PISCES NEW MOON :: Dream Big and Root Down

The Pisces New Moon swims us into dreamy spaces while reminding us to keep our feet rooted in the Earth.
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The New Moon comes to us in the first days of March, swimming through the dark sky in the sign of Pisces on March 2nd. Astrologists are giving a gracious bow to this new moon, as it brings a slightly more gentle tone than we have been experiencing from all the celestial activity of late. Though the turbulence here on planet Earth continues, the next few weeks adds in the element of ether so that as we continue to ride the waves of change we can take some time to float freely. 

During this new moon, all of the planets are clustered together, many of them in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are co-rulers of Pisces and are both currently situated there, which means the energetic aspects of this sign are amplified. Pisces is a delicious sign to amplify, as it gives us an opportunity to be watery, dreamy, and tap into the healing experience of wonder.  Pisces is also one of the more emotional as well as creative signs, and so we may experience activations in these areas as well. 

Themes of this New Moon include: dreaming for the personal and the collective, grounding our energy, nourishing the vessel, unity consciousness, dancing with life, and attuning to the details of everyday. 

Dream Your BIG Dream 

This new moon is a wonderful time to place your focus on your dreams and vision of the future. We are powerful beings that help to shape the reality we experience, and the sky is reminding us to turn our awareness towards what we want to see happen. It is all too easy for fear to commandeer our awareness, which places us into anxiety. Anxiety is the shadow side of vision, for both are oriented towards the future. Anxiety stresses over the unknown, while vision utilizes the vast potential. Notice the moments when you begin to feel anxiety, as is quite common in the collective experience at this time. See if you can shift from worry to possibility by relaxing into the sweet knowing that we truly do not know what's ahead. And yet, we can dream the dream and by doing so help co-create the world we want to live in.

Pisces rules the unseen, the invisible, the powerful forces that our eyes cannot see but that we can feel flow through all life. We are invited to dream big based on how we want to feel, because everything happens from the dream. This is a time to ask: What do I want for my life? What do I want for the people I love? What do I want for the planet? How do I want to feel, and how do I want others to feel?

 From ME to WE

We are in an intense time where we are being invited to move from the “me” to the “we”. Our dream begins with us, in the home of our heart. Yet we are interconnected with all beings, and so we can use our power to dream to amplify the collective experience. With enough of us putting energy into a vision for the collective, we turn that dream into reality. We need each other, and our beautiful home of planet Earth needs each of us to remember just how connected we are to the Earth and to each other.

Remember, when one of us heals, it affects the web of life. When we work with the collective in mind instead of only focusing on our own individual needs, we inevitably include ourselves in healing for we are all a part of the collective. We are also designed to support one another, which is why being of service to each other and the planet fills us with warm feelings, increased energy, and peace.

Let your dream be for all of us. Hold the planet in your vision, as we are all sharing in this intense time on the planet, a lot of uncertainty. We are at a critical time as a human species, and the more of us who dream the dream of a peaceful, sustainable, and loving world, the sooner that becomes our shared reality. 

The Illusion of Separateness 

This Pisces moon reminds us of infinite energy that flows freely through all of us, and through all of life. This energy is the creative force that births life, ideas, and art. This creative force is constantly flowing; an infinite well of possibility. The question is, are we able to receive and work with this energy? Are we open to its flow or are we distracted by the mind?

One of the things that limits our access to creative force is the belief in our separateness. When we believe we are separate, we contract and shrink. Separateness is not our core reality, and so when we perceive something that is untrue, we feel the sadness of being displaced from the truth of interconnection. Feeling separate from another or a group can be one of the more painful experiences that a human can have. It happens to all of us at various times in our lives. For some of us, early childhood experiences communicated to us that we did not belong to the unit that we were a part of. Those of us that grew up in households with caregivers who acted from their own unprocessed pain, those of us who were bullied at school, or those of us whose way of seeing and being in the world was looked at as strange by those around us and therefore rejected.

When we feel separate, it is harder for us to connect with others, which is ironically the antidote to separateness. It can take tremendous courage for someone who has a core belief that they do not belong to try to form a bridge to another human or a group that they feel separate from. Even though we've all been hurt in the past, we must remember that our birthright is belonging. We belong to the earth, to this collective of living things, and to the consciousness that flows through all life. We need only to bring our awareness to gravity, as it is the way the earth pulls us to her moment by moment. We belong right here to this moment. Anytime we start to slip into the trance of separation, we can come home to the truth that we are interconnected to all beings. That we belong to this earth family.

Find Your Ground 

This new moon is dreamy and watery, which can take us into a ephemeral swirl that disconnects us from everyday reality if we do not take care to add in the earth element. In order to be in harmony, we need the polarity of energies. Pisces and Virgo are in polarity, meaning they hold opposite ends of a spectrum. Just as the North and South pole of planet earth keep us in a balanced revolution, so too do Pisces and Virgo give us both the daydream and the ground.  When we unite the dream with grounding energy, we can bring the unseen into form. 

Grounding is exactly what is sounds like: connecting to ground. This starts with the body, our earth vessel that carries all of our dreams, all of our water, all of our potential. During the next few weeks, be sure you are nourishing with whole foods and water, getting plenty of sleep, adding in the balance of movement and stillness, and making time for important relationships. Spend as much time as is available in nature. Even if you live in a crowded city, you can take yourself outside to look up at the sky. Come into your body and tend to it as much as possible so that your scaffolding can support your big vision. With your feet rooted in the earth, your vision has a place to land.

 Don't Forget the Details 

One of the shadow aspects of Pisces energy is the disconnection from the details of the day to day. It can be easy to get caught up in the dream, but we must also remember that we are on planet earth and that carries with it responsibilities. As the spiritual teacher Ram Das said, we must remember our Buddha nature and our social security number. We must hold in our awareness both the grandness of our dreams as well as the beauty of the day to day details. Sometimes our days are filled with the seemingly mundane, and sometimes they are filled with ecstatic experiences. The invitation is to be present for all of it and take care of what we need to take care of. 

This new moon invites us to carve out space to check the boxes of things we have been putting off. Make the phone call, set the appointment, clean under the bed, sort through the mail, whatever you may have been putting off is asking at this time to be tended to. You will notice that you actually have more energy available for your dreaming and visioning when energy is not being taken up by the details.

You Are Enough 

Another aspect of this new moon is the remembrance of our innate enoughness. Right where we are, with all that we are, is enough. We do not need to do anything in order to be deserving of love, affection, abundance, and ease. Many of us have gotten caught up in the belief that we must “do more” in order to receive love. We learned, from various structures and systems in our lives, that there is some innate flaw that we have to fix in order to have a chance at the life we want. 

This belief is another epidemic that often goes unspoken, but it affects almost all humans at some point. The truth is that we each come into the world whole and complete. There is always more to learn and ways to grow, but our innate enough-ness came into being when we took our first breath, and that can never be taken away or diminished. Perhaps part of being a human is remembering this truth in a fully embodied way. As the great mystic poet Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

The Great Dance 

Pisces is also about the dance of life. If you are physically able to, consider making time to put on music and dance freely. If you are not, you can also receive the fluidity benefit by imagining yourself dance. Dance as a metaphor is a powerful way to move through life. When we let the rhythm of life carry us instead of trying to control it, we find joy. When we aren't wasting energy trying to find the perfect song, but rather let ourselves move to the music of the present moment, we get energized. Reflect on if there are any ways you have stifled your dance, and let yourself move freely to the dance of your life. 

New Moon Ritual :: Morning Water Blessing 

Pisces is an exquisite watery energy that allows us to cross the borders of our own perceived reality into the vastness of the day dream and the vision. Pisces is creative and just like water flows freely without getting caught or stagnant. During this new moon, we are invited to bring awareness to the life-giving power of water and all of its wise teachings. It is an elemental part of life, and by spending time with water, we can absorb its life-changing teachings. 

Use this simple ritual to start your day in reverence to water and watch how the wisdom of water continues to absorb into your reality. 

1. Upon waking, pour yourself a glass of water. 

2. Take your glass to a special space. This an be in front of an altar, your favorite cozy chair, or outside connecting with the earth. 

3. Bring the cup of water to your heart and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, bringing your attention to the water. In your own way, offer gratitude to the water in your hands, the water in your body, and the water that flows through the planet. Give gratitude to the water that gives us all life. 

4. Set your intention for the day and speak it into the water. Let your intention come from the center of your heart. 

5. Slowly and mindfully, drink your water. Feel it enter your mouth bringing with it your hearts intention, and letting it flow into your cells. 

6. Invitation to repeat this ritual throughout the day. Pause to honor the sacred and powerful teacher that is water. 


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