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You are more than enough, you are worthy beyond measure, you are a powerful creator.

If your self-esteem or sense of worthiness needs an empowering boost of love and attention, this ritual will help. Join author of The Moon Deck Aarona Leá, in this 39-minute Ritual Practice. Includes a short Intention Setting Meditation, a Moon Deck Oracle Reading, and an empowering Word Weaving Ritual where you will craft your own personalized mantra. Get clear on your intentions and your words + shift the way you speak to yourself, for a healthy dose of medicine for your mental and emotional health.

Self-Worth Ritual Practice:
- You will need a journal and pen for this practice
- After purchase, you will receive an email with a direct link to your ritual video
- 39-minute practice with clear audio instruction (captions optional)
- Wonderful way to start or end your day, or to recenter your afternoon
- Can be combined with your Moon Deck oracle cards (choose a card before or after your meditation)

Customer Reviews

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Crystal Clark
Great video

Good information and soothing video to help guide me along the path. Will be watching again.

Fun and Freeing!

I like to write and play with words, so this was really appealing. The meditation helped get into the Heart Space, after which the words came spilling out for me! It was a lot of fun, and almost effortless! It was interesting to see how the words in the 3 columns often repeated during the exercise; inner child matching what inspires you! How Brilliant! Very enjoyable to let my intuition choose the words for the Mantra. I noticed the last word I picked felt the most uplifting in my Heart! It opened lots of creativity, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the next 30 days inspires me with this Mantra!