Why is The Moon Deck different than other oracle decks out there?

With many oracle decks to choose from these days, The Moon Deck offers something different + will always lead you back home to yourself.
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We love a good deck of oracle cards. And thankfully, there's many to choose from these days. That said, The Moon Deck offers something a little different...

The Moon Deck will always lead you back home to yourself. Ask it questions, set intentions, or stay open. However you use your deck, you can be sure that it will invite you to listen + connect with your intuition. It's also a guide for ritualizing self-love and care.

Every single one of our 44 cards in The Moon Deck comes with a ritual - ranging from self-care/love practices, journaling, creativity, movement, inner beauty, meditation, and magical intention crafting. The art on the cards combined with these rituals activate the mantras on each card (especially when you repeat them 3 times). And, the descriptions in the guidebook bring you even deeper...

The guidebook also offers
an intro with how to clear and cleanse your cards, card spreads you can choose from, how to DIY your own moon circles, how to build an altar with the 7 directions + their meanings, a helpful glossary, and some other supportive goodies!

Plus, The Moon Deck is printed on FSC-Certified paper using plant-based ink, and our Moon Box is handcrafted using mango wood - all of which is more sustainably harvested and better for the planet. We are proud to say that we have worked with our family run box maker in India closely since our beginning. 

Each of our deck sets includes 44 cards + our guidebook and can be worked with as an oracle guide, as a daily tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot inspired spreads. The details have been intentionally designed to be a close companion in your sacred mornings + evenings, moon circles, gatherings, New and Full Moon rituals, or any time you want an intentional moment to pause and have deeper conversations with yourself or with others.

We poured love and intention into every detail - from the design, the packaging, the teachings, and the product itself.

This is just a few of the reasons The Moon Deck stands out as one of the most loving, intentional, and supportive oracle decks out there. We promise you may find a few more reasons after diving into your own Moon Deck.

May The Moon Deck and all of our offerings bring medicine and magic into your daily life.



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