New Moon in Capricorn :: New Beginnings, New Path

This New Moon in Capricorn welcomes in a 2021 that promises new and powerful energy. Though there will be volatility, trust that it is all leading to something beyond our current scope of comprehension. Magic is on its way.
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Welcome to the first New Moon of 2021. Although the transition to another calendar year is not a magic wand to end the intense time we are in globally, astrologists offer that this year will be of a much different energy than 2020.

There will be doors that open for new beginnings, an ask to look at the world differently, an expansion of consciousness, a widening of circles of inclusion, and an elevated vision of why we are here as a human, plant, and animal family. There is a lot of change and grandeur in store for us this year, which can serve as a lantern of hope as we continue to ride the personal and collective waves of transition, uncertainty, grief, and ripening possibility. 

January and February, experts say, will carry us through big emotional waves as we continue this collective process of leaving what no longer serves and making way for the new. Know that in order for expansion to happen, there must be a death of sorts. The death of old patterns, habits, beliefs, and perspectives that no longer fit into an elevated version of both you and of the world. This is by no means an easy process. Think of a small child that loves her pacifier. The wise parent knows that there must be a departure from this comfort in order for the child to grow into a more autonomous and mature version. All the child knows at the time, however, is that something is being taken away, something is leaving.

Though are bodies have gotten bigger and we have lived more life, we still carry with us that small child that wants the comfort of what they know. This is why change and transition always accompany the letting go of something else; a job, relationship, perspective, another way of being, or form of the self. This is all to say that if you are feeling discomfort, honor that you are sensitive to what is happening in the collective. You are part of a tapestry of humans that are recognizing that the old paradigm, the way we have been living, is not in service of the highest good, for ourselves or the planet. Be patient, and know that the sky has your back, front, sides, and all parts of you. 

This New Moon is in Capricorn and half a degree way from the Saturn and Pluto conjunction that happened the same time last year. This is a beautiful time for self-reflection. Capricorn is about mastery, and is asking us to examine if we have mastered our emotions or are drowning in them. There is a difference between feeling everything fully, living with big emotion, and being pulled under by big emotion. As we move into this elevated experience of living, we are going to encounter volatile waves of emotion. Instead of being fearful of this, we can look at this as preparation for the bigness and expansion that is on its way. 

Be tender to yourself during this new moon cycle. Commit to plenty of alone time, as it is important for each of us to be able to fully love ourselves when no one else is around. Solo time will allow you to witness your mind and the constant loop it is feeding you. Check in to see if what the mind has been repeating is serving you, or if it is an outdated story. When we're alone is when the mind is alone with itself. Without distraction and with plenty of time, spend this New Moon cycle cultivating devotional time with YOU. Your relationship with you is what will help to bring your gifts fully into the world, to live a life that is vital and joyous, and to both give and receive big love. 

Capricorn energy is known for its master planning capacity. This is a beautiful time to consider how you want to tackle the project, adventure, or transition that you have been putting off. You will be supported in making lists, reaching out to people who can help you, looking at the big picture and breaking it into smaller parts, and putting action steps in your calendar. Use the energy of this new moon cycle to advance in the direction you have been wanting to go. 

This planning energy can be used for professional or personal goals. Perhaps there is an adventure you've been wanting to have or an experience with a partner or someone you love that you have been craving. Although the global pandemic has changed our reality, it is still possible to get creative and give yourself the experiences that you desire.

Spend a little time with the question: What would fill me up to make a plan for? Even if it is an adventure that awaits for you next year, you will be energized by the cosmos as you start your plan.

Capricorn energy also invites us into discipline. Discipline can be a supportive way to bring more ritual into your life. Instead of discipline being militaristic, make it devotional. What are the ways you can invite ritual into your life as a way of creating not only stability but also a union with the sacred? Morning and evening are powerful times to perform personal ritual, to set up and close out the day. Even the simple ritual of scanning your body while in bed before you get up in the morning, or saying out loud three things you're grateful for at night are examples of quick yet impactful rituals that you can easily perform. Rituals do not have to be time or resource consuming, they are simply ways that you pause to connect with something bigger than the ordinary and come home to yourself.

During this powerful time of new beginnings, take extra good care of yourself. When you feel lonely, reach out to someone you care about. Take time alone and if you can in nature. Trust that all is unfolding, and never doubt the sky above you holds you so dear. 


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Earth Medicine 

The Capricorn New Moon invites us into anchoring, steadying, and solo time. Even when no one else is around, we are never truly alone. We have connection with our home, Mama Earth, to hold us every moment of every day. As we move through this new moon cycle and the dawning of a new time for the planet, use this ritual to connect with the Earth, lean into the stability she provides, and let your vision soar to the beginnings you personally are stepping into. 

For this ritual you will need: a space outside to safely go to, a journal and pen, any essential oil, sage, or palo santo. 

1. Go to your spot in nature. This could be a park, an outdoor patio, or a sacred spot you love to visit. 

2. Stand with your feet on the ground and your arms open by your sides. Take five deep breaths, imagining that you are pulling the breath up from the ground as you inhale and traveling the breath down, back into the earth as you exhale. Breath slow and steady, and feel the earth's stability entering into your body, as though you are breathing with her.

3. Now imagine a circle being drawn around you. This is a circle of protection, healing, unwavering support, and unconditional love. You are standing in the center of this great circle. Call in your guides, ancestors, and benefactors to stand around the circle and bear witness to you. They are always available, waiting to be called in. Take 5 more deep breaths as you offer gratitude towards these invisible supports.

4. Move to a comfortable seat, still in the center of this circle. Free write until you feel complete about the beginning you are stepping into. Perhaps it is a way of being that is ending, and a new way beginning. Perhaps it is a big change in your life you are welcoming in. However large or small your beginning may seem, know that it matters. If another new beginning emerges as you write, follow it. Include everything that comes to you. Know that you are being fully held in this moment as you welcome in this new year and your new beginning.

For this ritual, do not worry so much about the details or rationale. Rather be in the flow of the energy of this new beginning. Trust that what you are calling in is also calling to you. 

Know that you have everything you need to ride whatever wave presents itself. You are ready to begin, and you are never alone. 

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