New Moon Supermoon : Space, Patience, and Adventure

This new moon asks us to be patient with our relationships, make more space in our day, and acknowledge the big magic we are all a part of.


Welcome to the Black Supermoon, named as such as it is the second new moon in July if you are in the Americas. For the northern hemisphere especially, this new moon brings about one of the clearest skies of the summer. Sky experts say now is  a beautiful time to go out into nature and look at the stars, for the Milky Way will be at one of its most visible points during this moon cycle. Now is a time to remember how we are living in a constant duality: by necessity we are the center of our own world, and at the same time we are a tiny compilation of stardust living and breathing for but a blip of time in the lifetime of the universe. Sometimes it is helpful to remember that the world is much bigger than any one particular experience we might be having. Like the moon, there are dark periods and there are wonderfully bright moments, and we get to experience all of it while being a part of a vast mystery.

While living here on this little floating rock we call earth, it is helpful to look towards ancient sciences and philosophies such as that offered by astronomy and astrology. Experts say that this new moon is in Leo, it is in the constellation of Cancer, meaning the relationships and situations closest to us will occupy our attention. Take a loving diagnostic of the ways in which you might enhance your home life, add fire or passion to your romantic relationships, or add a bit of adventure to your friendships. There is an invitation to bask in the enlivening capacity of being rooted as well as feeding the relationships you care about.

At the same time, the moon is conjuct with Venus and square with Uranus. We turned to the astrological experts to deconstruct what this means. What is most important is that we can prepare for a bit of uplifted, albeit sometimes turbulent, energy around our immediate relationships. Those in romantic partnerships may find confrontation occuring a bit more frequently than normal. Do not be alarmed, however, for this is simply bringing you closer if you choose to move through the confrontation with conscious communication. Offering space for your partner to express themselves fully will be important not only to overcome disagreement, but also to grow closer together.

For those who are single, you may find yourself seeking eccentricity, spontaneity, or a sense of wildness in a potential partner. Now is the time to ask someone you are interested in to go on an adventurous date. If you're not at all interested in dating, consider taking yourself out on a solo date, but let it be a bit off of the beaten path for you. Visit a new place, go to a different part of town, try a new activity, or immerse yourself in a new class or hobby. There is a spiciness about this new moon that we can use as permission to get a little uncomfortable and by doing so, most likely have a lot of fun.

Another aspect of this moon is a tendency towards rash action, impulsive decisions, and a rebelliousness that may not normally be there. It will be essential to make patience and compassion a  practice during this moon cycle so that you are not upended by intense emotion or over reactive. This energy can certainly make things interesting and more exciting, but there is also the possibility to find yourself in a suffering state due to impulsive decision making or rash reaction. Pause, breathe, consider all of the possible perspectives and wait to make a decision or even speak until you can do so from a place of calm.

Making space is a big theme for this black moon, just as the moon itself is making more space for the stars as it grows dark. Make more space in your schedule. Say "no" to more opportunities in favor of prolonged transition time between moments. Create space in your home by giving away clothing or items that you no longer use. Create space in your relationships by having open and deepening conversations, as well as respecting your own need for independence. Make space at meals to eat slowly and mindfully. By making space in everyday moments, you will find calm, ease, and clarity all the more accessible. 

Lastly, this new moon reminds us to remember that we cannot predict what is going to happen. There is a mystery to living, the same mystery that brings about two new moons in one month for some parts of the world. There is no rush to get to the next one, we can take time to pause and enjoy the ride in the moment we are in. The moon will wax and wane, get full and go dark. Our job is not to fully understand it as we look up at the sky, but rather to make peace with the knowing that some things remain beautifully and magically unknown.

Keep going, patiently, moonbeam. xox





One of the best ways we can make space internally is to mirror it in the external world. In the same way, making space in our outer environment has an immediate affect on our inner landscape. This ritual will aid in helping you to feel more open, clear, and less weighed down by possessions. Now is the time to clear out your living space. Start with your bedroom, and if you feel called or have the need, move on to other rooms as you feel inspired. If this is a big task for you, start small. Start with a closet or a certain set of drawers. 

Be patient with yourself as you go through your possessions. Know that there is something psychologically freeing about giving away belongings, but for some us it can cause anxiety. We will approach this ritual in a way that offers full compassion to yourself as you go through this ritual. 

Here's what we suggest to help you find a bit more space this new moon cycle:

1. Choose one day - for many of us a weekend will be easiest - to spend going through your belongings in a particular room. For many of us, the closet, dresser, under the bed and storage drawers are good places to start. 

2. We will take a note out of famed organizer Marie Kondo (SP) - only keep things that bring you joy. Set the intention before you begin to be loving and compassionate during this process, and to only keep things that truly bring you joy. 

3. Create two piles: give away and keep. You will also want a bin or bag for trash or items that are broken or unusable.

4. Item by item, go through and touch each thing you find. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths holding it. Ask yourself "Does this bring me joy?" If there is any hesitation or uncertainty, choose to release the item. Put it in the give away pile. 

5. After you have gone through  your items, place the items you are keeping natly back where you found them. Take a moment to notice the space around your belongings. There is more empty space, more ease. 

6. Once you have bagged or boxed the items you will be giving away, take a few moments to sit quietly and breathe deeply. Sense the space you have created in your outer environment mirrored within. Acknowledge yourself for giving yourself an opportunity to experience more ease, gentility clarity, and joy. 

7. If you want to move on to the next room or space in your home, be sure to re-set the intention and refresh the experience by taking a walk or moving the body before starting again.


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