This Full Moon is on Your Side


It's always nice when the astrological experts forecast a pleasant full moon cycle. Especially in the heat of the holiday season, we can take solace in knowing that the energy of this full moon has an excited and fortuitous tone to it, and we might find ourselves being gifted with unexpected surprises. Think of these little easeful joys - perhaps a reconciling of a relationship, a new love flare, a sense of excitement and energy - a nod from the universe that 2018 was a tough one, but we made it through and deserve to be celebrated. 

During this moon cycle, Uranus and the moon have a special connection, and experts advise this is a time to try out a new personal routine. Cook a new recipe, set up or refresh your alter, explore a new type of movement, or visit a new part of town. There is an energy to this full moon that is powerful, especially when combined with the collective restart of a new calendar year. 

This full moon our inhibitions may be lower and self-consciousness quieter than normal. Now is the time to be as expressive and open as you feel called to be. Perhaps take a risk and finally tell that person how you feel, or start the conversation with a loved one, colleague or stranger that you've been meaning to have. Courage is right at your fingertips, all you have to do take hold. 

Stepping boldly into 2019. Because you deserve to be seen and heard. xox



This full moon, we turn to nature and its symbolism as a means of connecting with others while filling our own cup, and being bold in our love and appreciation for the riches of our lives.
We honor another and get to bask in the feeling of sharing our love. 

To  boldly celebrate someone in your life and all they have brought to you this past year, try this simple ritual of gifting flowers for no reason but a thank you for another year of meaning. 

Flowers are joy incarnate and represent beauty, celebration, life, and connection. They serve as a way to directly communicate gratitude, and few things feel as good as receiving flowers for no reason other than an "I honor you."

1. Simply choose one person who is special to you. There can be more than one, yet begin with one person. (Ideally, this is someone who lives close to you, however you can choose someone who lives farther away and have the flowers delivered.)

2. Close your eyes and spend some time thinking about them, calling upon their energy, what they bring into your life, memories together, how they make you feel, etc. Take a few moments to just be in the gratitude of this person and your relationship. 

3. Spend some time feeling through what represents them: what type of flowers reflects the feeling you have when you think of them? What colors fit who they are? What flowers do they remind you of? 

4. Take another moment to write them a simple note or card, thanking them for what they bring into your life, while also looking forward to the joy you will share together in the coming year. 

5. Take yourself on a little trip to a market and pick out the flowers. If the person lives far away, you can choose to have them delivered. If they live close enough, set up a time to meet in person. Show up fully with the intention of honoring them with your gift, acknowledging how special they are to you. 

When you express your love openly and in gratitude, it is impossible for it not to boomerang right back and attract even more of it to you in the coming year. 

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December 22, 2018



December 20, 2018

Nice thought but many zre allergic…book might be better idea.


December 20, 2018

Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m moving in with my Mom who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and her birthday is 1/7. She loves flowers and this is one way I will honor her. ♥️🙏

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