New Moon in Pisces :: Call in Rebirth

The Pisces New Moon brings us the energy of rebirth and rejuvenation and asks us to make time to lay down, look up at the sky, and dream the big dream.
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There is light re-emerging and this Pisces New Moon is here to remind us of the power of dreaming. Though the moon is always with us, during the New Moon phase it appears to have temporarily left. In the darkness of the New Moon sky, we are asked to step into the trust that light is always there even if it is hard to find. Soon enough, the moon will reappear in all of its fullness. If you're experiencing the grips of uncertainty, anxiety, pain or any of the suffering that is available to feel, look towards the sky and know you are held. 

This New Moon is a powerful moon that carries with it a deep soul resonance. Piscean energy offers us its wisdom if we are willing to do the work to pause the chatter of the mind and open up to feeling fully without judging or over-analyzing our feelings. Self-reflection is an important part of self-growth and expansion, and yet often times in our modern mind-obsessed cultures, we skip over the stage of feeling fully. Allowing ourselves to be with what we feel, to let it be okay to feel even the most uncomfortable of feelings, is a transformative process on its own.

There is a lot of renewing energy presenting itself over the next two weeks. This moon is associated with rebirth, according to astrologists. We can think of the symbology of baptism: purifying and starting a new. We get to ask ourselves: how is rebirth presenting itself in my life? What newness am I willing to claim? 

Pisces season is associated with a release from the heaviness we sometimes do not even know we're carrying. We get to be unburdened and embrace the lightness that is just a shift in perspective away. This is the time to allow what can fall away to do so. Get into a bath or a body of water as much as you can. Allow the water to rinse free what you are willing to release to it. 

Of course, letting go is not always easy. It tends to be challenging to release what we are familiar with even if it doesn't serve us anymore. Be patient as you work to release the thoughts and habits that no longer serve your highest good. It may take time, and you have everything you need inside of you to go through the process. 

This is the last New moon before Aries season. The shift from Pisces into Aries is the shift from one astrological year to the next. Entering into this new year presents us with the possibility of rebirth, of renewal. Following the Virgo full moon, the Virgo Pisces axis is all about healing. As we prepare to enter into this next astrological cycle, we are beckoned back into the knowing of our divinity. We can trust how powerful we are and allow self-love to heal the places we need it most. 

Though this moon is powerful, there is also a deep simplicity to this New Moon. Whatever we have learned the last few months of 2021, this new moon is asking us to pause and take a breath and let the lessons integrate. There is no rush to get to anywhere, the rebirth will happen because we are being carried into it. We can release some of the compulsive control and perception of "right" timeline, and instead relax into the natural process of growth and expansion that is taking place. Give yourself time to be gentle and integrate.

Each New Moon is a fertile time to plant seeds for our future. This New Moon is not about being analytical or even rational when looking at our goals and our future. This moon works with the subtle energetics, emotions, dreams, and the landscape of limitless possibility. It is important that we give ourselves time to be in the space of daydream and the opportunity to connect emotionally to what we truly desire. Simply put, less action and more feeling.

Astrologists note that we are easing out of a lot of the harsh square energy that we encountered during the past few months. We just went through massive hardships, and this is a moment to reconnect with our souls. We are being asked to trust ourselves, even when the trust is not about action or tangible goals. We are being asked to lay down the effort and allow the healing and integration to flow through. This means more quiet time, more joy, more connection with people who have your highest interest in heart. 

There is a  shadow side to this new moon which is the temptation to over indulge in things that numb us as well as giving too much into the fantastical ideas of someone or something without seeing the truth. However, we can trust ourselves to be in the dream and fantasy space. When we are working with the soul we can trust that we will know when our fantasy is no longer supporting us and our highest good. 

This New Moon is not about who you have been, this New Moon is planting seeds about who you want to be. This new moon reminds us that no matter what has happened in our past, we do not have to let it dictate what we dream of for our future. Even in the middle of deep grief, we can still dream of the joy, abundance, and love that we are calling in.

Keep on dreaming moon beam. xox 


New Moon Ritual :: Ideal Scene 

With the energy of new beginnings and the call from the sky to trust in the process of rebirth taking place, now is the time to bring pen to paper and write out: the fantasy, the vision, the squeal-with-delight possibility. As practical and logical beings, we tend to cut ourselves short when it comes to vision. If we do not know how it will happen, we confine the day dream to something we consider attainable. Rather than be disappointed, we set realistic expectations on how life will unfold.

This moon cycle is asking us to get courageous and disrupt that mode of thinking for something more elevated, a dream that might be as terrifying to think about as it is pleasurable to feel into. Use this ritual as a way to let your mind free associate and plant the seeds of manifestation for the rebirth you're calling in.

Creating an Ideal Scene: This ritual has nothing to do with planning, yet by doing this work you are setting yourself up to receive beyond what the reptilian brain can currently foresee. 

1. Take a sheet of blank paper. At the top write "Ideal Scene ______________".
Fill in the blank with the part of your life that you are creating the vision for (ie: work, relationships, creativity, health, home, finances, community, etc). Start with one specific area, as you can always create a broader 'Ideal Scene' once you have activated the imagination. 

2. Below this title write "I am" at the top left of the sheet. Every sentence you write will begin with the words "I am," because you're embodying the feeling of the dream by asserting it is happening now. In this way you're activating your ideal scene and inviting it into the present moment.

3. Put down the pen and close your eyes. Bring both hands to the belly and take 5 deep breaths. Settle into your body. Then ask yourself, how big can I go with my vision? What is happening in the 'Ideal Scene' of this area of my life? Spend a few moments letting your imagination run free, unrestrained, and unlimited.

4. Open your eyes and begin to write out your 'Ideal Scene'. Add none of the "how" details to your scene. Instead state what is happening in this dream reality. Trust that this is part of the work and is guiding you to where you are headed - right into your beautiful dream.

5. When you feel complete, take a moment to read over the list of the contents of your ideal scene. Let yourself feel into what arises. What does it feel like inside of your body to know that this is happening?

6. Repeat this for any other area of your life that you want to bring focus into. Or if you feel called, create one 'Ideal Scene' that takes a holistic view on everything happening in your life. Remember, you can do this exercise every new moon or even each week if need be.

7. Save your 'Ideal Scene' so that you can go back to it whenever you're unclear of your direction, as it serves as a written compass. The 'Ideal Scene' can be changed or transformed anytime you feel called, simply create another one. 

8. After you finish, close the eyes once again take 5 deep breaths with the hands on your belly. Settle into the knowing that you are well on your way. 


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