New Moon: New Expanded Aligned You

It’s time for new beginnings. Every new moon brings an opportunity to reflect on what we want to call in and open up to. New Moons are a time to plant seeds with a fresh perspective while watering the ones that are still in process. However, some new moons are more potent than others and our April Aries New Moon is here with a call to action: step fully into your wilderness as you prepare to expand.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and thus the start of the astrological year. Over the next two weeks we are fully supported: ask clearly and boldly for your big dreams and be courageous and confident in yourself as you do so.

Think of this moon cycle as an opportunity to begin anew in whatever realm of your life you choose. Take the risk, trust your intuitive flow, and follow your gut to where it's calling you. As you do so, remember the qualities of the Aries Ram: strength, determination, and hard work with a won’t-back-down mindset. Now is the time to approach whatever shifts you want to make with a devotional knowing that you have everything you need to activate this next chapter with full expression.

During this time, experts also say to be wary of when qualities of the ram become unbalanced and move into stubbornness, lack of listening, or failure to be a team player. If you find yourself ill tempered or angry, take extra time to pause, breathe, and give yourself a little time to cool down before moving forward. If you experience heated conversation, this is a perfect time to practice speaking your mind without getting overly emotional. Utilize conscious communication to reach common ground. 

Patience will be particularly important during this new moon. Saturn’s relationship to this new moon means things may not get off the ground as quickly as we thought. Therefore, trust that the best things have a necessary and divinely aligned timeline. We simply have to keep showing up in trust, knowing, and a willingness to sincerely ask the universe for what we really want.

So, the only question is, what do you really want? Take the time to 
feel deeply into it, write it out, dedicate your altar to it, and give the answer space to crystalize into clear vision and action. 


New Moon Ritual:  Build Your Altar + Clarify Your Words

This Aries New Moon is ready for you to acknowledge your power, get clear on what you want, and move forward. In order to support ourselves from the inside while becoming crystal clear about what we are calling in AND allowing in, we can turn to the power of our altar, words and breath.

Carve out some time to dedicate your focus to this empowering ritual. You deserve it. Taking time for clarity and connection will alleviate any restlessness, fear, or stagnation that can sometimes accompany a new beginning. This ritual is most powerful done on or within a day of the new moon, which arrives Friday April 5th at 1:50am PST. However doing this ritual anytime is a healing reminder for what direction you are choosing.

Build Your Altar, Awaken Your Breath, Clarify Your Words
For this ritual, you will need a journal, a pen, and adornments to create your altar with (such as flowers, stones, crystals, talismans, fabrics, oracle cards, photos, and any other sacred enchantments). If you're unsure where to begin, you may be more clear after the following steps:

1. If you already have an altar, this is an opportunity to clear it, clean it, and start anew. If you do not have one yet, this is the time to build one. Your altar can be simple or more ornate, it's up to you. This is a time to get in tune with your intuition and trust what you feel. 

2. Find a spot in your home or bedroom that calls to you for your New Moon altar. It can be a low to the ground small table, chest, or the top of a table. Find somewhere that you will want to sit with it. Trust what you feel. Then, dust it off, clean the surface, declutter and refresh the space so that it is ready for this fresh start. 

3. Once it's clear and ready, sit with its bareness for a short meditation so that you can clearly envision your intention before decorating it. Close your eyes, ground into your seat, and sense your body expanding in every direction. Inhale slowly and deeply, as though wind is rising up into your body. Exhale slowly and imagine your breath washing down the body like rain back into the earth. In this way you will breathe: wind rising on the way up, rain washing any unneeded energy down the body and back into the earth. Repeat this breath several times.

4. As you continue to breathe, ask yourself any of the following questions. There is no right or wrong answer. Trust what comes up as an expression of your next expansion. Choose the question/s that most resonate with you:
What am I calling in?
What do I most desire?
What new beginning am I stepping into?
Who am I when I am most aligned and empowered?

5. Once you've sat with this energy and feel settled, write down your words of clarity. Again, trust what you feel and what arises. Let your pen flow for 5 or more minutes, and give your intuition space to be heard without judgement. Review what you wrote -- what key words from your writing jumps out at you? Circle them. Be honest with yourself, even if it seems irrational or scary to think that big. This is the heart of your intention for this new moon. 

6. Now begin to build your altar with this intention in mind. Be creative, follow your instincts, and add anything that feels like a clear yes without any doubt. If something feels off or questionable, put it aside for this new moon altar. Let this altar be a sincere representation of your clarity, your readiness, your courage, your dream, and whatever theme this new beginning embodies. Remember, you will have another new moon in a month, so allow this one to be focused and concise. 

7. You now have your New Moon Altar. Sit with it daily, until the next new moon, for at least 3 minutes (or more) every day. You can meditate, journal, drink tea, stare at a candle flame, or simply breathe. You choose.

Whose in?! What time of day will you commit to (morning, afternoon, evening) and do you want your daily practice to be?

Let us know in the comments below so we can all inspire one another! 

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