NEW MOON + SOLAR ECLIPSE :: Big Picture Sagittarius

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse are asking us to step in to Big Vision, creativity, and trust in the powerful process of releasing what no longer serves.
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The New Moon in Sagittarius graces the sky in its dark majesty on December 14th, and it is accompanied by a full Solar Eclipse which is the second eclipse of our current eclipse season. Each New Moon serves as the space between the exhale and the inhale, a blank slate, and a page turn. We're reminded that there is always a new beginning available, and though we may not know what is coming or how life will unfold, we can activate our power of choice. We get to choose, as many times as we need to, how to show up moment to moment. The dark sky of the New Moon is a vast reminder that where there is spaciousness, there is always possibility. We are never stuck and are always growing, especially during the soul's darkest of nights. 

The Solar Eclipse adds to the New Moon's energy of beginnings, and reminds us that in order to begin, something has to end. This is the way energy moves; it can not flow in if there is not space for it. The Solar Eclipse is about allowing the process of releasing what is ready to go. We can think of it through the lens of questions such as: 

What is too small for me in my life right now? 

 Where am I holding on to something that is no longer serving me?

What is ready to release from my life?

The Solar Eclipse offers us the extra energetic charge we need to do the brave work of letting go of what no longer serves. This does not mean it will be easy, in fact, while we are in the act of letting go we may experience a lot of pain. But when we are listening to our intuition, our heart, we won't be steered wrong. There is lightness and space waiting on the other side of release.

This is an intense time globally, and this New Moon and Solar Eclipse reflects that intensity from above. The New Moon, the Sun and Mercury are all in relationship during this moon cycle, which lends to a very cerebral experience. You may find yourself living completely in your mind, lost in thought, ruminating. Thoughts are powerful things that create our reality, and so it is important that we notice what thoughts are on repeat and question them. When we have a thought that causes us pain, we can take a pause and examine if the thought is true, if it is serving us, and possibly reframe the thought to something more kind and supportive. Changing our thought patterns takes repetition and time. Be gentle with yourself as you notice the thoughts that are loudest throughout your day. 

Cerebral energy can also lend to disassociating from the wisdom of the body. The mind can create all sorts of stories, distractions, and loves to go into the future and the possibilities of what "could" happen. The body, however, only knows the present moment. It carries in our cells memories, ancestry, lineage, and stories in its own right, but it is always completely present. The body is working every moment to bring us into balance and optimum health. If you experience your mind over-powering your reality, spend some time touching, self-massaging, and gently moving the body to come back in to the innate wisdom it holds. 

The Moon is in Sagittarius, which points us to the lessons of the celestial archer. Wherever Sagittarius points his arrow, the myth goes that he never misses the mark. The moon is asking us to consider where we put our focus, energy, and resources. Are we pointing our arrow in the direction of our heart? This goes along with the reflection of what needs to release, for if you are spending your time and energy in ways that do not serve, they will need to give way for what is truly calling to you. This may be a change in career, a relationship, a big move, or another large shift. Know that you do not need to do it all at once, or even know exactly where your arrow is pointing, but rather using your intuition to assess if your current reality fulfills your heart.

Sagittarius asks us to look at the big picture. Unlike the Gemini Full Moon's invitation to look at the minutiae and the day to day, this New Moon is asking us to take a birds eye perspective so that we can have greater vision on our lives. We are being asked to be okay with what we are actively releasing as well as to claim what it is we truly want. Can we stand in our choices, knowing they might not be favored by those in our lives? This New Moon wants us to claim our lives because it is offering us big energy to assist us in this transformative process of releasing what doesn't serve and opening to what's next. 

Another aspect of this moon is the storytelling that is present in our lives. What are the paradigms we follow? Are the stories we tell ourselves true? This moon cycle gives us the opportunity to examine the big stories that we live our lives by. Some of these stories stem from childhood, authority figures, or religious dogma and we are being invited to reconsider if these stories are still true for our lives right now.

This also plays into the rules that we have imposed on ourselves. What do we see as priority? Where do we place restrictions on ourselves? For some of us, we develop rules in order to feel safe and secure. However, it's important that rules are able to be re-examined and changed as needed. One daily way this applies for many of us our food and our eating habits. Do you overly restrict or apply rules to your food choices? Or do you forget to slow down and connect to how your body feels? Ideally, we eat healthy and nourish our bodies with whole foods, feel and honor how certain choices make us feel, and move towards balance instead of denying ourselves the pleasures of flavor and taste. If the rules we live by are overly constricting, we will experience suffering. Now is the time to take a look at where we are restricting or denying ourselves, and the rules we place on our lives as we examine whether or not they are serving us. 

Another aspect of this New Moon cycle is Mars in Aries, its home sign. Mars in Aries is pure fire, and this energy when at its best delivers creativity, movement, embodied experience, decision making, and powerful leadership. When imbalanced it can lead to anger, aggression, and explosive tendencies. This is a powerful time to move your body and to lean into any creative impulses. This might be for your work or for your pleasure. What matters is that if you hear the call to create, follow it. The fire energy wants to forge forward, perhaps on a new path or expedite the path you are on.

Mars in Aries also reminds us to follow our instinct. This energy can illuminate where we actually want to be spending our time and energy. Make time for free flowing experience. Whether that is writing, moving the body, an art form, music, or any other pressure-free experience inside of which you can follow what feels good. Follow your creative instinct and see where it takes you. 

This New Moon and Eclipse acknowledge that change and big vision are scary and require courage. The sky is reminding us that when we are growing, there will be discomfort. When we choose to release what no longer serves us, we rub up against pain. But we can lean into the trust that what is for each of us in on its way, and it cannot pass by. We are where we need to be, exploring the dark unknown of what is coming. The path is being revealed one step at a time, and so we can pause, listen in, and follow where we feel called to go. 

You're doing great, and the sky is supporting you every moment. 


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Vision Altar

Rituals are a form of self-care. Self-care is a form of soul nourishment, and when the soul is nourished our vision is clear. When our vision is clear, we can make choices that move us closer to what the heart desires. With this New Moon energy being quite cerebral, it is supportive to create a space where your vision can manifest itself into images, items, and sacred totems. A place where you can go to daily to remind yourself, no matter what your thoughts are currently caught on, that you possess big vision, big love, and big magic. 

Try this ritual and let yourself be excited by the unfolding of your beautiful life:

1. Choose a spot in your home. It can be a cozy corner, a shelf, a part of your dresser or desk, a windowsill, or any other space that you can claim as yours. This is now your altar for your big vision, your gratitudes, and your supports. 

2. Clean the space. If you have sage, burn it all around the chosen area to clear it of any old energy and invite in new refreshed energy. Say a blessing over your space, something as simple as "I love and honor this sacred space in my home." 

3. Decorate the space with a cloth or any adornment that makes it feel special for you. You might add flowers, a candle, a book that is meaningful to you, crystals, photos of loved ones, The Moon Deck,  or any other sacred objects. If you have statues of spiritual figures that resonate with you, they can also be placed on your altar. 

4. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe deep. When you are ready, begin to free write your vision in this moment for your life. Do not worry about the details of how it will happen. Simply let your eagle eyes soar above and take in a big picture perspective. What are you calling in? What fills you with excitement? What are your pure core desires? What do you dream of for your life? 

5. When you feel complete, place the paper on your altar. You can fold it up if you wish, or leave it in easy view. Either way, revisit it anytime you need. When you feel like there is something to add, you have full permission to add, revise, and change as needed. Let your vision be what excites you and fills you up. Option to also add pictures and visuals to your altar, either from magazines or printing them out. Let these words and images represent what you are calling in.

6. Go to your altar anytime you want to steep in your vision. It's a beautiful place to meditate, pull cards, connect with spirit, and nourish your soul. 


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