New Moon: Your Work is to Relax and Dream


Mmmmm this New Moon is coming in like a summer breeze in the middle of the northern hemisphere’s winter (or if you’re in the southern hemisphere, a summer breeze during the summer). The energy of the next two weeks of the new moon cycle is refreshing, light-hearted, and detached from expectation. It is a much welcomed compliment to the intense energy of the lunar eclipse that accompanied the last moon, the Super Blood Wolf Moon. 

Think day dreams and big picture. Because of the current dance of Aquarius and Sagittarius energies, this is a time to practice receptivity. It is not the time for action-item lists or detailed plans. This is the time to scale back and ask 'what do I want to float in next?' Imagine you are laying a hammock as you inquire into this. It is simple, clean, open energy. 

One  way to support yourself during this moon cycle and embrace the energy flowing around, through, over, and under you is to consciously relax into  the process of daydreaming. Soothe the voice that tells you that you need to be “figuring it out” and wants a clear picture  of the “how” to your “what”. This is a great moon cycle for slower movement, massage, long walks, and extra time horizontal in relaxation. For those of us who really love plans, this moon will be challenging, as it is not the time for bullet points, but rather big untethered vision. 

This moon reminds us that big things are ahead if we pause to dream them into being. 



This Aquarius New Moon cycle is all about you softening into you. In the US, we have February 14th designated as Love Day, and our TMD team is inviting you to make the next two weeks  to invite in a little more play and a little more rest. Don’t worry about being productive in the traditional sense, because what you will discover is that the most efficient thing you can do is embrace the energy of this moon and allow the big vision to settle in to your awareness. 

Since this is a time for lovingly planting seeds, we’ve designed a little body-love ritual designed to promote relaxation and ease: 

1. Set up a quiet space, perhaps your bedroom or another room where you can close the doors. Light a candle, burn incense or smudge if you have it. Get cozy with you. Have The Moon Deck or your favorite deck of cards close by as well as a journal

2. If you have a yoga mat, use that for this sequence, other wise you can use a towel, a rug, or the floor. 

3. Follow this simple sequence of yoga poses, breathing 10 breaths in each pose -  A Sequence of Ease:

Child’s pose - Come to a table top position on hands and knees. Bring your feet together and your knees wide. Shift your seat to your heels and bow your body and forehead to the floor. Stretch and extend your arms forward, out in front of you, and breathe for 10 breaths. 

Cat and Cow - Come onto hands and knees in a tabletop position. Place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. As you inhale arch your back and lift your chest, chin and tailbone upward. As you exhale, round your spine, pulling chin and tailbone in. Repeat this for 10 rounds of breath. 

Half Frog Hip Opener - Lie down on your belly and bring your arms into a cactus or field goal position, so that the elbows are in line with your shoulders and the wrists are in a straight line from your elbows. Place your left ear/cheek on the floor, looking to the right. Bend your right knee at a ninety angle so that it mirrors your right arm. Stay here for 10 breaths and then switch to the left side. 

Happy Baby - Come to lie on your back and hug your knees into your chest. Reach your arms in between your legs and grab the outside of your feet. Open the legs wide. Rock side to side. Deep inhales through the nose, long exhales out of the mouth. 

Apanasana - Hug your knees into your chest wrapping your arms around them. Squeeze yourself tight as you breath into your belly.

Savasana - Extend the legs long. Lay the arms by your sides, palms face up. Relax into the floor and breathe naturally . After 10 breaths, roll to one side and press up into a comfortable seat.

4.  Now. Spread The Moon Deck (or your favorite cards) out in front of you. In spirit of receptivity, simply choose one card without clear question or intention. See what the deck has to offer you. 

5. Take in the image and the words on the card; notice how it makes you feel and what it brings up. Spend a few minutes journaling on the truth card your has presented you with. Let your mind free associate, taking your writing wherever it may go. If you'd like, you can read the guidebook to go deeper, however first let your own intuition guide your writing, insights, and feelings.

6. When you feel complete, gently close your journal, and allow your ritual to float you into the next moment. 

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