Our Favorite Moon Deck Spreads

Our Favorite Moon Deck Spreads

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Your Moon Deck is a perfect integration into your daily rituals. Pulling a card every day is a sure way to tap you deeply into your inner knowing and receive beautiful insights and guidance, plus so much more. 

For when you want to go a little bit deeper, we have a few more spreads below for you to play with to support you in all of your cycles. Let's dive in..


Ritual Practice 


Rituals cultivate a deeper sense of connection and devotion towards yourself, your community, or your dreams. They can accelerate your healing process, deepen your relationship to Spiritand your ancestors, and create a sense of sacredness in your daily life. 

This is why we created our 'I Am The Ritual Deck.' 

Choose your Ritual Card at random like an oracle, or select the one that is most needed at the time. Every card in this deck carries deep wisdom and a clearly instructed ritual for your mornings and evenings or light and shadow work, with a variety of practices for self-care, embodied integration, prayerful intention, sacred healing, and curious connection.

Rituals, from the mundane to the mystical, act as threads that can be woven together to create a net that carries us through the various textures of life. 


Mantra Affirmation


The simple act of picking a card and meditating on what you receive can become an empowering ritual in and of itself. Choose a card as a daily practice and repeat the mantra three times in a row out loud or silently to yourself. Then pepper it throughout your day as needed. If a certain mantra feels extra powerful for you, stick with it for as long as you wish. Your mantra will act as a reminder of the power of your thoughts and inspire loving inquiry on a regular basis. 

Other ideas: Write your mantra on the mirror and say it so yourself every time you see it. Write your mantra on sticky notes and place them on your computer. Take a photo of your Moon Deck card and place it as your wallpaper- again, repeat the mantra every time you view it. 


Inner Compass 

This two-card spread will help bring insight and understanding to your current situation. Do you need to know if you're on the right path or making the right choice? 

Card #1: Will clarify the deeper meaning behind your current question

Card #2: Will reveal the lesson and show you how to navigate this space so that you feel more centered, connected, and clear. 


Past • Present • Future

You can apply this three-card spread to your personal development or to a certain question, project, or challenge. 

Card #1: Will reveal the history or past
Card #2: Will bring the present to light  
Card #3: Will help you glimpse into the future

Look at this spread as a complete storyline, and receive the wisdom steeped in its message. There may be clues on how to approach the future, while honoring the past, and embracing the present moment. 


Body • Heart • Mind • Spirit

This is a healing and grounding four-card spread that will help integrate your being. As you select each card:

Body #1
Heart #2
Mind #3
Spirit #4

Concentrate on its corresponding attribute. Read the guidebook and take a moment to contemplate each mantra. You can choose to apply all of the rituals for an extra self-care boost, or apply the one that feels most resonant. 


Chakra Spread

This is a seven-card spread that can help you discover what's happening in each chakra and clarify which areas are more open, blocked, or balanced. Your chakras are 'wheels of energy' throughout your body that align your spine. The 7 chakras starting from the base are:

Root/ Muladhara (card #1),

Sacral/ Svadhisthana (card #2)

Solar Plexus/ Manipura (card #3)

Heart/ Anahata (card #4)

Throat/ Vishuddha (card #5)

Third Eye/ Ajna ( card #6)

 Crown/ Sahaswara (card #7) 

Once you have your seven-card spread laid out, reflect on each message in relation with the corresponding chakra in your body. If an area feels blocked or needs more attention, practice the suggested ritual and continue to work with the mantra for this card until you feel a shift. 


That's it for now! What else would you add? Plus, stay tuned for additional seasonal spreads we will sprinkle in throughout the year including our 13 Card Spread

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