in your immeasurable worth, power, and presence. The tools and teachings of this program will greatly help to inspire and shape your intuitive nature, which will have a positive ripple effect in your own wellbeing and all that you touch and create in the world. It’s a win win for all.   

May we come together to support our own and one another’s evolution so that we can help fill this world with humans who love and accept themselves fully while using our gifts for the betterment of humanity. This is the time to validate your magic and your intuition, to embrace and recognize what you know to be true in your bones, and to become a fluent interpreter of the signs and symbols that show up on your journey. 

xo Aarona




  • One 2-hour group intensive class sessions every Sunday at 3pm PST led by Aarona via zoom video where we will all be with one another live (you will need your audio + video to work on your phone or computer)
  • At least 2 additional required hours per week to put your tools into practice (this is outside of class hours and will sometimes include accountability partners from the group)
  • Live activations and meditations with Aarona during our weekly classes and bonus live videos
  • Daily Rituals + Meditations + Spirit Writing + Intuitive Oracle assignments
  • Access to music playlists for Embodiment Practices
  • Private Facebook Group specifically for this training where Aarona can answer questions, offer bonus live videos, plus an opportunity to connect with one another
  • Receive a Moon Deck + Spirit Animal Notebook Pack to work with throughout the program (International shipping fees may apply. All duties/taxes for residents outside of the US will be the responsibility of the recipient)
  • Receive a sweet discount code so that you can get extra Moon Deck essentials if need be
  • Show up with an honest willingness and commitment to grow, learn, and be curious


  • Dive deep into the themes, rituals, insights and practices of The Moon Deck + an Intuitive Lifestyle. Plus learn how to listen/feel into the cards, work with various spreads, shuffle and select cards, clear your deck, and more
  • Learn the art of Intuitive Ritual, Daily Practice, and Intention Setting
  • Transform old doubt or shame into trust and acceptance
  • Cultivate more strength and balance in your Intuition and Emotional Health
  • Explore, Activate and Recognize Embodied and Expanded Intuition in your daily life
  • Become fluent at giving Moon Deck Oracle Readings to those seeking healing guidance + how to give/receive readings to yourself as a daily intuitive ritual practice
  • Discover the 7 Essential Pillars that will inspire this journey together + become a roadmap in your life
  • Learn how to be an objective, intuitive, and present facilitator when working with others individually or in group settings, including Moon Circles, workshops, clients, or even with friends and family
  • Learn how to create inclusive spaces for groups and individuals so that all feel welcomed and seen no matter where they are on their healing journey
  • Build an Altar + learn how to maintain and ‘feed’ it. You will also learn how to intuitively build altars with various themes and intentions, including one for the duration of this training
  • Tap into the creative power of Candle Magic + Space Clearing 


  • Reading + working with The Moon Deck cards, guidebook, rituals and practices for yourself and others. Plus learn how to clear your deck, how to work with 'spreads', how to shuffle and choose cards, and how to truly listen to the cards as you give readings 
  • The practice of Embodied Intuition + Expanded Intuition in daily life
  • Self-love as a daily practice for personal and professional alignment
  • Healthy Boundaries + Energetic Hygiene (even as a sensitive empath) so that you don’t feel ‘drained or overwhelmed’ by other people’s energy, projections, or stories
  • Creating, maintaining and working with your altar as a power source in your work
  • Spirit Writing as a language for prayer and powerful intention setting
  • Space clearing, protection, and activations
  • Connecting with your Intuition as a way of life and recognizing fear or resistance when it arises
  • Leading circles, meditations, and group or one-on-one Intuitive Oracle Readings
  • Plus, you will have an opportunity to be listed as a Moon Deck Oracle Reader + be referred opportunities when they arise. This will be an application process, based on your participation upon completion of the program and continued dedication of this work




"What I love about The Moon Deck is that it represents the divine female in all of us, giving us the access to pull from what we already know to be true inside through a tangible expression. So, whether you are new to oracle decks or someone who has been practicing a long time, The Moon Deck is my go to when I want clarity and to return to trust of my inner voice.” – Julianne Hough, Actress/Dancer/Singer  


“Moon Deck readings with Aarona have been extremely valuable to me. She brings the cards to life in a personalized way while assigning supportive and customized rituals and practices inspired by the cards. The result is more clarity and confidence as I embark on my life journey with alignment and consciousness. I could be feeling anxious around self-expression and the rituals really help in this area. After a reading and practicing these rituals regularly, I feel a shift within myself and my current situation. The Moon Deck is so intuitive and having a reading with Aarona is like holding a candlestick to my heart and soul to illuminate areas that need light and love right now.” - Marissa Hou, Hospitality Industry Professional 


"I've been working with The Moon Deck for over two years now and following the weekly Live "Moonday" videos on Facebook with Aarona, and a couple months ago I finally decided to invest in a one-on-one reading. It was SO WORTH IT. I was seeking more clarity in my life, and wouldn't have expected how much I would gain from this one-time session. The cards had already helped me so much, and working with Aarona gave me much more insight into them, and more importantly - into MYSELF. Aarona is such a kind and intuitive human, and her desire to help people "get out of their own way" really came through in our session. I really appreciated the "homework" and rituals and as I've been continuing to work with them, I’ve been finding myself gaining even more clarity. I'm so grateful to Aarona for her guidance and passion for this work!" - Melinda DiOrio, Photographer/Yoga Teacher


"It’s hard to adequately put into words what it was like to receive a Moon Deck reading from Aarona. It was life-changing in so many ways. I didn’t have specific expectations, but I went into the session feeling very emotional. I left that reading feeling a level of peace and excitement that had been missing from my life. I had been checked out for months for a number of reasons, and Aarona helped me step back into my life. The reading helped me identify some patterns in my life and gave me strategies to work through the difficulties while still honoring and loving myself in the process. Aarona is an exceptionally intuitive person, but she felt more like a guide and leader. She honored the person I am and I never felt like she wanted me to be anything other than myself, just the best version. To call on my highest self and bring her to light.” - Katie Powell, Speech Therapist



Please note you will need to make a non-refundable deposit to ensure your spot 



  • $698 paid in full (save 10% if paid in full before 1/1/2020) 
  • Or 2 payments of $380 (first payment made upon registration, second payment made no later than 2/10/2020)
  • $300 of your selected payment is considered your deposit and is nonrefundable 
  • Scholarships are now closed. Thank you to all who entered!
  • Please email us at with questions


PLEASE NOTE: Program price includes everything listed above. By signing up for this program we trust that you will invest all of yourself into this training during the 7 weeks together to gain the greatest results. We will hold a powerful container for transformation and growth, and it is also up to you to show up with sincerity and effort.

If for any reason you opt out of the program early, please note that the total sum of all classes taken, materials given, and administration fees will not be refundable. 

By registering for this program, you understand and agree to all of the above.