Your Summertime Altar

Your Summertime Altar


An altar is a sacred space. often created with a specific intention or as a place of worship. It’s also a space to honor our higher self, spirit guides, or ancestral allies 
Creating an altar is a beautiful way to mark life transitions, acknowledge the seasons, name intentions, or make a prayerful offering. It's like a mini sanctuary  - a comforting place in our home or in nature to meditate, connect, pray, create, listen, and receive guidance. Below are a few different types of altars for you to try out this season.


1 An Altar for Calling in Love

Make sure this altar has everything in pairs. Since you're calling in love and partnership, it's important that there are no single items on your altar. Get two fresh candles, place them in the center, and build intuitively around them. Add images or symbols that deeply represent love to you, two rose quartz stones or heartsfresh flowers, and your Moon Deck (it all starts with self-love baby). Write out a thoughtful love letter, fold it up, and tuck it away on your altar. Sit with it daily, feeling true love and presence within yourself so that you begin to emanate this energy inwardly regardless of your relationship status. This will nurture your intention and boost your self-love, which is key for a healthy partnership. ***Check out our Self-Love Meditation, a 24-minute meditation, where we rhythmically slow down our breathing, send it deeper into our body and illuminate our heart centers

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2. An Altar for Empowering Yourself

This is an opportunity to claim sacred space for yourself as you honor your path. Creating and then sitting with this altar offers a healing and empowering boost to your self-worth and self-love. With a fresh candle at the center, add a photo of yourself as a child to honor where you've come from and a current photo to embrace who you are now. You can also add your favorite flowers, mantras, oils, and special crystals or talismans that attune you to your magic. Keep a gratitude jar and little sheets of paper and a pen on or near your altar so that you can fill the jar with one to three written reasons to be grateful daily for the next 30 days straight.

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3. An Altar for Prosperity + Success

Although success and prosperity require focus and action out in the world, creating an altar filled with your vision of abundance anchors the power of what you are calling in. Take a moment to truly feel into what this theme means to you. Then, on a piece of paper or carved into your Intention Candle, intuitively draw a symbol that represents prosperity and success. Using a green and/or gold cloth as the base, place your candle and your symbol on top and begin to build around it. You can add cash and coins, a check written out to yourself with the amount you are calling in, your own business card, an image or statue of Lakshmi, and a dish of soil or salt to represent the fertile earth element. You can also add magnetic lodestones, citrine, or pyrite. Be open to receive. Check out this video for how to make a Prosperity Bowl to place on your altar

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4. An Altar for Letting Go

Sometimes we have to focus on letting go before we can truly move forward and receive all that wants to come in. This altar may be more temporary, allowing you to dedicate at least 30 days to healing and release. Use the element of water for this altar, which represents release and flow. Fill a vessel with water and place it on the west side of your altar. Then intuitively place other items around that represent water: shells, images of the ocean/rivers/waterfalls, driftwood, seaweed, blue and clear crystals, and feminine symbols. Keep a new journal with this altar so you can pour your heart into it, emptying everything out that you are ready to forgive, let go of, and move on from. You can burn, bury, or throw away (outside of your home) the pages when done.

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5. An Altar for Honoring Your Ancestors

If you think about it, a fireplace mantel that many have in their home acts as an ancestor altar. It carries photos, objects, and memories of loved ones. For this altar, you have an opportunity to consciously and creatively dedicate a space to someone you want to honor in the afterlife. This can be a secondary altar as opposed to your primary altar that you sit with daily, placing it wherever it feels right to you. Think of your loved one and how you can best honor them: Add your favorite photos, objects that still carry their energy, fresh flowers, and a small candle. Optionally, offer a dish of fresh food or their favorite treat that you know they would love. Be sure to refresh the food and flowers, just as you would like for yourself.

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Let us know which one you start with! Remember to sit it with it daily as you focus on your intentions, even if you have only a few minutes a day, and watch the magic unfold.

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