New Moon : Scorpio Goes Deep

This Scorpio New Moon in not here to play nice or save room for small talk. This moon is inviting us to go spalunking through our emotional and psychic depths, knowing that what is waiting is worth the work.


The Scorpio New Moon taking place this weekend is an intriguing new moon. According to experts, the planets are in relationship in such a way that there is a paradox offered by the sky. A new moon phase is always held as a time for bright darkness, when new beginnings and fresh starts are possible. Although this remains true for this new moon cycle, we are simultaneously invited into the inquiry of the end during this time.

The Scorpio moon's relationship with Saturn presents a spurring of exploration and an inquiry of what we want to grow over a longer period of time.  This is a time to ask:

What do I want to pull out from the dark places inside of me? 
What wants to be birthed and to grow in its own time and into the grand vision of my life? 
How do I choose to begin taking a small step in the direction of my bigness?

The sky is offering permission to take some time in the grand vision, particularly what it looks like as you cross the proverbial finish line of your life. At this moment, what does fulfillment of my wildest dream look like? Be in the state of a beginning while you contemplate the end. 

The energy of the Scorpio New Moon is committed to authenticity. This time asks that you be real and go deep, even if it's in contrast to those who prefer to live on a surface level. This new moon invites you to put down mindless consuming, buying, spending, or busyness, and instead pause to make room for what authentically fills you up. The skies are asking us to see through the illusion that the things we buy or accumulate create our happiness. Instead, save a little more money this moon cycle by trading shopping carts for self-reflection as you deepen your relationship with you and your greater vision.

As it pertains to personal relationships, this Scorpio New Moon's love of depth and connection can lend itself to intense emotion. This includes the not so pleasant experiences of jealousy, neediness, paranoia and insecurity. Naturally, the other side of the coin is the flooding in of nourishing feelings such as a deepening sense of connection, ecstasy, added play and childlike bliss. Know that if you start to feel the comings-on of a suffering state, you can choose to ride it out and be present to the tide of sensation. Most likely, it will change form much sooner than you think, and blossom into something beautiful. So breathe and steady yourself as the illusion falls away. 

This moon is inviting us to take the brave action. If you want to call someone, ask someone out on a date, invite them out for a coffee, or simply have a meaningful conversation with someone you've been thinking about, do it. It doesn't have to be romantic, but if that is where you want to put your intention, know that you are supported in creating powerful connections right now.

This is an opportunity to get real, go deep, and learn about the power of your passions. You got this, and we're right along side you for the ride. xo


                                                                                                         Photo by @hummusbird via instagram


NEW MOON RITUAL: Treat You to You 

During this time of increased possibility for depth, self-reflection and big picture contemplation, you may experience added levels of fatigue. When exhaustion starts to creep in, our biology is designed to take resources from other places in our body, including chemically, and enter into a preservation state. This means that not only 7-8 hours of sleep but also proactive restoration are needed. I.e., we need to be taking REALLY nurturing care of ourselves during this cycle. What will sustain the depth of your relationship with yourself as well as with others is reflective of the amount that you are intentionally willing to give to yourself.

Try this simple but potent ritual for treating yourself as if you were courting a most adored lover:

1. Clear a night on your calendar sometime within the next week. Block it off digitally or in a planner. You are setting the container for the evening and committing to you and only you. 

2. Your night will consist of two parts: The Activity and The Ease 

The Activity: You will choose one experience to give yourself during your date night. This can be a place you want to go, a restaurant you've been meaning to try, a fitness class you love, or even as simple as a walk. One thing that fills your cup. If you have any question about whether you want to do it or not, choose something else until you feel a true 'yes'. Let this portion of your night be pleasurable and loving. 

The Ease: After your Activity, comes the portion of the night meant for intimacy and connection between you with you. We recommend lighting a candle or burning incense. Make some tea or have a delicious treat. Make yourself as cozy as possible in your room or another cozy part of your space. Have your Moon Deck and a journal present if you desire to pull a card and journal. The Ease portion of your night is meant to be without any pressure to do any specific thing. This is about you unwinding in a way that feels joyful and soothing.

3. Prepare for your evening early so you have no need to rush. Take your time, wear an outfit that makes you feel fierce and empowered. Listen to music that is inspiring as you get ready. When it is time for your Activity, set the intention to talk kindly and lovingly to yourself as you enjoy your evening.

4. After The Activity, ask yourself what would bring you the most ease. Trust that you have done enough for the day, and now you are going to spend time taking care of you for The Ease portion. 

5. Before going to bed, take a moment to set a Bedtime Intention. From a place of ease and self-love, set an intention to take seed while you sleep. Ask for clarity and guidance in the form of your dreams, and fall asleep acknowledging yourself for taking the time to take care of you. 

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