Summer Solstice Rituals

Summer Solstice Rituals

 Enjoy these sweet rituals to honor and celebrate the longest day of daylight this year!
Happy Summer Solstice Moonlights!
For us in the Northern Hemisphere, we're tipping a little closer to the sun, resulting in the longest day of daylight this year.  Enjoy these sweet rituals to honor and celebrate!



1. Mantra Art- When we focus on what is working in our life, we magnify healthy and positive thinking 

Gather paper + artsy writing supplies - watercolors, markers, crayons + uplifting elements like flowers, a cup of tea, essential oils, candles, etc. This is the time to focus on what is going right. Set up your workspace. Cut or rip a paper into a desired size and in the center write, "I focus on what's working.” Then, use your art supplies and get creative. Customize your own uplifting Mantra Art and let your unique expression flow. Place this mantra somewhere you will see it often to remind you of the power of your thoughts and your freedom to choose your focus. Feel free to add this Ritual to any favorite mantras.


2. Summer Altar- A lovely time to change or create your sacred altar for a new season  

Begin by clearing the space of your current altar, or find a space to create one if it's your first time. Intuitively choose your spot. Build Your Altar: Clean the surface + smudge your space. Then, arrange your altar with objects that resonate. It may have representatives of the elements + anything that feels sacred to you. Put some soil in a small bowl, have a candle, a small cup of water, any essential oils that feel special, and anything else you collect from the outdoors: pine cones, seeds, flowers, stones, wood, a bowl of seasonal fruit or veggies, etc. Once complete: Sit at your altar, light a candle, & meditate for several minutes. Observe your breath and energy flow. Return to it daily!


3. Intention Bonfire- Celebrate the element of fire and light. 

Choose a day to have a bonfire solo or with loved ones. This can be legally at a local beach or park. If not applicable, a fireplace or fire safe container will do. Bring a journal, instruments, and music! Take a few moments to connect with the fire. Bring to mind your intentions for the upcoming season and write your intentions down. Take another few minutes to visualize these intentions coming to life. When ready release the paper & your intentions into the fire. Sing, dance, play instruments, tell stories - celebrate the longest day of the year and the seeds of your intentions. Celebrate the fire, the elements, and this beautiful change of season. 


4.  Create Community- Many of our greatest experiences and memories 

Build community through sharing. Choose a day to have a potluck outside (the beach, a park, backyard, etc). Gather your friends & family and invite others to bring homemade meals using produce from the land. Use as much locally grown food as possible. Create a beautiful representation or altar of the food for all to enjoy & admire. Before eating, gather together and offer gratitude to each other + the abundant harvest before you. Perhaps make this a new habit, as you design and recognize your community. Continue to commune, sharing delicious meals, memories, and excitement for the new season. Set intentions and release them to the flames


Enjoy this solstice, receive this day as we enter a new cycle. And then, let us know which ritual you choose to do! Happy Solstice!







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