Once I was a Tween Witch Punk Rock Girl

Once I was a tween witch punk rock girl with blue black hair, funky tights & pointy buckle shoes - secretly casting spells, purging anger through bulimia, & eventually praying hard to heal.

Once I was a young raver, jumping into a dance cipher any chance I got, sweating my prayers, freeing my spirit, falling in love with music all over again, & trying acid for the first time.

Once I was a booty shakin’ dancehall and reggae festival goer, learning how to move more freely with other bodies, finally celebrating my wide hips & passionate nature.

Once I was a spoken word artist, traveling with others using the power of rhythm & word, while being faced with the contrast of love & judgment on a stage, & learning to trust my voice nonetheless.

Once I was an adventurous conceptual artist turned editorial photographer, pushing boundaries, & taking huge risks to express my angst through art or to get the shot for the sake of telling a story.

Once I was a holistic health coach turned full time yoga teacher, seeking solution for my own struggles while unknowingly building a profession. I traveled the world, turned my own healing into service, & blended much of the above into my style of expression.

Once I was a married woman, certain that this new life would be forever as I built a dream I wasn’t even sure I wanted with a person I wasn’t sure about, where new parts of me became & other crucial parts of me fell dormant.

Once I was a divorced woman with old uprooted relational trauma to be faced, finding my place in the world again, picking up many broken pieces, & learning to live in new skin with a new belief system. I committed myself to turning that messy pain into gold, & focused on forgiveness and aligned integration.

Once I was a woman committed to dissolving narratives that no longer fit, to feeling at home in her own essence, to loving more fully & deeply.

It would take at least a dozen more posts to share a true list of every phase, form, & expression I’ve moved through. Yet they’re all integrated beautifully in who I am today.

May we each have compassion & understanding for all parts of ourselves. May we continue to become, with loving curiosity. 🖤

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