Winter Solstice Rituals

This is a beautiful time to celebrate the light and honor the darkness. We have created special Winter Solstice Rituals for you.
It is Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter Solstice is when the sun travels the shortest path through the sky, resulting in the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This is a beautiful time to celebrate the light and honor the darkness. We have created special Winter Solstice Rituals for you below. Enjoy these sweet Rituals as we welcome in this new season. 
1. Gift Exchange- We each have our own unique gifts to share.

This gift exchange invites you to utilize your skills, creativity, and talents to create something for yourself or others. Instead of purchasing a gift, make, create, sing, write, or offer something from your heart. Take a moment to feel what creative skills want to be expressed for the different people in your life, including yourself. Now is a great time to access this part of you and express freely. This can be through watercolor cards, writing love notes or poems, singing a song, baking goodies, offering a massage, or getting crafty in any way that excites you. We invite you to share this handmade or creative gift. It does not have to be perfect or a masterpiece. The simple act of taking the time to create and share from your heart will be the loveliest gift to receive.

2. Celebrate Light- Let's honor the light as we welcome the darkness.

Choose a night to have a light ceremony. You can do this solo or with others. Gather your favorite candles (we recommend non-toxic candles for a healthy long burn). Three or more candles is perfect. Begin by setting up the space and use a favorite incense or herb to smudge the area. Turn off all of the lights. Then, begin to light the candles one by one as you give your gratitude to each flame and all of the light available to you, your home, and the world each day. When finished lighting each candle, take a moment to sit quietly and gaze at the flames. Allow the candle light to warm your body and hold you in a feeling of bright fullness. You may continue into the night solely lit by candlelight. Snuff out when done as you thank the fire and light.

3. Embrace Darkness- This Ritual will move energy, awaken trust, and build confidence in the dark. Perform this Ritual for 11 minutes or more. 

This is a great solo or group activity. If at night, turn out the lights (if need be, light a candle). If in the day, wear a blindfold to block out the light. Choose what feels best. Using your senses, hands, feet, and breath as you slowly move, dance, and walk in the dark throughout your space. Stay in tune with your breath and feet throughout. Feel what arises; allow your psychic and intuitive abilities to guide and speak through your movements. Settle into the darkness. Once complete, tune in with yourself and reflect on this experience. Feel free to journal or meditate with whatever arises as you reflect on your relationship with the darkness.

4. Earth Altar- A lovely time to create a sacred Earth Altar for a new season.

Create your Earth Altar in your home or outside. Begin by going into nature and gathering what calls to you, such as stones, sticks, pinecones, leaves, acorns, flowers, etc. Be sure to ask them if they'd like to join you before taking them away from the land. Trust your inner voice. Build Your Earth Altar: Once you decide where you will build your altar, clear a surface somewhere on the land or in your home to create on. Arrange the various parts of nature you gathered in a circular formation, adding any other touches and shapes that feel balanced and aligned to you. Once complete: Sit at your altar. Connect to your body and the earth. You may also light a candle in honor of Winter Solstice. Contemplate balance, harmony, abundance, and the relationship between dark and light. 

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