“I celebrate and release what is complete”

Sunday | January 16 | 3-5pm PST
The First Full Moon of 2022, illuminating and reflecting all that is ready to peak and release
Investment: $35 

Celebrate the first Full Moon of 2022 with community and the author of The Moon Deck, Aarona Leá. With the moon ruling the 'emotional self', this Full Moon in Cancer invites us to deeply feel all that we're ready to both celebrate + release from last year into this new year. Together we will learn Intuitive Rituals to help declutter and make more space to receive, Spirit Writing to connect with your guides and intuition, a grounding meditation, spoken word, and flame gazing (please bring a candle). Aarona will also offer a group oracle reading with The Moon Deck. 

This full moon reaches peak illumination on the eve of 1/17. We will meet one day early to bask in her increasing glow and prepare for the next 48 hours with intention and vision. What are you ready to release, harvest, and celebrate?  This gathering offers tools to help answer these questions + activate them in your daily life. Pages are ready to turn, old programs are ready to be upgraded, stories that no longer serve are ready to be rewritten and lived. This is a potent time to shift what no longer works with the illumination and reflection of the full moon lighting the way. It’s also a potent time to water the blooming seeds we planted on the New Moon two weeks ago.

What you will need + extra notes:
-       Bring a journal, a candle to light, and your Moon Deck if you have one (you don’t need it to join, or you can order one here)
-       Note this virtual full moon circle pairs very well with the virtual new moon circle on 1/2. Sign up HERE
-       Recording of the class will be saved and sent to your inbox
-       Please have your camera and WiFi working for Zoom, download here if need be
-       Live on Zoom with Aarona Leá, of The Moon Deck
-       Join us from anywhere in the world