4 minute Shadow Work practice guide

Harvest the medicine from all that has shaped you

Stories of our past, mistakes we've made, regret, resentment, heartache, deep wounds or lessons can all be healed. Better yet, they are unique to each of us and carry our greatest gifts when we allow ourselves to heal and grow. No other person has experienced all that you have, it is what makes you and your voice or offering unique.

Keep reading for our Shadow Work practice + tips for navigating the tough times.

The world needs us, the sensitive ones, the deep breed, the feelers

What is shadow work?

The shadow self is the part of us that we tend to hide, repress, shame, deprive, guilt, or make small. It may live within our inner-child self, where certain beliefs or resentments were formed. Often times these repressed parts were meant to protect us during challenging times in our childhood or past versions of ourself. As we get older we may act out, repress, or numb ourselves to cope. Yet it's the embrace and healing of our shadows that gives birth to some of our greatest gifts and strengths.




Journaling is a powerful companion in shadow work. It's a place where we can meet a blank page and rewrite our story as we make peace with our pain and transform it into passion.

Create a safe, sacred space for yourself. Light a candle and grab a blanket. Sit with your Shadow Journal in the Deep Soul Notebook Set + pen. Before writing ask your guides/ inner voice to reveal to you the parts of yourself you have neglected and that are afraid to be seen. Write for 4 or more minutes. Once finished, sit with what arises. Inhale "I am safe" exhale "I am loved." Tend lovingly to ALL of the aspects of yourself, even the messy and scary parts.

All of you is welcome, all of you is loved, all of you has a seat at the table




Why use a special journal?

Shadow work can be deep, so we recommend using a separate journal for this. Using different journals for various practices is a great way to honor your process. We love our Deep Soul Notebook Set which brings 3 themes to life, focusing on The Moon Deck oracle cards: Mystery, Dream, and Shadow.

This is the perfect notebook set for those looking to write everything down having to do with personal growth, shadow work, dream work, and more.

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