Write a Love Letter to Your Beloved (no matter your relationship 'status')

We're big believers of magic and meditation. The two combined is a perfect formula for deep inner work that can help us get clear about what we’re calling into our lives and what barriers might be in the way. Healing barriers to love requires a willingness to walk through vulnerability as you build trust and reclaim your wholeness. We can look honestly at our past and nurture this younger self, breathe into the gift of this present moment, and actively participate in shaping our future.


Writing with your own hands, in first person and present tense (as though it’s happening now) with a specific intention, is a powerful ritual that can help you get crystal clear about your desires while simultaneously attuning you to the mystical realm where anything is possible.

This is a 2-part ritual where you will write 2 separate letters – one to your younger self and the other to your beloved (whether your calling in your soulmate or ready to deepen your current relationship). Light your candles, burn some smudge, and cozy up with your pen and paper.


Handwrite a love letter to your inner child (or yourself as a child):
A love letter to your inner child offers great healing towards your personal value and worth. It’s like giving love and validation to a child that needs to be seen and heard. As you strengthen your bond to a younger version of yourself, let her know that she is now well cared for.

How loving, kind, understanding, compassionate, and accepting can you be with her? Let it spill out, be vulnerable, be authentic, and allow emotions to move as you connect with your inner child. Thank her for all she did to help get you to where you are today and remind her how loved and brave she is. This step will allow you to reclaim your wholeness, an unshakeable sense of self-worth, and a deep inner knowing that you deserve all the love you can possibly take in. Seal the letter with a kiss.

Handwrite a love letter to your future beloved:
This is a beautiful ritual to heal a mending heart and connect with your beloved to be. You’ve learned a lot over the years and are likely more clear about what you do and don’t want. This letter will help you own this truth and ritualize a new path to partnership. Attune to a vibration of love so that your magnetic heart can call them in. Your beloved is likely getting prepared for you as well.

Get specific when you write. Feel them next to you. Acknowledge how far you’ve both come. What does this new relationship feel and look like? How do you show up for each other? How do you feel when you’re together? What qualities do you love about each other? What dreams and visions do you share? Write clearly, feel into your words, and include any specifics that feel aligned for you. By writing your beloved a vulnerable heartfelt letter you’re opening yourself up to new possibilities and perceptions. Feel the presence of what is to come and allow this feeling in.

Handwrite a love letter to your current partner: 
If you’re already in a partnership, this love letter is an opportunity to reflect on the love you share while deepening your intimacy. Allow this to be a space where your vulnerable side can be expressed. Be touched and moved by your words, and explore how you can authentically translate it onto paper.

How can you keep your passion and connection alive? How can you inspire and be inspired to maintain your core vision and intention for one another? What do you love and appreciate about them? How do they make you feel? What wishes are you excited to fulfill with your beloved? Write a thoughtful, honest, deeply present love letter. When you’re done, read this letter to your partner and feel the moment whole-heartedly.

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Once you’ve written your love letters, fold them up with care and place them on your altar. You can stash them in fabric, decorate them with stones, or place them somewhere that feels intuitive and personal to you.

Remember to be the loving person that you are and find ways to express more love to those already present in your life. Fall in love with yourself even as you explore love with others, and find ways to nourish your body, mind, and soul each day.

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