A Full Moon Virtual Gathering
This Sunday, 2/28, 12pm PST 

The world needs us, the sensitive ones, the deep breed, the feelers. 

A FREE virtual ritual circle and workshop, for those who want to strengthen their intuition, shift self-doubt into deep trust, create with ritual and intention, and learn how to read The Moon Deck oracle.

Led by The Moon Deck author, Aarona Leá, this full moon workshop will be a nourishing deep dive into all things intuition, cycles, and ritual. All you need is your journal, a candle to light, and a curious spirit.
In this free workshop we will:
- Connect with community as we set our intentions together
- Learn how to shift self-doubt into deep trust of our intuition
- Explore why emotional and spiritual wellbeing matters
 Experience live activations, a Trust Meditation, and Spirit Writing 
- Learn how to work with and read The Moon Deck oracle 
- Receive a group forecast oracle reading that will inspire this moon cycle

All are welcome!
Sign up with your correct email below and we will send you a follow up email with the link and all of the information to join. 

So excited to meet you!

With love,
Aarona & The Moon Deck team

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