The Moon Deck 101: Be an Intuitive Oracle Reader

completely uplevel your energy, your intuition, and your self-love practices

In this free workshop, I’ll share:

• How to shift negative self-talk into intuitive confidence 

• How to apply your core intentions to life, work, and your emotional health

• Why you may already be an Intuivie Oracle Reader + how to refine your skills in my upcoming 8-week self-guided video training

• Why having the right guidance + community around you is a game-changer

• How to stop doubting yourself because your inner guide will never abandon you

• How to turn your grit into your greatest gift + offering, as you own your unique voice + message as an Intuitive Oracle Reader



  • You're ready to join us if...

    ✅ You want to add The Moon Deck to your arsenal of personal & professional tools

    ✅ You're committed to growing, strengthening your intuition, & trusting yourself once & for all

    ✅ You're ready to fuel your magnetic confidence & turn your grit into your greatest gift & offering

    ✅ You're committed to self-improvement & are willing to put in the work

    ✅ You’re looking for real guidance from someone who’s been there & can teach you based on experience

    ✅ You want to be a part of a supportive & empowering community who just 'gets it'

  • It's NOT for you if...

    ❌ You want to keep doubitng yourself & your gifts

    ❌ You prefer negative self-talk & feeding your harsh inner judge

    ❌ You’re not interested in putting in the work, or showing up for yourself or others

    ❌ You don't believe in magic, intuition, self-love, or emotional & spiritual health

    ❌ You prefer complaining & finding reasons to stay in a scarcity or low self-esteem funk

    ❌ You’re expecting all of the pieces to magically fall into place with no work or honest self-discovery

Hi! I'm Aarona Leá.

Having a solid toolkit is a necessary life-supporting KEY. 

And, I've pulled it all together for you in the creation of The Moon Deck + the trainings I offer, to hopefully save you a few steps on your own empowering self-love journey.

That's why I'm offering this FREE workshop on November 6th to anyone who wants to learn how to use your own Moon Deck as a key tool while becoming an Intuitive Oracle Reader for yourself, and maybe even for others.  It has changed thousands of lives across the globe, personally and professionally.

If I can turn my grit into something like The Moon Deck, you can too. And in the meantime you can use this tool to expand your life, your work, and your creative offerings. Guaranteed.