Virgo New Moon: The Beyonce of Moons

Happy Virgo New Moon! There's a lot to get excited about with this moon cycle as we close summer and look towards fall here on the western hemisphere (wherever you are, it's a potent seasonal change!).

Happy Virgo New Moon! There's a lot to get excited about with this moon cycle as we close summer and look towards fall here on the western hemisphere (wherever you are, it's a potent seasonal change!).

Art by TMD illustrator Andi Keh

Now is a time to tap into the positive aspects of Virgo: attention to detail and a work ethic that can get you up and over whatever obstacles you might be facing. It is time to buckle down with your vision and get clear: what do you want to hone in on and go after? What next level of opportunity and success are you actively calling in and working towards? 

Perhaps it has to do with work, love, relationships, health, or a specific goal. Whatever you choose to put your focus on, you will have the energy of this new moon behind you serving as bumpers to keep you in your lane.

Virgo energy is one that thrives off of the natural and organic, so take the time to put extra effort into nourishing yourself with fresh and whole foods. This will give you the fuel you need to move forward in whatever area you're organizing, refining, and working on now. Regular self-care will also give you the focus needed to shape clear and honest intentions for this next cycle.

With honesty and non-judgement, reflect on how you've been taking care of yourself - Have you been putting your wellbeing and self-love first? Have you been pausing to appreciate the food you put into your body and the energy you allow into your life? To optimize the magic of the new moon, this honest reflection is how you can truly show up to create the life you want as well as be there for others to your fullest capacity.

Lastly, the next two weeks will require a healthy dose of self-sufficiency. Experts of the sky harken Virgo to the Beyonce of the Zodiac signs: you have everything you need to embrace your personal power and be wildly successful. 

The sky is propelling you forward. We move from summer into fall, from where we've been to the magic ahead. Embrace it with all that you are right now in this moment, while welcoming a new season. So, go co-create an ideal reality rockstar. We'll see you there. 

Photo: @_esoterika


What we put into our body and how we digest the experiences in our life has a huge impact on all aspects of our health: energy levels, mental acuity, immune health, mood, sex drive, and overall inspiration. To maximize your efficiency and energy, try this daily ritual for the next 2 weeks (until the full moon), fit for any Virgo moon queen!

To begin this ritual cycle, take a moment to lovingly acknowledge your relationship with food. Do you feel ease, grace, and delight? Is there any guilt, shame, or control? 

Consider all the sunlight and moonlight that created your food, and breathe in gratitude. A healthier relationship with food and what we put into our body, will cultivate a healthier relationship to the energies and people we allow into our life. It all goes hand in hand and is a great way to put conscious choice into action.

During your first meal of the day, use the following 'Prayer Meditation' to connect you more deeply to mindful eating, as a means of connecting with your highest self as you nourish your body and prepare to take on the day. Bonus points if you do this for all meals! Note: another way to think about 'prayer' is to simply be fully present with your 'intention'.

Visualize energy: Hover your hands over your food and visualize all of the light that has nourished it. See this light enter into you, illuminate out from you, and extend back into the world as a circle of bright light.

Then, speak your prayer: "Thank you for this bounty and all the love and energy that is in this food. May it nourish me deeply, so that I may be a strong bright light in the world. Thank you."

Take 3 deep breaths, and then enjoy your meal with patience and love. Then rock your day!

We'd love to hear from you in the comments below: How does this ritual feel for you? Is this an area that can use a little more attention? Do you already pause and pray before meals?

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