NEW MOON :: We're Ready for Aquarius

Welcome to the powerful New Moon in Aquarius. The energy of this potent moon comes at a cosmically aligned time. The second month of the new year, one that has been globally anticipated, now finds us somehow in transition, waiting, monotony, and the speeding up of time all in the same prolonged moment. It is a wild era to be alive, and this New Moon meets us in the dark and fertile mystery. 

Astrologists describe the energy of this new moon cycle using the following words: rich, creative, good luck, authentic, beautiful, joyful, and mysterious. When juxtaposed to the past year, these words offer us a roadmap, or at least a small nod from the universe that the impermanence is real and the journey is bound to take us into greener pastures where we can dance, play, and rest.

Though spirited and light, the new moon and the celestial happenings around it carry a gravitas that gives this New Moon in Aquarius density, weight, and deep darkness. It serves us by asking us to make a vow to authenticity, that we choose to tune into our own unique experience and wisdom, rather than give away our power of choice by following the crowd. Aquarius likes to be on the outside of the party. A pioneer, an unattached cosmonaut. Give yourself full permission to take confidence in the guiding light of your inner wisdom. 

This New Moon is also taking place while Mercury is in retrograde in the house of Aquarius. Our perception of linear time is being challenged. We are being asked to notice where we grip on to a linear model of growth and success. The old "if I do A then B will happen" is becoming outdated. Just as we could not predict the exact events of 2020, we are being asked to come up with creative ways of seeing the situations we are in, both personally and societally.

The "if this happens THEN I will be happy" story that so many of us get told is also too small for this emerging New Way of being.  It is no longer the past that holds the way forward. We are being invited into a creative play space of day dream and out-of-the-box thinking. Here, in the zone outside of what we believe is real, we find our way forward. 

Another powerful celestial duo that dances during this moon cycle is Jupiter and Venus. Their meeting asks us to look at the world through the eyes of the heart. Open it up to all people, all possibility, all of the potential that is so much easier to fear because it is unknown. We are being asked to extend our heart gaze inward, to the parts of us that need us to be there, that have a longing for attention and care. We are asked the question: What beautiful thing do you want to create while you're here? This isn't about pressure to meet a self-imposed deadline or fulfill some grass is greener version of our reality. This question is asked to the navel center - where the sacred fire of creativity sits, ever burning. 

Astrologists point to the North Node in Gemini as the support we need in being open to new ways of arriving at answers to our inner most questions.  We are being asked to shift the way in which we, individually and then collectively, see the world. Letting go of the way the story of life needs to go. Letting go of the control that hovers around what we think we need to receive from the external world in order to feel worthy, confident, loved, and valued. Instead, we are being asked to get quiet and ask ourselves: What do I want to embody? What are the qualities I want to move through the world with? And then, trust that these qualities embodied, whether anyone is watching or not, can be integrated in the new reality we are building. 

It is time to engage with the void and the unknown. The void is where creativity is birthed. The void does not rely nor is it informed on the past, but rather contains infinite potential. Let us open up to the void and the mystery inside of it. Be sure to make time to be in the dark, whether that is closing your eyes and going into your body or going outside into nature at night (safely of course) and peer into the vastness of space. 

During this time, make sure you are getting plenty of rest and discerning when you are moving into the realm of over analyzing. It is very easy, especially if your thinking mind is strong, to try to rationalize, analyze, and deconstruct your experience to the point of exhaustion. Think of making bread, if you work the dough too much it becomes gooey, sticky, and unusable. Our thoughts are the same. Take time to listen and then release yourself from worry or needing to figure anything out. It's unfolding and you're simply paying attention as it blooms. 

Keep going. It's all happening for you.

NEW MOON RITUAL :: The Void Calls 

The spacious darkness of the New Moon is as literal as it is metaphoric. It is calling us into relationship with infinite potential, depth that defies cognition, and the choice to trust mystery or not. Though we cannot see the light of the New Moon, we know it is there. We know that dark is essential to light, that night is when nature goes into another aspect of itself - that which goes inward, that which heals, the space from which creation births new forms. 

This New Moon, try this ritual as a way to commune with that vastness above, reflecting what you contain.

For this ritual, you will need comfortable warm clothing, a blanket, a journal, a pen, and something to keep time with.

1. Go outside at night, safely, and get comfortable laying down on your back. If you're in a place where being outside is too cold or unsafe, you can do this ritual inside by turning off all of the lights and using an eye pillow. 

2. Set a timer for 30 minutes. 

3. Stare into the darkness of the sky. Notice any stars you can see, any lights, or colors. Allow your vision to be gentle and soft as you peer into the darkness above.

4. Contemplate on how the vast space of the night sky reflects the vast potential inside of you. Allow your gaze to move from outer to inner space.

5.  No need to have an expectation or make anything happen. Simply continue to reflect on outer space and inner space. When you notice your mind is somewhere other than the present moment, return its attention back either to what you see with your eyes or to what you feel within your inner vision. 

6. When the timer goes off, open your journal and free write until you feel complete. Let yourself explore, through writing or drawing, whatever is present for you in the moment. 

7. Before you end your ritual, offer a thank you to the night sky. Give your gratitude to the vast space of limitless potential that holds you from the outside in, and the inside out.